Spooky Horror Stories

The following paranormal phenomena statements are extracts on haunted places from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I have told other things earlier so I will tell a few more here. Our house has at times a very, how shall I put it, strange feel about it..

Years ago when I would lay down to go to bed I could feel some one or something touch me on the foot or leg. Even sometimes I felt like something tugged at the covers..sometimes I would sleep with lights on and sometimes it helped and sometimes not ……

This all went along with my closet door that the lock was broke on. Would open itself during the night. It would wake me up opening and would not be long till the touching would start…finaly at my wits end I placed a large rocker against the door so it wouldnt open but some how it sometimes would open.

Anyway…. along with the touching a collection of dolls were all messed up in the morning. Also me and others have seen a shadow figure in my house. We would often hear what sounded like people dropping huge boxes and when we went to look there was nothing out of place.

Also, have witnessed kitchen cabinets open and dishes fly out over half way of the room. They were not stacked at a angle or in such a way they would slide out but as I said they flew out far away from cabinets which the cabinet doors are bad to stick.

I also can tell you sometimes who is calling when the phone rings (my husband doesnt believe in strange happenings) and my husband gets very uneasy when this happens and says I scare him or when i tell him of things i dreamed about and they happen.

He told me not to tell him of them any more so it wont spook him…but he still will ask if he is curious enough.
– end spooky horror stories extract –


I was at a friend’s house, an old farm house, and 3 of us at his kitchen table heard three distinct knock from the upstairs of his house. He went outside, I thought to check the door because at first I thought someone was at the door, even though I didn’t think the knocks came from the door.

He came back in and asked me and another friend if we’d heard the knocks. When we said yes, he informed us the house was haunted, and asked us if we saw “her” the woman who haunts the place. I said no, thankful I did not see her, but my friend who was with me told me he had seen her a few years earlier.

I became very spooked by the whole thing and wanted to leave, and felt as though someone was watching me. I still think about it.

– end spooky horror stories extract –


My daughter had a friend visiting and they were playing in her bedroom (both children about 8, female). It was early in the morning my husband and I were in bed spooned, both facing the same direction, looking through the open bedroom door down our hallway. A tall young girl walked out the door and down the hall into the stairwell, the 2 girls came a few seconds after.

There was no additional child in the house, we both saw the apparition. She appeared taller and older than the other children. We were both extremely surprised and felt that it was a spirit of some sort. I felt agitated; my husband said he thought it was benign. My daughter from an early age has felt uneasy in the room.

– end spooky horror stories extract –


I was on my honeymoon in Florence, Italy. I had lost an earring while I was asleep. I moved the pillow, looked under the bed, between the sheets, everywhere. I then went to have a shower, but before this I silently asked for it to be returned to me.

My other earring I put on the desk in our room. When I came back to the bedroom my earring was found in the middle of the pillow I put back on the bed.

My husband thought that I had put it there myself. Spooky, helpful. I verbally thanked whoever returned it. I still have these earrings and I’ll never forget that experience.

– end spooky horror stories extract –


I am a 18 year old male. For an extended period of time I experienced a great deal of lucid dreams which contained out of body experiences.

This happened a lot when I was 17 years old. Some nights I would have more than 3 lucid dreams at a time. I would fall asleep, but really I wasnt completely asleep. My senses were still awake but my body was shut down. I would be half awake and half asleep.

I could hear things going on, see my bedroom from a laying down angle and sometimes float out of my body and roll around in my room very light and slowly.  I would also sometimes be forced to stare at particular frightening figures which would be in front of my bed while I was unable to close my eyes, move them, or wake up from the state I was in.

During this period of dreams which lasted for a timeframe of approximately 6-8 months, my head would ache during my lucid dreams. My head would constantly feel like a vice was squeezing it.

When I wake up from the dreams, I feel relieved that they are over because they frighten me. I have not experienced a lucid dream in approximately 3 months. Yhe cause of this is unknown to me other than over tiredness, but that wasnt the case for me, being that I got plenty of sleep during the course of these experiences.

Another experience out of the ordinary which I had was very recently and could be described as a religious experience. My sister passed away just over three months ago and she has been in a lot of my dreams. About 2 weeks ago during sleep, I felt the strongest wave of feelings go throughout my body that I ever had.

I felt awake while still in bed sleeping. The feeling is hard to describe but I felt my sister reach down from over my body touch me and I had the most incredibly good and fufilling feeling I had ever had.

I felt like I was in heaven so to speak. Directly when this feeling ended i woke up and was amazed at what had happened.

One last story I will share briefly was when I was a young boy and i would wake up almost every night and see a large black figure standing infront of me. This figure would scare me and make me hide under my covers until the morning. My deceased sister who shared the bedroom with me shared the same experiences with me later in life telling me the same thing used to happen with her; though we didnt know this when we were young. spooky stuff

– end spooky horror stories extract –

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