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One of the first, if not the first serious book, I read on paranormal activity was The Silver Cord: Lifeline to the Unobstructed by Martha Barham and James Greene. This was the book that helped me realize I wasn’t alone in knowing what I knew and I wasn’t imagining things that couldn’t possibly happen. It was published in 1986 and because I changed jobs every couple of year I can remember reading this when it was still hot off the presses, in 1987.

This book was like a breath of fresh air to me. I was working in the business world at the time and I can remember wishing for lunch time so I could immerse myself in this book and surround myself in possibilities. It spoke to me – and though it is 20+ years since it was published – it may also speak to you. The blurb promotes this book as a spiritual work and indeed, it could be regarded as such. Equally, it could also be interpreted as a treatise on the paranormal realms. Different language – similar concepts.

According to Amazon The Silver Cord is still available and on that site the reviews use words like “wonderful”, “excellent”, and “very persuasive” to describe it. I agree with these superlatives and I commend this book to you. Note: there are other books with the same title but different authors.

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  1. Matthew Zylstra

    In one of your previous newsletters you mentioned a book about a Silver Cord.

    I’ve got no idea what the book is about but what came to mind was something I read about the San Bushmen (of southern Africa) shamans who, at least in former times, would “cross to the other side” during rituals, ‘trance-dances’ in caves etc.

    Apparently when on that side they had to be sure to keep a hold of the ‘silver cord’ which was their lifeline back to physical reality. I don’t know how reputable this source is because it was in a fictional book (“Rainmaker” by Don Pinnock) but the author himself is a well-known travel writer herein South Africa and has founded youth-at-risk programmes for descendents of the San to reconnect them with culture and traditional rituals.

    So I guess he has done his research and spoken to elders.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Matthew. The Silver Cord is on a similar theme and your note reminded me that the Australian Aborigines have a similar phenomena in their culture, when they are astral traveling. It seems the ancient cultures have known about these things for eons.

      Good luck with your university research.



  2. Ciro

    Hi Rosemary,

    I very much like you communication style and am looking forward to hearing more from you. I have had a life long interest in the paranormal.

    Somewhere on your site I posted a question because I have enjoyed exciting careers in aerospace engineering, computer applications and consulting, and teaching. That said, my post again:

    There is ample evidence, in my opinion, that there is another dimension beyond or around the living, and those who have passed on – there is absolutely no doubt in my mind about it – but I would like to know more than a description of beauty and feelings of love and acceptance, and sometime communication.

    With all do respect, what does the spirit do on the other side with all of it’s time? Nothing is revealed about the spirit developing further in the pursuit of art, music, engineering, medicine, or other disciplines one enjoyed on earth.
    If the spirit simply floated about, I could not imagine anything more boring.


    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi Ciro

      I hope you dont mind me saying that your comment brought a smile to my face.

      Thank you for the compliment about the atmosphere we are creating here at Psychic Revolution. Somehow, I seem to be on track and am attracting my kind of people.

      I’m sorry that one of your older posts has been lost in cyberspace and Im pleased that you’ve reposted now.

      So, now on to give my answer to your question about the afterlife.

      You raise an excellent point. We read time and time again about how we don’t suddenly change the moment we die. So, presumably, if we are driven in this life then our modus operandii will be the same in the next.

      As there is no way of confirming this conclusively, I’ll say that this model fits with my model of the world!

      To add to this line of thinking, Ciro, originally I intended to do my university dissertation on the paranormal and gifted children, including savants. For a number of reasons I didnt pursue this line of research to its conclusion but, from the reading I did do, it seems to me that the so-called geniuses of the world, particularly those who appear to be born with gifts are bringing their talents with them through the womb. Thus, perhaps they are working hard at their craft, be it ‘art, music, engineering, medicine, or other disciplines one enjoyed on earth’ between lives.

      I’d like to think so. What do you think Ciro?



      • Ciro

        What do I think?

        Well, I’m looking to you to draw from your well of knowledge and research for some answers – doesn’t have to be proof.

        I’ll know if its creditable without proof.

        I’ve lived an exciting, privileged, some what gifted life in which I’m convinced it has been guided.

        Door after door uncannily opened to me uninitiated by me, wrong decisions turning out to be the right decisions.

        I’ve concluded that my gift(s), what ever it may be, come from my parents genes, which contained what I would call the programming for my being, that makes sense, but what about the strong feeling of a spiritual guide steering me in the right direction, and opening all the doors?

        Where is that coming from Rosemary? Who and what is it?

        I would be interested to know, and the same old questions – am I going to have as an exciting existence over there as I’ve had over here?

        Best wishes, Ciro

        • Rosemary Breen

          You seem a happy person Ciro. And educated too.

          So, tell me, what have you done in the pursuit of your own answers? Sometimes it’s more about the journey than the destination. You are obviously searching for answers and oftentimes they lie within.

          There may be books and articles about life in heaven (for want of a better word) that may ‘speak’ to you.

          For now, I can only think of one source that you may be interested in – Testimony of Light.



  3. Elaine Heiby

    I just want to say how grateful I am to know that you too found Barham and Greene’s “The Silver Cord: Lifeline to the Unobstructed” to be an important book.

    I knew the authors for about 10 years before I knew about their book. Perhaps because I was 100% sure that they were both sane and sincere people, it was easy for me to believe that the teachings in Silver Cord came from two highly evolved materialized entities. I was an agnostic seeker at that time and was thrilled to learn about this new revelation of spirituality. It struck me as intuitively correct.


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