Ghostly Apparitions

Ghostly Apparitions or Just Things that Go Bang in the Night?

The following stories are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I used to babysit for a friend of the family while she worked nightshift. The house always felt strange and had had a number of things happen in it over the years. Cold spots, lightbulbs bursting for no reason. I used to wake up and see a middle aged man standing over me as I slept, the children could see him too. His nickname was “Blue”, that was what the youngest (3yr old) called him. He also ran at me one night and the lightbulbs burst as he came down the hall. I could just make out him standing over me and pacing around. I did some research and found that the house was built over an old lumber mill. Having the name Blue and with him usually wearing old fashioned type clothes, I figured that he had died at the mill. Weird things would happen at my house, I think it also had something to do with the mill.
– end of ghostly apparitions extract –


I saw a girl in my room in victorian period dress. she slammed my door and stopped my electric clock.
– end of extract –


I was observing my Grandmother and my oldest aunt preparing a cake in the dining room. I was in the living room observing them through the windows. The two rooms were separated by a patio. Somebody knocked at the door at the main entrance of the house in the living room. I meant to call my grandmother but instead I went to the door that now was wide open. I saw a man in the entrance, and after a moment I felt he was my grandfather who died before I was born. I only saw one picture of my grandfater when he was young. When he appeared to me he was an old man with white hair. We were together for a while. I felt asleep and he carried me in his arms. I fought to stay awake and even though I did not fall asleep I closed my eyes feeling his body against mine. I did not wanted him to release me because I knew I was not going to see him again. He put me on the sofa and as soon as he released me I moved looking for him, but he was not there anymore. I ran to ask my grandmother and my aunt about him. They looked at each other, my grandmother said “Your grandfather cannot come here,” then I said to myself “If I tell them, they are not going to understand” At that moment I knew he came from the spiritual world (if I can call it that way.)
– end of extract –


I was 19 years old. Four friends and I went to visit another friend who was a summer councelor at a Methodist Church camp for girls and boys. After an evening campfire supper and prayers the five of us got into the car to journey home. A was driving and C was in the front passenger seat. I was in the middle of the back seat with E to my right and K to my left. We had driven about a half hour along a rather winding road and it was dark, so we weren’t going very fast. In the headlights I saw a man along the side of the road. There were trees and a house nearby. A slowed down alittle to pass by him. I sat up straight because he had that dull sparkly look. He was dressed in old- fashioned clothes with a battered looking top hat and his suit jacket was quite long, almost to his knees. Even though we were still about 100 feet away from him it seemed that he looked at us and jumped that distance to be right beside our car, glaring at us with his mouth hanging open. The inside of the car lit up in a yellowish light. We all screamed and A swerved the car into the otheer lane and floored the gas pedel. E and I looked out the rear window at him and I saw he was holding something that thought was an old lantern. Later C said that she saw he had a lantern when she first saw him. Every one of us believed we had seen ghost.
– end of extract –


Just moved into a new house, a cottage from 1901. I had distressing dreams about WW1, about choking, dreams which stayed with me all morning. One very early morning before the children were up, I stood looking out the window (which was the original back door) and someone touched my shoulder. I turned to see no one. Then the touch on my shoulder again, and someone walked past me through into what was the old kitchen and now part of my laundry. A man who was coughing and coughing loudly. I checked all previous owners, a man had lived in that house, returned serviceman from WW1 until he died in 1921 from effects of mustard gas. Curious, don’t you reckon? I wasn’t afraid, more bemused.
– end of ghost adventures extract –


I was 24 and had recently had my first child. I received a phone call that my room mate from college had been murdered. The trauma of the call caused me to go into denial. Even when I went to her wake and funeral, I still expected to see her again. She came and visited with me one night shortly after that and sat on my bed with me and we talked like she was actually there. She told me she was in a wonderful place and very happy and that I should not be sad. She came several times over the next few years to reassure me whenever I was struggling. It helped me to come to terms with her death and know that indeed the essence of our being lives on.
– end of extract –


When I moved to an older home and rented the downstairs, it had quite a lot of paranormal activity. Myslef and many guests heard footsteps almost daily in the dining room (wooden floors). One closet was continually coming open and items from it being strewn about on the floor outside it; it was not just a case of a jam-packed closet and loose door because sometimes I would come out in the morning and find the door open and items that had been packed away in the middle of boxes be the item that was laying on the floor. Jewelry of mine was constantly appearing in areas where it had NOT been left. Electric lights switches would not work during periods of intense ‘spirit’ activity.

My room mate saw a ghost in her bedroom…she said it was a male but he looked more like a photo negative…she said it looked very real except only part of his body was below the floor level so you couldn’t see all his legs. I myself had too numerous to count instances of feeling a male caressing my face and hair (whether I was sleeping on the couch, bed or floor). I would awaken thinking my boyfriend had come home only to see no-one was there. Then the ‘spirit’ would get agitated and try to hold me down so I couldn’t get up. I “knew” this was a male spirit who thought I was someone else. The spirit couldn’t understand why I was reacting so upset and this in turn would make him angry (since I was not reacting as the female he thought I was would.) Sometimes I could feel him sit down on the edge of my bed, feel the mattress sag or have my feet touched. My experience with the male presence happened Very frequently…I would wake up terrified. If my boyfriend was sleeping over I did not have these visits nor did I have these sensations when sleeping in hotels or friends homes in this same time period.
– end of ghostly apparitions extract –

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