Deathbed Visions

Deathbed Visions and Similar Experiences

The following paranormal phenomena statements are deathbed visions extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed. Go to Afterlife for more paranormal accounts.


My father and I had a unique bond – we were born of the same day. He passed away when I was … I felt his presence very strongly about 6 to 8 monthes after he passed away. Always over my right shoulder and especially when I was going to act in a foolish manner. lol This went on for about three months and he let me know he was okay and crossing over – not to expect his presence again. He also wished me to share this information with the other family members – he was not visible, but present by an enormous sense of energy (?) that I have never been privy to before or after.
– end of deathbed visions extract –


A friend of mine … died in my arms when I was 15. I always felt he was with me. Two years later, my moms friend came to visit (she is a holistic healer) she stayed in my room.

She closed the door and in the middle of the night someone came into the room and asked where I was he had light around him he said over and over this is … where is “…”?

She said I was downstairs asleep on the couch. And he left. Her door was still open when I woke up. (not really happened to me I guess, but still)
– end of deathbed visions extract –


When I was 37, I began to have heart problems. One night, I lay in bed, very sick, unable to sleep but needing sleep very much. A man appeared next to my bed. Oddly enough, I was not frightened. I was just wondering what was going on! The man seemed to radiate his own light from within. He wore workman’s pants and a red flannel shirt. His head was covered with curly black hair. I suddenly realized it was my paternal grandfather. But he looked young and healthy although most of my memories of him are of illness and old age. He didn’t speak but I knew I could close my eyes and finally sleep, which I did. The word “sentinel” popped into my head so I knew he would watch over me through the night.
– end of deathbed visions extract –


Here’s my report for the … : About 4 o’clock in the morning of … I awoke from a strange dream that I had come home depressed at having arrived late for an examination. Almost in tears, I wanted to tell my father what had happened, but he interrupted me saying “Grandpa from … has died, so you and I have to prepare for a flight to a little village … where my grandparents lived. My dream skipped some hours and we arrived there.

The first person I saw in the village was precisely my “dead” grandfather. I asked him “How can this be possible, Grandpa; you’re supposed to be dead”. The bewildering answer was “Your grandpa is dead.” So much for my dream. After awakening, I told my brother and my mother, and as there was no exam that I could miss that day, I forgot about it. That evening we got a telephone call to say my grandmother – not my grandfather – had died.

My father travelled to … next day to attend her funeral; but he went alone. Although my grandmother had not been in very good shape for some time, none of us in … had expected her to die. Both my brother and my mother have testified that the dream report corresponds accurately with what I told them that morning.

The report set out above is derived from one written down on … and signed by my brother and my mother.

My own explanation is that the dream was indeed an instance of paranormal cognition. The fact that it was informed of the death of my grandfather rather than my grandmother can be interpreted in a least two ways: 1) Symbolically: though Granny died it was Grandpa who felt like “being dead”, i.e. severely depressed, or numb, at losing her. 2) As an instance of misinterpretation of the message. Grandpa was the (probably unconscious) ‘sender’, bul I understood this as if he were the one who had died. In both cases it would be an example of telepathy with the living. This may be connected with the fact that Grandpa was the first to discover that his wife had died. Published in the ….
– end of deathbed visions extract –


One morning I woke to hear my name being called. Sleepily I rubbed my eyes and realized that my aunt was standing in my doorway of my bedroom dressed in a floral print sweater and a dark skirt. “…” I heard my Aunt … call my name once again.

As I sat up I was wondering why she was in my home, I had only moved there about three months earlier and didn’t even realized she knew where my new house was located. Again, I hear my name… “…, It didn’t hurt, I didn’t hurt at all.”

As I sat there still trying to wake up and trying to understand what she’s trying to tell me I suddenly remember that she had died three days earlier by overdosing on pills and this was the morning of her funeral! In shock and in start and morbid reality I start to scream and right before my eyes, she disappeared. I have no idea what her message meant. I’ve wondered many times. I don’t know if her spirit is confused by what happened that day she died. I just don’t know. This incident really scared me.

When I went to the funeral later that day, she was wearing the same outfit that she had on in my doorway that morning.
– end of deathbed visions extract –

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