Animal Psychic

Animal Psychic Communication from Beyond the Grave

The following paranormal phenomena statements are animal psychic extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


A friend’s dog had recently died and I was grieving. One night after I said my prayers in my bedroom I saw the dog run, tail wagging, at the end of my bed in my darkened bedroom. My nightlight was on and I clearly saw the dog running through my bedroom about three feet up in the air. The dog also visited a family member who was in another bedroom around the same time.
– end of animal psychic extract –


After my mother died, I was very distressed. One day, our favorite cat disappeared, and I was worried about him. That night, I dreamed about my mother. She was sitting on a park bench with a book in her lap, and my cat twirling his tail around her legs. She said that everything was fine. She said that the concept of death was misunderstood by our culture. She explained that when one dies, we go to a “school” of sorts and that now she was working on the earthly equivalent of a doctorate.

She seemed animated and joyful as she explained how interesting and rewarding her work was. Mom pointed to the book in her lap and said that she would give me the book when I woke up and it would explain “everything about death.”

I protested, saying that this was only a dream and there was no way she could “give” me a book from there. She smiled serene and said, “don’t worry, you’ll get it”. Then she petted the cat and I got the feeling that he was really there with her and would not be found here on earth again. That morning I woke up and immediately looked around my bed for the book. Chiding myself that it had only been a dream, I got up and forgot about it. Later that day, I was in the grocery store and somehow found myself in the magazine section (I rarely buy supermarket magazines). And there I was drawn to a paperback, “What Dreams May Come.” As soon as I read the jacket, I knew it was sent by my mom. Sure enough, when I read it, I understood what she was saying, because it discussed the exact concepts she had shared in the dream. I had never been exposed to these concepts before, nor did I know anything about the book. My cat never did return.
– end of animal psychic extract –


My cat had been put to sleep after a terminal illness : this happened here at home. For days afterward , I kept on seeing a blurry distortion moving around by the floor , and some flashing lights and streaks. After she was gone for ten days , I was in my office ( here at home ) and my Lady , Janet, was in the kitchen , which are quite opposite ends of this large home. We had both heard Gypsy very loudly , with her very distictive “NEEOOWW!!” . I jumped up and Janet ran toward me , saying “that’s Gypsy!”. We walked around the house , and into the living room and I saw that blurr moving around on one of the sofas ( the blurr is a minor -looking distortion- janet has never seen it ). I proceeded to start taking some random photos in the house , especially where I had heard and seen the blurr , or I had thought I had seen here for a second ( this happened many times , and still does ). I have gleaned numerous photos of the discarnate feline friend, and I have had the IGHS ( International Ghost Hunters Society ) here in the USA look at them , along with some videos of orbs flying around the house, and they were quite satisfied that these “anomaloies” were indeed legit.

Last February, our other cat passed on also. We have had a few minor experiences since her passing on, also : hearing her faint meow and photographing what appears as her spectre. I have kept an entire log of all events since out first cat first passed on and we proceeded to experience the replete paranormal happenings here. I will make avaialable the photos and some written explaination as to the photos and what to look for , if such is not readily obvious to the peruser. Both of these cats were like family members, and they appear to either visit a lot or have never really left here. They were like my children. Friends of ours that visit here have experinced be rubbed up against ( as we have a few times ) or have seen and heard the first cat to die, but not the second, as that she was a big , quiet baby , but my cat was very strong-willed.
– end of animal psychic extract –

nd emanated from within at about the same time. It grew more audible as it seemed to rise toward me up the stairs. Suddenly, a blast of wind struck me and I felt the presence of the animal pass through me. The last I knew of it, a loud caw was heard as it disappeared out an open door behind me.
– end of pet psychic extract –

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