Spirit Artist – Stephen Cox (part 1)

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Medium Artist

Stephen Cox is a Spirit Artist and Medium. If you are interested in finding out more information about Stephen and how he has developed his gifts and talents please click this link here Spirit Art.

It is fascinating to watch Stephen at work in the video above. I marvel at his ability to do a portrait, be guided spiritually and talk to the camera at the same time. Stephen certainly puts to rest any suggestion that men cannot multi task 🙂

This project sprung out of one of the business conversations that Stephen and I had about his work and how he does what he does. I say business because, like many people today, Stephen and I have neither met nor discussed our personal lives.

I am delighted to be able to share this and the next video with you and I would also like to share my own insights into Stephen’s work, as presented here and in the second part of the project here at Spirit Artist.

Personal Reflections

In this video, Stephen mentions that the portrait is coming out of the paper and I’m reminded of Michelangelo and his statue of David. He too said he was like liberating his work from the medium, in that case marble.

I love watching ‘my’ picture being created. While a picture tells a 1000 stories, to see that picture being made is beyond words. And, to hear the artist describe what is happening energy wise while doing the work brings the whole project alive.

So, who is this woman? I don’ t recognize her as someone I have known in this life or indeed in a past life. Stephen suggests that she is guiding me in this life. Certainly her energy and her raison d’etre are familiar to me, and while several names came through to Stephen, whether she is related to me I’m unable to say. This spirit seems motivated, focused, even driven and those are qualities I can relate to.

To quote Stephen, “she will have the same aspects within herself so that she can relate to you and work with you.”

I asked Stephen if he usually draws the person evolving from young to old age and he said “sometimes when I draw the drawing changes either from young to old or from male to female or vice versa – not every time though, and its fascinating when it does.”

Couldn’t agree more Stephen. I love watching this spirit switch between masculine and feminine and old and young. It’s like watching a movie.

Beginning the Conversation

Stephen was given the following message: “may the heart be in the soul of those that feed the world”.

Please share your thought below. Love to hear what your think.

Part 2 of this article continues here at Psychic Medium

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