Astral Travel

Astral Travel: an Out of Body Trip

The following out of body experience statements are paranormal phenomena extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


i was sleeping and i was suddenly looking at myself from across the room, then i saw my body start to sit up for some reason then i heard my sister ask what i was doing and i was suddenly back in my body looking at her, we were both very confused
– end of astral travel extract –

Creative Commons License photo credit: Mark Strozier


I was in bed after a workshop when I suddenly found myself out of my body with a very frightening man. I knew he wanted to hurt me but a man and a woman spirit came to me and massaged my abdomen area. They helped to heal me and to relax me. I re-entered my body but was energized for days after.
– end of extract –


I was laying in my bed and felt myself leave my body. Then all of a sudden I could hear the most beautiful music “fall from the sky”. There were harps, violins, flutes, etc. and a large choir of singers. Then the ceiling opened up and I could see through the wall into the living room ceiling. On the ceiling was writing that flowed across in green light words (like the stock market exchange) using arial font or something that was simular. As the singing continued the words seemed to follow. The only problem was that I couldn’t read what was written. After this experience I felt very refreshed after returning to my body and going about my life that day.
– end of extract –


I went out of my body and went to a place where a family was in serious spiritual trouble, I prayed for them and found myself fighting with demon spirits. We fought for a while and I won. the struggle and the family was set free from bondage, then flew back to my body and re-entered.
– end of extract –


I was in the recovery room after surgery. I could see myself out of body and feel in-body at the same time. Someone kept screaming for me to breathe. The docotor was over me asking me what was wrong…waht is going on. I struggled to stay conscious of this world but longed to go back out. Everytime I started to leave the body totally someone started screaming for me to breathe. I was puzzled because from my perspective I was breathing. I could not understand why they couldn’t see me breathing because I was.
– end of extract –


I had an out of body experience during which I “visited” a friend. She called a couple of days later to tell me that she saw me and even conversed with me, though fully aware that I was out of body at the time (she herself was a professional psychic).
– end of extract –


I was giving birth to my son at the time. I could not and didn’t have the energy to bring him into this world. Therefore, I passed out on the table. When I did, I began to feel myself rising up to the top of the ceiling and looking down at the doctors trying to get him out of me and working around the table. Then I went out of the delivery room down the hall to the emergency room where a 16 year car crash victim was laying on the er table. She was very scared and bleeding everywhere. I told her that she was going to be ok. I smiled at her, then looked around and flew out of the er and back down the hall to the delivery room.

The doctors were working franctically to bring me around. I remember one of them saying that I wasn’t going to make it if they didn’t do something soon. My son was half way out and half way in. He hadn’t been born yet completely. I felt an urgency to get back into my body. I knew that I was having an obe but my responses to things seemed to be very slow. I decided to go back into my body. When I did, I felt like it was very cramped and uncomfortable at first. Then the pain returned to my mind and I was fully awake and felt like a new person again although I was in labor still yet.

After my son was born, I asked the doctor what had happened even though I knew what happened. He told me that I had died on the delivery table for approximately 38 seconds and they were about to declare me dead. However, he said that my heart started again, my son began to cry and things were becoming ok again. I had a 9lb 1 oz boy. I couldn’t walk for about 3 days. As I lay in bed trying to recover during the first few hours after deliver, I noticed that I had a very light or what looked like, it’s hard to describe powder all over me. Like I had been dipped into something and it stuck to me. Still to this day, I don’t know what it was.

I do know that my life has changed significantly since. I have a whole new perspective about experiences that cannot be sufficiently explained and the possibilities are endless for the number of experiences beyond this life we can have.
– end of astral travel extract –


Recently, with work, family and study I have been experiencing a very stressful life. I’m naturally very spiritual person. I meditate and ‘pray’ regularly. One evening – I decided to meditate and pray. I lied down and stared to ‘chant’ quietly. About 30 minutes later I felt a half sleepy. It was quiet and suddenly I feld my body was lifted up and up into a very white, long, tunnel. I could see the world below. I felt my body was so lite. It was getting higher and higher when I realised and asked my self “is it death? where am I going?” I was kind of wiggling my body and soon I opened my eyes and found my self lying down in bed. I saw outside was already dark. My initial reaction afterward was. WOW! if it was death – it’s not a scary process. I felt good after that knowing that I experienced some sort of death.
– end of astral travel extract –


I was around 6 years of age, I had a really bad fever. My mother had been tending to me at the bedside upstairs. She tucked me in and reassured me that I would soon be better. She returned to the family who were eating downstairs. All I remember was that I had a strong feeling that I was dying. I called out but no-one heard me. I managed to get out of bed and dragged myself across the floor until I reached the top of the stairs. I felt myself fading away. Although I was very young I can still remember the feeling of utter desperation and then complete silence. I felt that I had died.

The next memory I have is waking up in bed with my mother standing over me and stroking my head, there was a doctor present. I am absolutely convinced that I had left my body as I have vague memories of seeing my family from above, all sitting around the table having dinner. This was my first out of body experience.

When I became an adult I recalled this memory and spoke to my mother about it. All she told me was that I was seriously ill and yes I had caused them grave concern. She remembers returning upstairs to check that I was okay. She found me in bed looking a deathly shade of white and had immediately called the doctor. I made a full recovery a short time afterwards. I really have no other information to add. At the time my young brain could not make sense of what was happening to me.
– end of astral travel extract –


after the accident when I was 11-12. I hit a tree with a run away horse. which gave me a concussion. I had a out of body experience that I could see me floating above the tree as my friends went for help.
– end of astral travel extract –


8th Grade Reading Class – we were issued new books and told to read a chapter to ourselves in classs quietly. I suddenly felt myself in the corner of the room looking down on myself and classmates already having read the entire prescribed story, little less the chapter assigned. I heard what seemed to be a odd noise and found myself back in my seat and fully aware of only one self. The reading teacher was standing at my desk demanding my attention – I told her I had already read the story and described it to her and she quizzed me on it to her satifaction. I was mildly accused of having stolen a copy of this book – I wasn’t her favorite after that experience.
– end of astral travel extract –

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