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Here is the Third Guest Post from Gerry. If you have not read the first essay please go to Life Spirit. And the second part can be found at He Lay the Spirit into a Bottle.

This series of posts is from Gerry who, in his own words, sent these accounts to ensure they survive me, and are available for all to read and consider. They are true real life stories passed down by word of mouth from sincere people, investigated by me where possible, and my own personal experiences!

Hi Rosemary. I’ve been digging through the files, here’s an interesting one!

A Ghost Sighting or a Case of Mistaken Identity?

One morning, as my wife was going over to the shop she looked up and saw me on the hillside walking through the fields with my dogs.

After returning she inquired, how did you get home so fast. I asked her what she was talking about. She explained that she saw me up in the fields with the dogs and that I was wearing my green army coat and green wellington boots. I told her she was dreaming as I hadn’t left the house. In fact, I was talking to an old friend in stateside USA all morning. I’m a radio ham. She insisted that it was me that she saw so I told her to change the tablets.

Later that day she went to town and met a woman called …. The poor lady was upset and wanted to know why Gerry wasn’t speaking to her, as she had met me in …. Street, spoke and I apparently walked past her and never gave her a glance.

My wife told her I was at home all morning and was not in town at any time. I phoned the lady who was a good friend, and assured her it was not me, to which she replied that I must have a double and on her life she would swear it was me.

photo credit: sshingler

Having a double is unlikely as I’m six foot eight with snow white hair.  It used to be black until I saw ol’ spooky the spirit and it rapidly changed after that.

The next day, I spoke to a man passing the door and he replied, oh, you’re speaking today. What was wrong you couldn’t speak yesterday? I said, what are you talking about? And he said, when I met you yesterday morning in …. Street you didn’t speak and nearly walked over the top of me.

So I assured him that it wasn’t me as I was not in town. Then told him that … told me a similar story. He said, the man I saw yesterday is the man I’m talking to now. There’s nobody in this town with your build and size and hair color. Pull the other one, it’s got bells on, and he stomped off in a bit of a huff.

So Rosemary, what do you make of all that. It happened way back in 1980.


Beginning the Conversation

So, what do you make of Gerry’s story? We all know we are supposed to have a double somewhere but I’m not aware the double is supposed to remain silent 🙂

I really don’t know what to make of this. The only explanation, and I use that word loosely, I can suggest is the idea that at every major decision making time in our lives we reach a fork and we split. There is the part that eg moved from the country to the city and there is the other you that stayed put.

Let’s open up the forum and see what ideas others have. I’m sure Gerry will be interested to know your thoughts.

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  1. Marianne

    Wow! That is some story!!!

    I wonder if your mind manifested itself because it didn’t want to be on the ham radio (as if it was saying “hey, let’s go for a walk). But you didn’t listen. So your mind became form and went off without you.

    Although that doesn’t explain why you didn’t recognize anyone, or speak, does it?

    I can’t think of an explanation but I think it’s a great story.

    Has it happened since? Or is this the one and only time?

    (Wish I could split myself in two – I’d leave the one who couldn’t talk at home to do my work and I’d take my physical self out to enjoy the day…, smile)

    Again, love your stories – you have an interesting life!

    • Marianne

      (I just realized there was not one single second I didn’t believe this to be true. I guess it too strange (in a good way) not to be true, at least to me 😉


      • Rosemary Breen

        It is a great story isn’t it Marianne?I guess Im with you and that’s why I was happy to have Gerry put some of his experiences on record.

        That is a way was what lead Gerry to contact me – he wanted to put his experiences on public record and hopefully, that is where they will stay ad finitum.

        Some tales are so unusual they have to be true 🙂



  2. Nigel Cooper

    I suppose I ought to be totally confused!

    I have, what appears to be, an alter ego or perhaps an avatar over which I have no control.

    Apparently mine appears in a very corporeal form to the lady who loves me very dearly and under other circumstances would be my lover. At the time she was 400 miles away in a small village in Hampshire. I was certainly solid enough that I could be kissed passionately!

    No part of my consciousness was joined to this… which was frustrating as I would dearly loved to have been a part of this activity!

    Yesterday, my wife saw me where I couldn’t possibly have been, carrying the same bright green bag (complete with a shirt hanging out over the top of the bag). It could only have been made and the only problem was, I wasn’t there (not consciously anyway)! I can explain away my almost-lover’s experience as possibly a wish fulfilment hallucination, although I have to say she comes across as the rational, normally speaking, that I have to stretch a point to imagine her hallucinating in this way. However, she is very deeply in love with me and this merited things over the edge (so to speak).

    It is tempting to suppose there was trying to make up some sort of story to cover up being seen were I shouldn’t be, to my wife, but I promise you that I had nothing to gain from being where I was spotted, nor any ‘no good’ I could have been up to!

    The rather strange things going on, in the last few months I have developed a healing ability and I seem to have the beginnings of a telepathic ability. Any explanations greatly appreciated!

    • Rosemary Breen


      Is the moon full where you are? Or have you been partaking of some moonshine perhaps?

      Just kidding……

      People can and do appear in two places at the same time and science is just catching up with this reality.


      How and why does this happen? I don’t know.

      Given the circumstances you’re describing it does seem possible that heightened emotional intensity and frisson may play a part.

      It seems your consciousness has not been in two places at once. Or has it?

      Welcome to the site Nigel.



  3. Nigel Cooper

    It’s nearly a quarter moon and I have not touched on the out all of any description for three years…

    I also avoid anything else that is psychoactive.

    In neither of the two cases that I mentioned was my consciousness along for the ride. At the time that I was spotted crossing the road outside of my house, by my wife, I was halfway up the very same road and on my way to the main street. I had no reason to dally outside the house, nor anything that could possibly be gained by so doing. In this case there are no strong emotional entanglements.

    The lady who lives in Hampshire, is another matter entirely and it is entirely possible that the experiences she had were those who claim directly out of a very deep love that she has for me. I have told her that she would be able to tell whether my consciousness is present during any further visits, as I am most likely to want to do rather more than have a snog.

    It’s an interesting thought to try to work out whether you could be successfully divorced during such an encounter, as the law usually relies on there being just one of you!

    Despite being a biologist, I’ve never found it fascinating to explore further what science has to say on these matters. There is such a great big rift as to make any joining and understanding as close to untenable as makes no difference. To me, all things seem possible. I have no religion as such and I realise that I’m probably being incredibly unfashionable by having the most profound faith in God, prayer, worship and contemplation of things that I do several times a day.

    It’s fair to say that I’m an intensely spiritual person.

    Thank you for your welcome to this site. I’ll be most interested to see if anybody has any comments on my unconscious avatar!

    Are there any theories as to why people have these? I realise it’s going to be mainly guesswork, but I’m rather new to thinking about this aspect of the paranormal.

  4. Anne Morgan

    Quite a puzzle, this one.

    I have read several reports of people dropping into “parallel universes”, like a couple of ladies who had tea in a cafe back room but when they returned another day found there was no back room in that cafe; and another occasion when persons had a strange experience at Versaille when they met people from a previous time who were not actors giving a reality touch to the scene.

    Just suppose it was really you but doing your thing in another time/place and not knowing the people you ignored in all innocence.

    I do read sci-fi so please don’t think I’m mad, I’m just open to suggestion. Bright Blessings Gerry, your posts give me plenty to think about.

    • Rosemary Breen


      Are you saying imagine this time/place shift and we meet ourselves?

      That would be a hoot.


  5. Anita Peura

    There’s an episode recounted in one of the Seth books by Jane Roberts, where she and her partner go to a restaurant and before sitting down, see their doppelgangers (both of them) already seated inside. They look a little different in their demeanor, being a bit dull and down-spirited, but otherwise unmistakably themselves. Seth explains the phenomenon but I can’t recall precisely what he said, better for those interested to read it themselves.

    I’m just reading about poltergiests and the apparent connection they have to living people and their sub-conscious emotions (even discussed by Jung). It reminds me of how we see ourselves as discrete self-contained physical entities, when in fact we are more likely akin to clouds of ‘spiritual’ (at least non-physical) energy without necessarily defined borders. I can’t help but intuit some sort of connection to the phenomenon of doppelgangers. Another field for future research, once this sort of thing is seen as worthy of research!

    • Anne Morgan

      Hello Anita, since my comment back in 2012 there has been a great deal of investigation into quantum physics. I’m not an academic and don’t profess to have an in depth understanding of the subject, but the concept of particles being able to exist in two places at the same time fascinates me. Just maybe, something can happen on a larger scale, I’ve no idea how this can come about, when a full scale person is duplicated at another site visible to an independent viewer but this could be a rational explanation of the phenomenon.

      There are documented cases of doppelgänger appearances and I wonder how many times it happens and we don’t get to hear about the events.

      Another thought has just occurred to me: what if it is some kind of a mirage where the etheric double is viewed at a remote location? The apparition would have to be wearing the clothes of the physical entity, but a time displacement could explain it especially if the “real” person can recall a time and place when they were present in the location of the doppelgänger. I just don’t know.

      As the bard once said “There are more things in heaven and earth than we are aware of” or words to that effect.

      For the time being, it is a subject open to speculation and perhaps more scientific investigation into quantum physics just might shed light on the subject.

      One thing I don’t believe is that to view your own doppelgänger is to foresee your own death, even allowing for time shift, the future is never set in stone as even the slightest change at a present point in time can make a vast difference to an outcome in the future.

      There is a notion that if a butterfly flaps its wings in one location, the movement of air can cause a storm at another location. (I’ve just dragged this up from my not very accurate memory and just how it is explained can possibly be found on line searching “the butterfly effect” forgive me if it is a false memory on my part.)

      Like you, I have an inquiring mind and never dismiss anything just because it doesn’t have an explanation at the present time. Keep an open mind and maybe it will all be explained in the future.
      Blessings, Anne.


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