Prayers for Healing: Unexplained Phenomena or Placebo?

The following statements on prayers for healing are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.

I was doing distance healing through Reiki on a friend. I became overwhelmed by the knowing of a clot. The words kept going through my awareness over and over. I finished the session. My friend was doing OK and expected to recover. A couple of days later I felt compelled to call his wife. When I called she was grief stricken. He had a pulmonary embolism and wasn’t expected to live and she was being asked to discontinue life support on this 50 year old man. Somehow I ended up being her counsel and support helping her to focus on what her husbands wishes would be. He blew his aneurysm on my birthday and died on my husbands birthday, who was one of his best friends.
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I first saw spirit that I can remember when I was 8 yrs. Sometimes it is hard to explain but I remember telling my mother that when I was older that I was going to heal a lot of people. I remember being told this and my mother also remembers it. I am now 37 yrs and I would of done over a thousand healings.
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I was having a healing session with my friend who is a healer and intuitive. I felt a bolt of energy and light enter my thorasic from the universe directly above my body and reverberate through my body. I always wanted to see the Los Vegas WiZard and that was truly a Los Vegas Wizard experience.
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I decided to receive a course of energetic healings from a Brennan Healing Science practitioner, and during my sessions, I had spontaneous visions. These were unexpected phenomena, in other words, I did not expect this effect from the healing sessions; they were always profoundly instructive and directly related to the chakra she was restructuring during that particular session. One was particularly spectacular and awe-inspiring. As she was resturcturing the 5th chakra, which is where we connect to divine will and divine word, I suddenly found myself, in the form of a streak of golden light, rocketing through space at an astonishing speed. I “arrived” at a waterfall of light, to which there was no apparent beginning or end – it occuppied every space, everywhere.I stood in the core of this waterfall, which was the word of God speaking all creation on all dimensions into being simultaneously and holding the entire universe together. The tumultuous sound of the waterfall was literally the billions of words God was speaking continuously. (A comparable image, although pale in comparison, is that of standing in streaming computer code, as was depicted in the “Matrix” movie trilogy.) However, this does not adequately convey the sense of Presence that permeated, indeed, that WAS this very waterfall of informational light ! The Presence was not the fluffy warm divinity popularized by well-meaning new-agers.

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No – I experieed the divine in implacable, impersonal, abstract and utterly magnificent perfection and mind-blowing order. It was absolutely unsentimental, yet not cold or hostile,the pure “I am that I am” as identified in the old testament, perhaps. Suddenly, I was transported with a real sense of reverence and holy awe, and understood why choirs of angels existed for the sole purpose of encircling the throne of God and praising him ceaselessly. I felt a consuming and exalting adoration for God’s magnificence, and a profound gratitude for being given the gift of seeing a fragment, a mere facet, of the Divine Absolute. It was a huge revelation, full of ecstatic wonder. It was an initiatory experience and gave me a sense of deeply personal connection to God – an utterly magnificent cosmic intelligence. My mental processes changed significantly in the 2 years following this experience. I realized that I had sequentially and unconsciuosly structured my non-fiction reading to move from study of individual organisms/components to systems to meta-systems. In my opinion, it was as if my brain had been re-wired so that I structured my acquisition of information in a mostnatural progression which would permit an organic “synthesis” process, allowing me to distribute this newly-acquired information within the structures of my expanded cosmology.
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As I was sat listening to this female healer speak (she was telling me about the ‘extraordinary experiences’ in her life) I suddenly felt a wave of warmth go through my chest. It was like a wave of heat or energy had passed through me and it was a strange sensation. I said nothing but the sensation then began to increase. Instead of just a wave of energy it was like my whole ribcage area, particularly around my heart, was filled with a kind of something that was like electricity. It was like warmth or like heat, but not in a temperature sense – I didn’t feel hot as a result.

Possibly it was like pins and needles but I’ve never had them in my chest before, ever, and there was no numbness or oversensitive pain sensation that you sometimes get with pins and needles. Also at this point I felt like there was someone or something (a presence of sorts) standing behind me. I did not feel scared in that there was nothing malevolent about this experience, but I did feel a bit freaked out. Then I saw the female healer raising her hands, with the palms facing outwards towards me, so I asked her what was going on and she told me I was receiving healing because I needed it.

She then told me that there was something (energy or energies) stood behind me. After that I did begin to think ‘hang on a minute, what the hell is going on’ and then I began to feel nauseous. By this stage, the sensation must have been quite strong because I was finding it hard to focus on what the healer had been saying and there was a lull in the conversation when it was my turn to ask another question, however I could not think straight. I could only focus on this sensation and the rapidly increasing nausea and dry mouth. I think I said something along the lines of ‘I’m sorry this is really weird, I just can’t concentrate’. After a few more moments she said ‘sorry oh sorry they’re telling me to stop’ or something like that. And I asked her for some water.

The sensation then subsided – I don’t remember whether it subsided rapidly or gradually – as by this time I was feeling really quite nauseous. Although interestingly, it is not a sort of nausea I’ve experienced before and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I wouldn’t actually be sick. Once the healer had brought me some water she told me that I was receiving healing for my heart (emotionally) because I was in need of it. I’m still not completely sure what to make of it but there is not doubt in my mind that I experienced this sensation, whatever it was. I know that something happened to me and in some experiential place or level I can recall it, but the instance I have to put it into words, it not only sounds twee, it also feels as if the experience itself is changing. As though in telling about it, there is a transformation of the actual experience and it becomes less and less what I actually experienced and felt more just an account of it. I feel as if the more I tell about it, the farther away it gets from how it was. There is also some way in which ‘energy’ or ‘like electricity’ goes some way to describe what I felt but there is no comparative feature in my other experiences or my vocabulary to draw on that adequately captures this sensation.
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While learning Reiki level 2 I became able to heal from a distance. I am often asked to heal and communicate with animals, and have corroberated information received from the animals.
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While learning energy healing at one point I perceived a very tall, incredibly loving Presence standing behind me guiding my hands. The feeling of love is indescribable. I was deeply moved. I’ve had many experiences of “guides”, but this was the most striking.
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On a day when I was waiting to go to a 11 year old boys funeral, (my husband was in … on business) I heard knocking in the attic of our home. This was intermittent, very strong and lasted for approx. half an hour. I was so sure that something was in the attic that I looked through into the room using the attic steps, but there was nothing obviously there. After some time I realised what was happening. Because a group (including my husband) of us had been praying for the healing of this sick boy, believing (wrongly) that the Lord would heal him and claiming this healing. He did not, and the boy died.

I realised that Satan was laughing at what we had sought to do. At that moment I prayed that the Lord Jesus Christ would stop Satan from this activity. The noise stopped immediately. Later on we realised that this ‘belief praying for healing’ was not appropriate for this time, and therefore gave Satan licience to do what he did.
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I’m able to mind read. If someone has a strong thought or feeling I am able to ‘read’ it. Even though I have been trying to close it off as at the moment I’m picking up so much more it has become almost overwhelming. It was actually how my husband asked me to marry him, telepathically. But I’m not able to “send” things.

Even though my ex boyfriend knew a couple of times when I was happy. I can also pick up on the person’s pain and what is causing it; for example, a friend asked me to work on his leg as it was hurting him but as soon as I touched his leg I realised the pain was coming from his left arm. And as I put pressure on his left arm, I worked out that he was constantly thinking about his work and that was causing stress in this left arm and leg. As soon as I worked on his arm for a little bit his leg actually got better. I suppose it’s a bit like a biological reading. I can tell what the problem is and what is causing it.

When I ‘heal’ them I burp really loudly-it’s a bit like the film the green mile, but instead of green smoke/bugs coming from my mouth I burp. I have no control over the burping… trust me I would rather do something other than burp! but I suppose it’s better than flatulence! One guy actually almost double dared me to read him… he gave me his hand and asked me to ‘read’ and I as I did the only thing that came to mind was ‘too much dried fruit’… and I was perplexed as it was such as strange thing to come up with. (At the time he was a very healthy?! 19 year old tri athlete).

we all fall down
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When I conveyed to him that it was dried fruit he then said “You are so freaky” he went on to tell me that the day before he had just got back from a 5 day hike and the only food that he had was for the last day was dried fruit. A couple of weeks ago I was doing someone’s hand. About a minute after she had sat down and I just started working on her hand I asked her “What Calcium tablets are you taking?” I freaked myself out… I had some very strange internal dialogue going on… I had a massive argument with myself. “you sound like a lunatic what were you thinking to ask her that?” “it’s ok” “no it’s not OK, what if she doesn’t take any? You will sound like such a weirdo” “It’s ok” and so on… whilst this was happening the lady simply replied with the brand of calcium tablets…

I don’t think she realised what a strange question it was… and so I continued with the healing and burping… That night was kind of surreal and it was like it was someone else was helping the people and I was just the “messenger” or channel. I can also over the phone. I helped my friend in the UK whilst over the phone… I was able to read her pain and work out what to do about it. I can also ‘heal’ animals.

I find the spot and know exactly how they were injured. I usually burp them too. Babies are a lot easier to help… they all seem to be very telepathic! and they almost scream out what they want! (telepathically speaking) At shopping centres when I see upset babies, I feel like going up to the mother and saying “Do you not understand?” but it’s not my place… I can also heal myself… I hate having cold showers but I’m in the cold shower burping away… doesn’t happen when it’s warm… even though I’d love it to be warm!

I’m even challenging my skills at the moment…I’m waiting for someone to tell me that I’m wrong… as I have never been… This sounds weird but whoever is reading this… for the first time, I’m picking up on pain in the left hand side neck shoulder and arm… I don’t think it’s my pain so I think it’s yours… It’s probably a good time to stop the survey… as it’s quite painful… as I said in a way I’d really like to be wrong for once but I haven’t been wrong yet… I haven’t ‘read’ the pain as it’s really rude to do that… as it’s bit like going into someone’s house without their permission…
– end of prayers for healing extract –

around this age I began to be very drawn to handicapped adn ill people, felt energy an just knew it would heal them. so put myself into a church inviroment to test it out also did much from my home. healings by laying my hands on people or simply holding hands tword them or area that needed healing. been doing so for many yrs now. have slowed down some as of late. gets tiering
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During an energy healing I felt a very powerful energy connecting the earth and the sky through me as a channel.
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This is really multiple experiences while giving healings of seeing/feeling such things as spirit guides (including entering through my hands into my clients’ bodies/energy fields and seeing/feeling columns of whirling golden, white or blue light descend into the bodies of clients.
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as a reader and healer (reiki) i find that if i touch a person, i will generally get a word or a sensation, sometimes the person being read will appear to look different, or i will see an aura around them, the word i get is about how they are feeling, sometimes i get a memory that i know isnt mine, always it is something that i am able to use to assist the person concerned recognise negative patterns in their lives or to answer questions they may have for me.
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