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The following paranormal phenomena statements are ghost adventures seasons extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I can see auras of holy people. If a person is truely good an aura light glows around them and I see it. I have been with a friend who says that I have an aura also and that he can see auras around certain people also and decerns that the light is their specialness and goodness.

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I have the on-going ability to see and feel grey auras in those who are close to death, but who are not obviously “dying” such as in a sick bed. They are often just going about their normal business, and can sometimes not be known to me. I recently saw this around one of my patients (I’m a nurse) and he was dead within 3 days. This happens unpredictably and sometimes shocks me. I am able to share this with some of the others I work with and my husband. I’m not often wrong.

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At this same Elderhostel, a Japanese-American woman stood before the group. As I watched for an aura, faces began to appear from her face. At first they were simply curious looking and they looked around curiously. Then a face emerged that was very frightening. It looked around in an evil, predatory way. I began to comment at what I was seeing, getting louder and louder as the faces emerged. The group leader shushed me. I later asked her why, and she said I’d frighten the poor woman to death, but she, the leader, had seen the faces, too, as had the another man in the group. Interestingly, he was the same man who had also seen me ‘lift-off’ and felt the same sensations.

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After becoming comfortable with the idea of Auras, I returned to my friend who had originally tried to discuss them with me (the wife of the Lutheran Pastor in town). At the time I was in the process of adopting my son Internationally.

Many delays got in the way, and a cold winter with reports of deaths from the low tempreatures had me wondering if I would ever get him home. My friend said she had her children’s Aura’s read in utero. And, perhaps, even though her friend who did the readings was now living out of state, I could have my son’s Aura read. She asked if I had a photo and said she would mail it with a request to the woman who’d done the readings.

In the end, the woman felt she could read his Aura from the photo, and it was amazingly comforting to hear her say that he knew I was coming, and that he was ok – and would be ok. She also went on to describe him as extremely bright, very active, interested in the world. These are completely accurate descriptors of my wonderful son. And, when I went to meet him, he was the only child in the group that we traveled with – to be relaxed and playful. The others were terrified when meeting their adoptive parents. He smiled at me, played with my necklace, and even laughed ( and all four of the children adopted at that time were raised in the same room. I believe his demeanor was accurately read. I also credit the distant prayers of hundreds of people from the various churches I’d served, for helping him find this peaceful place in this bleak orphanage setting.

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Coming into the Ministry I did not believe in Aura’s. In fact, when a friend tried to tell me about them on several occasions I asked her to stop as it made me uncomfortable – too New Age for me. Then I began having parishioners come to me (starting in about 1989) and saying they had seen a bright light enveloping me from one shoulder, over my head, and to the other shoulder. I dismissed the first person as a bit nuts. The second person was entirely different, and I began to wonder if there might be something to these reports. One day, In the 1990’s, I preached a sermon that felt very peaceful and balanced. Afterwards, an older woman – Golf Club member and bridge player came up to me and reported seeing an aura like the one I described before. I thanked her for letting me know, and thought she wasn’t really the type I had imagined as seeing Aura’s! Later that same morning, when everyone else had headed home for lunch, a newcomer to the church – a young professional woman – approached me said that she had observed a very bright white aura over my head and shoulders, she hoped I didn’t think she was crazy. I let her know she was the second person that day, and left church intriqued that others could see something I couldn’t. Twenty four hours later, the first thing on Tuesday Morning, an artsy woman in her 40’s arrived at my office, she came in for a private meeting and confessed that she had seen an Aura – and not only that time, but on several other occasions. We talked further about Auras and what they meant to her. I was left that day convinced that others have powers to see things that I can not, and with a curiousity to learn more about Aura’s. That experience of the three reporters – none of whom were friends of the others – opened me to this world of the paranormal. Since that day, I have had repeated visits from people in other congregations who have seen an aura around me when I preach. It only seems to happen when I feel comfortable and centered with the sermon. If I am worried or unsettled, it has never been reported.

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About a year after my mystical experience, I met an individual who had originally appeared to me in a dream. He was of apparently great,(unknown to me) age who answered any and all questions I had without my verbalizing them. I saw him guide, help and spontaneously “heal” many, many people. An “aura,” or “vibration” of great love and compassion always surrounded his immediate presence. I knew him for 17 years until his passing from this existence.

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I was 15 when I found out I had the ability to see people’s aura. IT was pretty surprising at first, and now that I learned to do it after relaxing on key, it has helped me in a lot of situations.

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