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The following poltergeists statements are paranormal phenomena extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


as a young child I would ofter astral travel during the night. I would travel between our house and the next door neighbours’ house, but would never go very far, eg, i would never leave the fenced boundaries of the houses. but i would fly down the chimneys and under doorways and look at people sleeping etc….

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When I was about 16, I experimented with the idea of astral projection. I laid down on my bed, dimmed the lights, and began attempting to project according to a book entitled Modern Magick by a Mr. Donald Kraig. After a bit, I swear that I began to feel it work, than my consciousness had separated. At that moment my father, who was kind of a bastard, stormed into my room for some reason or another and startled/interrupted me. I immediately suffered a piercing headache which persisted for a while, though I can’t remember how long. No more than the day, I’m sure.

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Saw World Trade Centre in rubble – felt smoke – smelled burning oil – general impression was that the water around was boilinga and that it felt like the end of the world – I dismissed the dream as something my husband had seen on TV. A few months later I was talking on the phone to friend when the news reports came on TV – I started shaking – the dreams had been a few months earlier. I did not see (in the dream) planes hit the buildings, bur some people told me thay had. I was to have been in New York that week for an astral projection class!

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Visiting with my beloved late grandmother on the other side while I was consciously astral travelling. The wonder of such an experience defies description.


When I was in elementary school, about 8 years old, I was walking home from school, in a hurry as usual. I was going down a slight slope in the street and walking very fast, then I suddenly couldn’t feel my feet hitting the ground any longer and felt myself glide just above the street for a short distance, maybe 15 or 20 feet. I was excited about it and rushed into my house and told my mom “I flew on the way home!”

She listened to me tell her what happened and she just laughed. So I figured it wasn’t important. But I never forgot that feeling or experience. I also used to dream I was flying over my neighborhood and could see the tops of all the houses and down into all the back yards, everything.

At that time I had never heard of out of body experiences, I was just a little girl. I also thought I could mentally communicate with animals and spent a lot of time with our dog and a cat that we took in for a while. I would just stare into their eyes and think things and imagine that I was hearing their response. But I never thought it was a big deal. As a child and at times as an adult I have been able to see white or colored light surrounding other people’s heads, like an outline. I don’t really know what that means. I also often tried to close my eyes and make myself invisible when I was a little girl, with no apparent success. I must have been a strange child! I also can sense meanness or mal-intent in others at times and I take that seriously and stay away from that person after that. I have instructed my children to also trust their feelings about other people. I am a nurse and don’t discuss these things with most people. I’m sure most people will think I’m a fruitcake!

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I was very young and in bed. I then floated out to the loungeroom where all the adults were sitting. I was up in the corner of the ceiling. They didn’t notice me up there. All of a sudden I was back in my bed. I told them in the morning and reported exactly who was sitting where and what cups and dishes were where and that the light was off, what show was on and which lamp was on. It was a very happy feeling when I was up there and it seemed like there was someone with me but I couldn’t see them.

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psychic attack from person who knew astral projection – i could see and hear him – he was using telepathic mind control on people – I was in schok, awe, horror and terror – it was done witht the help of radionics

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I left my body using a post-hypnotic suggestion before going to sleep. The effect was that I “awoke’ floating above my body. I used this opportunity to explore my neighborhood, using astral flight.

I found this quite liberating. I noticed that the “REALITY TONE” of my room and neighborhood was brighter and “more real” than my physical perceptions. I am absolutely convinced that IT WAS NOT A DREAM! I also noticed how strange my face looked, having gazed upon it, WITHOUT THE NEED OF A REFLECTION!

– end of astral projecting extract –


I have had a lot of experiences since my visit from my angel/spiritual being. Briefly, I am a sensitive. I hear voices, not all the time mind. I get visions, I know who is on the phone before it rings, that usually freaks them out, ha ha. I also have healing hands and have helped people with their pain in their body. I am just a vessel, spirit works through me. The down side to this is that if I do not protect myself I will end up with their pain in my body. Trust me when I say that it is not very nice. I haven`t been violently sick because of it but I have come close once or twice. Also when I am healing I have found I can access their previous lives. I only ask this in relation to their problem. I have also accessed quiet a few of my own previous lives, some nice, some not so nice. I have also conciously astral travelled; now that is awesome and I would be here all day lambasting you about it. I also know when things will happen before they do. So, all in all I consider myself normal.

– end of astral projecting extract –

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