Clairsentient: A Paranormal Feeling

The following statements are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


When I was around 12, my friend lived in … with her family. EVERY time I went into the basement, I had the overwelming feeling of being watched and would usually run out of there and up the steps as quick as I could. Also in the same house on the second floor (where the bedrooms and bathroom was) there was always a feeling of being watched while going down the steps. Many many many times while in the bathroom, I would hear something come into the bedroom (you had to go into the bedroom to get to the bathroom) and sit on one of the kids bed. You would hear them enter but not leave and when I left the bathroom, no one would be there but I always felt the overwheming need to get out of there and downstairs fast.
– end of clairsentient extract –


It was thanksgiving. My family came to my house. My arm got really cold and then i felt fingers taping on my arm. I looked around to make sure a window wasn’t open and one of the little kids wasn’t close to me. Windows close and no kids or anyone else who could of touch my arm.
– end of clairsentient extract –


I was working late in my office one night when I felt an extremely strong presence near me. I wasn’t sure what it was but I felt someone was in the other office at the other end of the building.

As I walked down the hallway to the other office I heard two voices that I was very familiar with, this made me extremely nervous as both those people were deceased. I then went to the main foyer and picked up the phone (we were serviced by two exchanges) the line was dead, so I immediately picked up the other phone which was on the other exchange, it too was dead. I then grabbed my mobile. I would like to explain about the mobile, this was 20 yrs ago, they were bricks then and you didn’t have car chargers as such, you removed the battery and plugged in a dummy battery which had a cigerette adaptor on it. Anyway my mobile had no service in the middle of the night in the middle of one of the two major … airports, so I returned to my office and noticed that the picture of my … daughters now had a 5th person in it. Now I started to freak.

I left my office suites and building as they were, lights on, doors open, everything unlocked, over $50,000 in stock and the keys for at least a dozen …, but I had to get out, I thought I was losing my mind.

I finally started my car a decided to drive to a friends place at … On the way my vehicle broke down on the fwy at the … overpass. So I decided to walk, as I was leaving, a vehicle with four guys, late teens or early 20’s, pulled up probably with the intent to steal or torch my car. So I crossed the fwy and stopped in front of their vehicle to make a note of the rego when my phone just came to life and started to dial a number! This amazed them as much as it shocked me, and they left in a hurry, commenting to each other in disbelief as to what had just happened. The number dialled was my friends and after deciphering what I was babbling about she finally came to my rescue.

I didn’t want to leave the car there so I pushed it to … the … turnoff, which I have since found out is uphill all the way (did I say it was an 11 seater …) witnessed by my friend and a Tow Truck driver. When I finally got to the turn-off there was a tiltray towtruck there. On investigation he was called out by a lady and a young girl who had broken down, which turned out to be false.

The two voices I had heard earlier in the night were of my close friend’s mother and my sister who had died when she was 7, was that the lady and the young girl? I had been given information from my friend’s mother in what I had heard, so when I asked for clarification, it was correct and proven that I could never have known. It was a discussion at the time of death between mother (one of the voices) and daughter (my friend).

Everything I was told from that point actually happened, usually about 3 weeks later. I was seeing faces and hearing voices (all diarised and drawn, unfortunately I am no artist) but I would always show people that were close to me when these things would happen so as they could verify when they did happen. I have since been to 6 psychics recommended to me and independent of each other. I have kept all the tapes and all have told me exactly the same things. Two of which who are rather elderly gave me discriptions of the people I had first seen in my mind’s eye, they both told me they were my spirit guides.

I have heard people, seen people in my mind’s eye (and recently in form) I can feel their presence and sometimes smell odours and scents. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this some more.
– end of clairsentient extract –


My brother had committed suicide in … of …. I spent countless hours wake and asleep obsessing about his suicide, and whether he was in hell or heaven.

In … My brother came to me as I was in bed, sobbing, thought I was asleep, not sure. He sat next to me, softly rubbed my arm (as he had done they day we buried our mothers ashes in …) he smiled at me.

At the same moment this happened, a 8″x10″ picture in a glass frame of Jesus “fell off” my daughters wall, making a load noise that woke my husband aND two sons up. When we went to the site of the noise, we found the picture on the floor laying face up, unbroken. I knew at the point my brother let me know he was ok.
– end of clairsentient extract –


One the morning of my Mothers funeral I was in my home with a girlfriend who had been sleeping over to keep me company at that hard time. We got up that morning and the house was still and I had a sense of spirit in the house for days. Neither S or I had seen anything. We had all the food and dishes ready for the after do. We took our time getting dress and ready early so we could mop up if either of us started crying again. As both of us were doing our make up we both got a message telepathically to open all the doors and windows……… odd as it was December in … and quite cold. I walked out of my room and encoutered S in the hallway, I said I just got a message…..and she said so did I!!

We had the same message so we opened all the doors and windows to the suite I lived in. The front door was sideways on in a glassed in porch and the outer screen door was closed. ( This is the same house as the healing took place in earlier in time and it did have a resident ghost of a little girl under 8 ) S and I stood in the now freezing hallway and she said now what? I said I guess we wait to see what happens. I should mention here that as this was before the funeral there were only a few bunches of flowers in the house at the time. Suddenly right after I said let’s see what happens…… the front door a heavy wood and glass door on an old 1905 house swung shut with a loud whumppppppp. The outer screen door opened and went clang too. It was closed and latched but opened and closed as if someone left the house. We took that to be the sign and went around closing all the windows seeing the door was already done. As we finished we realized there was an overwhelming scent of flowers like gardenias hanging in the air. We sniffed all the bunches we had and nothing smelt like this. It was in each and every room including the bathroom!! Nothing else happened that day but I suspect it was my Granny leaving me as I no longer needed the support.


My father committed suicide when I was 15. After he died, I could feel his presence VERY strongly in the house that we lived in. It unnerved me so much so that at the time, I could not have quiet in the house and had to turn on anything that would make noise. I only ever felt his presence in that house where he died. I do think though that sometimes he might be trying to contact me. Out of the blue, I will hear a male voice call my name. It is very clear for me to hear. I will turn around to try to find out the source of it, and I do not ever see anyone or hear anything else.
– end of clairsentient extract –


I am psychic. I have dreams that tell the future. I can sense things that other people do not see or know. One experience was when my grandfather died. When he closed his eyes for the last time, I could feel him watching us a few feet above the hospital bed. He hovered for just a few seconds, and watched me and my family cry over his body. I sensed that he didn’t want us to cry, and wanted us to know that he was goint to a better place.
– end of clairsentient extract –


As a child living in …, my older step brother and I shared a bedroom and we had bunk beds. I slept on the top bunk, my step-brother slept on bottom. I was awakened one in the middle of the night with an awareness of someone standing in my bedroom.

At first I thought it was my step-brother, but I could hear him deeply breathing as if asleep in bed below me. The bed was in the corner of the room, with the headboard against one wall, and one side of the bed against another wall. I awoke with my back to the room, facing the wall. When I realized it was not brother standing in the room, I became very afraid.

I then felt the edge of the mattress being pressed down as if someone was using the mattress as leverage to lean over and look at me to make sure I was asleep. Not believing in ghosts at that time, I assumed someone had broken into our home. After some period of time, (I am not sure how long), the pressure on the mattress went away, and I sensed that whatever was there had left.
– end of clairsentient extract –


i was about 18 years old then, and i had experienced sleep paralysis, after speaking to a friend, she told me that some people believed that it was caused by spirits.

The next time it happened i panicked and was unable to move. I called a relative who is very religious and involved in these type of matters and she prayed in my room. The next night and on one other occassion soon after, this invisible thing ‘attacked’ me. it hurt me, but i didnt have any bruising. This thing still bothers me occasionally, but i am not afraid of it anymore and it goes away when i fight it. Since the attack it has been more than simple paralysis and i can actually feel a person? but i cant see anything so i dont know for sure.
– end of clairsentient extract –

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