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From Michelle:
How can we tell if there is an evil spirit or friendly? I think I have two separate entities one older man and children. I was attacked but I rebuked it and hasn’t attacked me since is it still here?

This is an interesting question that you’ve asked. My thoughts are that evil is as evil does.

Which begs the question, are all spirits always one or the other – in all circumstances? Do ghosts have friends, foes, favourites? I suspect they do but I may be wrong.

I’d like to know what others think about this. Has anyone else been attacked?

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  1. Rosemary Nissen-Wade (aka SnakyPoet)

    In my experience, the quick way is to project unconditional love to them. Those that are aligned with this energy will love you right back; others will not be able to stay in that energy and will leave promptly. The trouble is, it’s hard to project love when you’re feeling fear or suspicion! So you need to practise a lot , so that when need arises you can just think ‘Love!’ like a command and it will happen.

    • Dave "Felbain" K.


      Ah…gee..I really don’t know where to start on this. The picture, the line drawing of the winged serpent and star…is that your personal symbol? More direct…did you have it tattooed on the inside of your right wrist while vacationing on Maui in like 2003 or 4?

      I have goose-bumps right now remembering that experience as the person I did that very tattoo on and her husband, joined my wife and I for a rather unusual “after hours” spiritual session in our studio.

      …oh, okay…I see now it was not you. (I clicked the external link and saw the picture of you and your hubby.)

      You are not the gal I did this tattoo on…daughter? …fellow follower of a similar belief system?

      The thing about this experience was that “Charlie” was well known in the building we had our studio in. He was seen everywhere and often by workers, tourists and locals when in our around the building. “Charlie” would frequently turn off our sterilizer or coffee pot in the back room and was said to do the same in other offices/rooms of the building…seems he had a ‘thing’ for electrical appliances left on.

      The gal I tattooed with this symbol helped my wife and I contact “Charlie” and move him on ‘into the Light’. She said he was trapped here and couldn’t find his way out…he seemed both relieved and yet somehow reticent to go. We saw him clearly and most defied, like never before. He looked back at us and then simply walked forward through the wall and disappeared. It was quite the unbelievable evening and one neither my wife or will ever forget.

      The oddest thing though…about 2 months after our moving to a new location, the manager (quite an affinity for Tequila) passed out one night in his office. The hot plate he was heating some “can of dinner” on caught the desk on fire. Had it not been for a worker returning to retrieve his backpack, the manager probably would have been killed as “Charlie” was no longer there to shut things off…well that’s what we all believe anyway! 🙂

      All this gal ever said was the symbol was “ancient” and “resonated” with her. The thing is, I’ve had a stylized depiction of nearly the same thing on my right forearm…a winged serpent…more of a cross between oriental and western dragons above a star. Everything on my right arm, barring a Christ-head-on outer right wrist- has color and wings…it was the hand/arm that created my artistic “magic” so to speak and why the personal need for wings, color and varied depictions of bright, magical things.

      Is there anything else you could tell us about this symbolic graphic?

      Thank you so much,

  2. Mary Jaeger

    I have been attacked once but I believe it was from my experience with a Ouija board.

    My husband and I were trying to contact the entity or entities in our apartment. I brought in a Ouija board and then and only then I was attacked.

    We went to see a local paranormal expert and she told us how to rid ourselves by burying the Ouija board.

    After we did as she told us, the evil entity was gone but we still experience some hauntings from the original entity.

    Not sure if this helps but another thing she had as do was go around the apartment and say ‘In the name of God, get out’.

    Something that was very strange was before we went to see her, I kept the board under a chair in our living room. I would be sitting there watching T.V. and would get this urge to bring it out. It was like the entity was controlling my will.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Wow Mary. How does the ouija board really work? Is it the manifestation of our own will and that of entities? Are they always associated with hostile spirits?

      I wonder who will recount stories with positive outcomes here on Psychic Revolution?



    • Sue

      Hi Mary and Rosemary,

      You do not state how you were attacked so I cannot answer directly your question.

      The only thing I can say to all is DO NOT PLAY WITH OUIJA.

      We have been warned by very experienced mediums that ouija, spirit of the glass or any such manner is not a thing to be used by the inexperienced and there have been some very experienced mediums suffering serious consequences after the use of ouija boards.

      The reason for this being, when you work with Spirit your guides/controls and gatekeepers are in control of who comes through to communicate and can protect you from those of lower, mishievous or undesirable nature.

      When you use a tool such as oiuja you are the control and inexperience, lack of understanding what you are dealing with can have serious concequence.

      If you have earthbound spirit in your home which are disturbing you there may be many reasons for this, maybe they attached to the house after living there for a long time and do not want to leave it.

      Maybe they are afraid to pass over because they do not want to meet those on the other side for various reasons.

      Whatever their reason shouting at them, performing rituals, will not solve the problem.

      To put it in a nutshell, they are in need of counselling to enable them to pass over.

      Love is the power to overcome all. Fear breeds fear and your entity is not necessarily ‘evil’.

      They could even be someone you may have known trying to contact you. As you do not describe the ‘haunting’ I cannot hazard a guess.

      I can only suggest that you try and contact a medium who is experienced in Spirit councelling if the ‘entity’ continues to disturb you.

      Love n Light
      Sue (yes it’s me again Rosemary)

      • Rosemary Breen

        Lovely to hear from you again Sue.

        As you know Im not a paranormal practitioner and do rely on people such as yourself to help in such matters.

        So, thank you and hopefully Mary will return with more info.



      • Sean

        +1 — burying ouija boards and shouting about God are relatively unlikely to work — your adviser is a spiritist quack — unless the spirit was deeply Christian in life and is afraid of the concept of God. They particularly are going to be unaware of you burying a ouija board somewhere, not that they care much anyhow, unless they really miss the contact.

        It seems that you have to be careful about opening up psychic channels out there, you never know what will happen — especially if you are sensitive or a latent medium type. It’s not so much the physical ouija board as the opening up that is the problem. My antenna is non-existent so I probably wouldn’t get anywhere anyhow. I tried communicating with the friendly ghost that lived in my apartment for a while with a ouija board, but I don’t think he had the energy to move it, lol. I’m not sure if he could read or write either, for that matter, another stumbling block. Far easier when my medium friend was around and just spoke to him directly and ferried the answers back…

        There are certainly unpleasant spirits around just like people in real life. I somehow doubt there are ‘demons’ in the way Chip Coffey likes to go on about Biblical demons in his shows, he just does that for effect for a superstitious and enculturated audience to get ratings. I do wonder about extraterrestrial spirits travelling here sometimes, but a google search throws up almost nothing in that area, and I haven’t heard much on the grapevine about it either.

        • Rosemary Breen

          So, where do I go with all this Sean?

          There is so much superstition and mystique thats build up around the ouija board, I think most would agree it is best put aside. Burying it really is more for the living than the dead – to withdraw temptation to use it, so to speak.

          Love your insight and joke about your resident ghost, insufficient energy and forgotten spellings.

          Again, most of us here would agree that it is the opening to spirit that needs to be handled carefully and, in the hands of an amateur, much damage can be rendered.

          So, are the unpleasant spirits you refer to those people who were unpleasant in life? Im not so sure I agree with that. If death removes a layer of who we are from us, then that layer may be our earthly veil and upon death we may reveal ourselves to be pleasant enough.

          Demons, now there an interesting topic. I dont know where I stand on them. Are they manifestations of religious beliefs, in a way that Christians see angels and saints? I would have thought so but then Im unfamiliar if the equivalent is preached in the other great texts.



          • Sean

            Hi Rosemary,

            Yes, my ghost was very economical with energy, and possibly illiterate too! He died in about 1860 and compulsory education didn’t come in until the 1880s, for instance, and I know he was quite poor and a farm labourer in life.

            There are many quite bad or hostile people in life — we see them and read about them in the papers every day — biologically we are programmed to be hostile and aggressive as a survival mechanism, although we would like to put those instinctoid remnants behind us. It wouldn’t surprise me to see bitter spirits acting out their aggression etc in the after life — as per the account just above of the spirit who just tries to strangle people. Spirits have different energy levels ranging from barely there to poltergeist, so a bitter and angry poltergeist is something to look out for!

          • Rosemary Breen


            Where the living are concerned when it comes to programming and aggression, Id prefer to make the distinction between attacking and defending, and men and women.

            Re your ghost, your comment got me thinking. Do ghosts grow or change in anyway while stuck in limbo? Is it possible for them to learn new skills – like writing and reading? Never thought about it before but it does seem a good way to use their time 🙂

            Ive never come across a bitter and angry poltergeist but, given some parapsychologists believe that such activity is actually attributable to the living, and more specifically those in their early teens, Ill keep my eyes peeled and my head ready to duck.

            Have you experienced poltergeist activity?



          • Sean

            Certainly most men are by and large more aggressive than most women — some 95% of the prison population is male. Men also tend to take more risks, including non-violent illegal activity in the interests of furthering themselves and in their ambition and drive towards a ‘career’. (And what happens if one of the spirits going past while one is seancing was a serial murderer in real life in a bygone age, for instance?)

            Note species bimorphism in our nearest relatives, the great apes. And in nature, there’s no good and bad, just survival.

            I think it’s possible to educate ghosts further, but they don’t seem to be educating each other out there — maybe it’s too hard to set up blackboards/whiteboards and textbooks in the spirit world. The ghost who died in around 1860 in my apartment could see cars in the street, but didn’t know what made them move. I once explained (loosely) how computers and electrical equipment worked and he remembered some few days later, although it was a sketchy and hand-waving explanation. They definitely have a memory and continuity, ghosts are not just an unthinking repeating video loop in the space-time continuum. Remember the internal combustion engine and harnessing electricity meaningfully didn’t come about til the second half of the 19th century, and his death predated that.

            Not sure about poltergeist activity coming from the living, it is possible perhaps that it’s some sort of living telekinesis ability (Hypothesis 1) or in fact that some ghosts harness the energy and ability of growing children to manifest themselves (Hypothesis 2).

            I haven’t personally experienced poltergeist activity, my psychic friend had lived in at least 2 haunted houses in her time, her current one had been sold to her by someone she knew who was glad to leave because she thought there was something funny, and there are frequent noises around the house of things being dropped. An earlier one was a notorious house her father rented as a child, which turned out in the first couple of days of trying to live there to be almost an Amityville Horror experience of loud and angry manifestations — the spirits seemed very angry to have living occupants there — and they fled within a week or two — particularly not easy with a psychic family with mediumship abilities! Apparently the house is still empty today!

          • Rosemary Breen


            Are you out to stretch my Googling skills? I have never heard of bimorphism or dimorphism for that matter…

            But, that is beside the point.

            Surely ghosts are energy and the longer they linger with no or only little means of recharging their batteries. Do they wind down like a clock? Could that be why they learn so little in this form? They are caught between worlds with little ability to keep going like the ‘ever-ready bunny’. They have neither the energy nor the inclination to move on, so why would they be inclined to learn much – except by a type of osmosis perhaps? So, if you can educate them 1) why? 2) at whose expense – where will the energy come from and 3) is it for anyone’s benefit to prolong their limbo?

            Hypothesis 1 and 2 in your reply work for me – but of course, the official jury is still out on this.



          • Sean

            Just on demons, I suppose they’re a feature of the cosmology of many religions.

            They are more an explanatory device for various phenomena, kind of an animist thing to some extent, or used to explain some social behaviours and inner motivations.

            Christian notions of angels and demons obviously derive directly from the Jewish culture and there was quite an advanced cosmology of hierarchies and angels and demons developed by Jesus’ time from much simpler origins.

            Muslims also have similar beliefs as it’s a very similar religion from the same region, and specifically have ‘djinn’ from which we get the anglicised ‘genie’, who were blamed for whipping up sandstorms, for instance, or possessing people.

            I haven’t studied other religions as closely, but I believe there are such beings in Asian and Indian belief systems also.

          • Rosemary Breen

            You are obviously interested in cosmology, religion and the paranormal and probably philosophy as well Sean. I guess it is all about the balance: the good and evil, yin and yang, darkness and lightness, male and female

            Off hand, are there any areas of life that you cnan think of dont follow this law of balance?



          • Sean

            I’m a bit post-dualism re yin and yang etc. I did a lot of reading and thinking while studying psychology, and can particularly recommend Abraham Maslow’s ‘Motivation and Personality’ and his self-actualisation work. Amongst other things, he points out (rightly I suppose) that there’s really no such thing as opposites anywhere in the universe, rather they are a human mental and social construction to try to make sense of the world. What there are in reality are only *differences* or relativities, which is not the same thing as an opposite.

            The need to construct opposites however seems deep-seated in the human psyche, and appears in many religious cosmologies — good and bad, yin and yang, up and down, left and right, rich and poor, or what have you.

            The Judaic/Christian construction of ‘pure’ good and evil residing in different supernatural beings as an explanatory mechanism for internal motivations. The Taoists are strong on dualism also. None of these things really exist as such as opposites. Rather there are questions of degree, or just different behaviours and motivations. e.g. a ‘bad’ person might have a personality disorder as caricatured by villains in movies, but really they are acting in their own-self interest as a biological organism, and that has survival value for the individual.

            We have evolved both as selfish organisms and as social and co-operative organisms for protection and survival as a species, and the two instincts often come into conflict, e.g. theft from another — it’s anti-communal but benefits the thief.

            Selfishness and selflessness oscillate around each other, and different people have different levels of altruism vs selfishness in their makeup — and we seem to see the result of that with mining billionaires and media tycoons and so on. Or in physics, black and white or dark and light are really just the presence or lack of photons as light particles, are they not? To do with first and foremost the rotation of a rocky body around a small sun.

            However, life on earth has evolved so spooky things can get us in the night, so we tend to mentally associate it with bad things or scary things we can’t see — think of a jaguar with good night vision preying on a tribe of sleeping chimps in the trees, for instance — what does that do to your hard wiring over aeons?

            This ties in very much also with Carl Jung’s observations on the ‘collective unconscious’ or ‘race memory’ — things that we are all hard-wired to fear as neural engrams — snakes, spiders, the dark, heights, deep water, etc. All very useful for self-preservation! Most of the things that it makes sense to fear to some extent is the basis for most or all phobias, in fact — phobias are just a heightened aversion response to a threat.

            Here endeth the lesson…

          • Rosemary Breen


            I get the distinction between opposites and relativities but what did Maslow actually do/make of with the distinction?

            Re all the rest of your lesson Im going to flip your comment to other, more learned members of the community. Hopefully, they will chime in.



          • Sean

            Not sure how long ghosts can last — hundreds to thousands of years apparently — someone I spoke to suggested over a thousand. Possibly forever, who knows. The ghost in my apartment says he was ‘tired’ after 140 years, but I don’t know what that means in terms of his energy quantum.

            Not really sure if there’s anywhere to move on to and whether they are really in limbo — maybe everywhere is limbo. There are various accounts of lush gardens, etc, not sure how these are established. Certainly no more sex in their lives!

            Maslow didn’t do much with the disctinction except to note it — it was a supposed hallmark of ‘self-actualising’ people to transcend religion and culture, eschew trophies and awards, and so on…

          • Rosemary Breen

            Im not going down the sex path – with you or anyone else 🙂 But, I did have someone in another forum trying to convince me otherwise.


  3. Glasgow Self Hypnotherapy

    Yeah, Ghosts and other paranormal phenomenon is interesting especially as science has been unable to fully disprove or prove what the phenomena actually is.
    Although, I’ve had a life long interest in parapsychology, I can’t say for certain if ghosts exist as a disembodied life form etc… or the phenomenon is some thought form created by deep “sub or unconscious” energies within ourselves: outwardly expressing its self in the varied ways such as ghosts poltergeist activity etc..
    But certainly there’s phenomena that can’t be adequately explained away in my opinion. There’s something going on for sure.

    For many years I’ve experimented with remote influencing and other psychic stuff that has convinced me for sure we’re dealing with true phenomenon whatever its workings still remains a mystery however. I’ve got some guesses.

    Even taking into account my possible subjective bias, whereby mentally filing away psychic experiments that have not been conclusive ( file drawer effect) I have noted 100s of inexplicable occurrences from synchronicities ( bazaar coincidence and/or correlations that just can’t be dismissed ) I’ve witnessed magical like events occurring from entity possession type qualities with myself and others via hypnosis experimentation… “I don’t advice this self experimentation: people can end up triggering a latent psychosis or find themselves with a severe neurosis of varying kinds.” It’s perhaps OK if you know your of sound mind and have psychological/psychic techniques to strengthen and overcome negative paranormal experiences.

    Overall in addition to my own experiences, I’ve always been fascinated with hearing or reading about other peoples accounts with ghosts and stuff. Every story adds weight to strange phenomenon for it to be continually investigated.


  4. Jennie

    Hi Michelle

    I have found through my own experience that there are good spirits and no so good spirits – ones that wish to play with our emotions. As a young woman with 2 small children, night after night we had a few not so good ones coming to visit.

    Both myself and my girls have our 6th sense working and, as my girls grew it became stronger. My youngest daughter Emma would see the same things I was seeing and between the three of us we had many a sleepless night with my elder daughter being woken up by Emma and myself, to comfort us both.

    My ex husband was always out very early and most of these moments happened when he was at work. From 2-30 to 4ish in the early morning.

    Over a 5 year period I was given a crash course in not so good spirits. Night after night I was to experience all manner of sensations which I found most unpleasent, to the point where I would sit up in bed most of the night with the light on.

    I began to see that my fear was only making these not so good spirits stronger.

    One evening, after finally falling asleep, I found myself in a vision type dream state. It was as if I was watching me from a distance I could see myself on my knees and I could physically feel hands around my neck (to this day I have a neck problem.) There was a man and he was saying “I am going to kill you”. I remember saying, “Oh no your not”.

    I began to recite the Lords Prayer, and with that he was gone. I was well awake wondering what the hell had just happened. But I had learnt a good lesson to say the Lords Prayer.

    For me these experences where all part of my development. I was mediumistic and so are my children allbeit to a less developed degree at this present time, but I am sure they will both be called by spirit just as I was.

    You may say why have they put me into fear? Well they did not. I did that myself and it was my fear that brought more of this type of experience to me.

    I do not know if you too are developing your own abilities, or you are sensitive to energies and you are having them draw close to you.

    I believe they cannot harm you if you become fearless and yes, you can be rid of these not so good spirits. Do not think about them; put your mind into a beautiful place; look at a lovely picture before going to bed.

    If this is happening during waking hours then play loud music as they hate it. Burn incence get some crystals. I bought a cross and wore it all the time.

    Feel free to Facebook me and I can always tell you some of the things I have done in the past to remove them if they bother you any more.

    Being firm as you were telling it to go was a good move on your part, keep that up be strong.

    I have also found the energy feels different. I would feel an uneasy feeling that was present and I would sometimes feel sick or have a sudden headache at the presence of a not so good spirit.

    As I have gotten much older and wiser I no longer have this type of bothering spirit as I work on a much higher vibration than they can maintain. So unless they become very clever they cannot come in to my vibration as its to high.

    And as we have entered 2012, I feel they will soon become unable to get anywhere near us due to planatary changes in vibration as it is rising.

    I hope this may have helped in some way x

    • Rosemary Breen

      Thanks Jennie.

      Im not sure whether Michelle is still active on the forum but Im sure you’re pleased your ill-meaning spirits no longer get to you.

      What is it about that witching hour? In the deepest part of the night I find if I wake I cant get back to sleep. Nothing in particular wakes me but resuming slumber usually evades me. Is there a shift in the energy of a place around 3am? Never read anything about its before but maybe someone here has?



  5. Brigitte

    The answer seems quite obvious…if you are “attacked” by an entity/spirit then that is not a friendly exchange! But I would not say that the spirit itself is either evil or friendly…just that their mood or behaviour during that particular visit was just that.

    Yet, it is possible that some spirits are mean while others are nicer in personality as well.

    So the answer to this question is that there are many possibilities in these types of experiences/interactions with the deceased…just as many as there are now in our earthly lives.

    And the bottom line is that you’ll never truly know who you are dealing with…one (apply any mood, feeling, personality, trait, etc.) spirit could visit you on any given day in a bad way and then visit you again on another day in a good way. Or it could be a different entity/different mood every time!

    It helps me to think of these things like this: As we/they are or were here, so we/they are or will be there. This way I am much more understanding and able to treat the spirit with respect and love…this is the way I try to treat others now and it’s also how I will likely be treated by them in return.

    The Golden Rule will always apply! 🙂

    • Rosemary Breen

      Brigitte, you make it seems so easy. Ot is it we who complicate things unnecessarily?

      It seems from your writing that you are a paranormal consultant. That being the case, in your experience, do earth bound spirits really have good days and bad days? I can understand that maybe the essence of the deceased lingers on but Im not sure I see how the vagaries of being trapped between here and there manifest themselves in mood swings.

      Or, maybe Ive misunderstood you Brigitte?



  6. Anne Morgan

    Hi Michelle & Rosemary,

    Firstly, how to tell if an entity (I mean this to include any non-physical being) is friendly or not. If you mean truly friendly, as opposed to malicious or just mischievous, then this should to be addressed before you proceed with any further contact.

    As I have never had a personal experience of this nature, my only advice is to pass on what has been told to me: ASK IT.

    As I understand the spirit world, entities are bound to tell the truth and so an entity which appears at first to be friendly will depart when challenged. A truly friendy one will answer yes and you can proceed from there. To avoid contact with any other level of lower astral being who could be simply playing with you, it’s always wise to psychically protect yourself.

    From my readings on this subject, most unwelcome contacts come from the lower astral plane and, as entities grow in spirit they “learn” what it takes to progress and aim to evolve in the other world, rather than this one. Some, of course, need a lot more teaching than others and it is they who return to the physical world, to enable them to do so.

    As to the question of whether the rebuked spirit is still around, I very much doubt it. Once challenged, they should take themseves off to other playing fields.

    Do they have friends in the spirit world? Almost certainly yes. There are numerous reports of contacts by mediums who mention other beings in spirit connected to the living person, so they surely must communicate with each other in some way. Personally, I would hope that there is no enmity in the spirit world, as such a thing seems to me to be a human failing.

    This post seems to have diversified considerably from the original questions posed by Michelle and Rosemary, and I can only reiterate how important it is to protect yourself and bannish unwanted contacts. Even apparently genuinely friendly contacts can be mischievoius spirits, so never take chances.

    Blessings to all.

  7. Jen

    I have had experience with a poltergeist who, while a bit naughty and cheeky, was not nasty or evil.

    The only time he ever turned nasty was in relation to my flatmate’s kitten – they absolutely hated each other!

    To us however, he was actually kinda nice – just liked freaking us out on occasion.

    As a young girl, I had a run in with an evil presence. There was a very definite difference.

    I was only about 10 or so, but distinctly remember being cold – almost to the point of being numb. The other memory I have was the overwhelming feeling of danger and knowledge that I was about to die. I was being told (not by voice – just kind of in my head) that I should lie down, but I knew that if I did I wouldn’t get back up again.

    I thought about my mum and her lovely warm hugs and the feeling slowly went away.

    Short answer is that you can FEEL the difference when a spirit is truly evil. In my experience anyway.


    • Rosemary Breen


      I think you are right about feeling things that are either sinister or benign. However, many people have come to the point where they don’t trust their feelings.

      Im not sure why that is. Maybe we reply more on our other sense than our gut feeling or sixth sense today, than people did in the past? Or may be Im off the mark here?

      Recently I had a week of living by my intuition, rather than analysing things and nothing bad happened. In fact, it was quite liberating.

      Hope I havent strayed too much off topic here Jen.



  8. sonja

    We have many spirits good, evil, and malicious. We have seen full body apparitions, items have levitated in front of us.

    A clockwork of my husband’s grandmother went from a shelf to the center of the living room and dropped on the floor. This same clock we threw out after cleansing our house with white sage, and an hour later was found in our garage in the middle of the floor with a blade on it. The hands were all on six.

    We hear voices, music, foot steps. My table fan has been thrown at me several times and no one is there frolicking up. Our large 800 pound bed has lifted, shakes, and dropped with us in bed. Some of our bottles, mini speakers and books have been moved.

    I have been followed by one entity for over twenty years now even after cleansing house and body.

    Everyone who comes in our house has had an experience. My cat has been acting weird lately. I have given my daughter a blessed st. Francis necklace and did a protection spell on her. My husband and I don’t sleep much so it’s taking a toll. Not sure what else we can do.

    • Rosemary Breen


      How dreadful for you and your family to be held hostage like this in your own home.

      What else can you do indeed?

      When did these events start? What was happening for you at the time? Were these events happening before you moved into the house?

      How old is your daughter?

      So…many questions.



  9. alan chappell

    Hi Rosemary, very long time no contact. It amazes me that many cannot feel the difference between negative and good when it comes with spirit activity. As you know I have been working with spirit activity for many years and the main difference which is harder to learn and understand is the recognition of a frustrated spirit. It is very similar to a negative spirit in it’s actions. A positive answer to this,( and I noticed one of your members gave the answer ), is to ASK.
    Mmmmmmm, as for educating spirit I think someone is on the wrong path. We are the ones being educated and no matter how we look at it, we have our own individual truths and experiences but we are only given a fraction of what it is really about. All the years I have been filming I have never captured a full apparition but only had EVP and photo records of activity. This is what is very strange to me, is there some kind of hidden law in the spirit world that restricts too much evidence?
    We all have the knowledge of good and bad, evil, this is what we understand, how this is portrayed when we pass over is inside each individual so it makes sense that we should recognise what a spirit is like if and when it is discovered. Experienced individuals will understand, because they all have their own way of working with spirit activity, the longer you work with it the more you learn and understand. No-one has all the answers but it is certainly a wow factor experiencing the difference and reasons of spirit activity.
    Bless you.

  10. Anita Peura

    My understanding about this would be that we can only attract like to like. We are all mixtures of positive/negative (otherwise almost none of us would be here working on our karmic debts) and any attraction, whether physical or non-physical, is drawn to us as a reflection of what is within us. It cannot harm us if we ask for protection and the highest guidance available to us, and do not reflect negative feelings, such as fear, in return. Some of those stuck in the nether regions unable to move forward may only be asking for help from someone with a bit of extra awareness or psychic sensitivity. If you can find books by Helen Greaves (Testimony of Light, Wheel of Eternity, etc.), who had such sensitivity, you’ll find them very informative.


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