Psychic Kids

Psychic Kids – Born or Made?

The following paranormal phenomena statements are extracts on psychic kids from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I am a fulltime Psychic-medium. I was born with these abilities and they enhanced more when i lost someone very close to me. After he passed he started talking to me and told me to help people. I have been doing so for over 3 years now.
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Often moved objects and, on occasion, found other people knew my invisible friends and got upset. My family were aware it was possible, we had an aunt and a few others who had experiences, but it wasn’t good for THEIR little girl. So they discouraged it. I remember standing in front of my soon to be Aunt and looking at her intently, I said your daddy is ill but he is going to be good. She said what did you say? and my mother hushed me and sent me out of the room. A phone call proved it was right… He was alright too after 2 weeks in the hospital. There was no real help available for kids back then other than the church.
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I do not know exactly how old I was, But I remember being in my crib and couldn’t have been more than a few months old because I remember how tiny I was. I awoke during the night, and quite clearly recall that I possesed knowledge of adult vocabulary. In my mind, I was screaming something along the lines of, “Mommy, wake up, please wake up! Don’t let them take me away again!” Of course, I was a baby and could not yet pyhsically make my lips and tongue form the words in my mind. All I could do was cry and scream. It was so frustrating… I knew what I wanted to say, I could hear the words in my head, but simply was not able to speak them. My mother did wake up. And as she picked me up, I kept thinking to myself over and over again “They are coming for me, please don’t let them take me.” I don’t know if my mother sensed or saw anything, but I remember her turning on every light in the house while screaming, “Leave my daughter alone!” I don’t know who “They” were. I had always meant to ask my mother if she remembered that night, but she died before I got up the nerve to talk to her about it.
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Starting when I was about three I would often see the face of a beautiful woman above my bed before I went to sleep. Her face was beautiful and was surrounded by a purple glow. She spoke to me and for many years I did not remember what she said but later I realized she was my spirit guide and was acclimating me to a life that was to be difficult at best.
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I have been psychic sense I was young and I’ve had a lot of weird experiences, hearing people talk in a mumbling sound when I was sleeping and my daughter was sleeping too and heard the very same thing as I did. It sounded like a lot of men were talking to each other but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. neither could my daughter. It woke me up from a sound sleep and her too.

I’ve felt heavy weight on top of my legs when I’m going to bed. my husband sleeps right next to me and doesn’t feel anything at all. I’ve felt it move up and down my legs and then just sit right on top of my legs and just stays there till I kick off my blanket.

I’ve seen people I thought was people anyway walk right across my front porch and come walking into my yard and past my kitchen window and just dissapear. I go outside and look all around my house and theres no one there no car in the driveway no one any where. That I must admit is very unnerving scary and bone chilling.
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as a veey small child, woke up to find a boy crying by my bed, i couldnt hear what he was trying to say to me, he was oriental and the things around him were not mine, he was sobing and trying to tell me something, i sreamed and he looked frightened and disapeared, was the first of a lifetime of seeing people that others dont see.
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When very young, just learning to talk, and still in the crib, I looked up at my hands and thought “How strange it is to be small again.” I found it so puzzling that grownups didn’t remember their own former lives since my own were so clear to me. By age ten or 12 those memories faded away, but I still remember that once I could remember what I have since forgotten.
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I was maybe 3 or so. One night I woke up and greeted 3 beings. They were coming to say they were not coming back ever again. I asked them why but I don’t remember what they told me. I asked them to “swing me” one more time so they took me and started swinging me through the air. The two more diminutive beings did this. The more “masculine”, superior being merely watched. All of them were black but did not have faces or bodies. They were simply beings or personalities. One was more “masculine” and seemed to be in authority. The second was more “feminine” and the third was diminutive. They did not have a sex so much as levels of power or personality. Labeling them alpha, beta, gamma may be a better way to look at them. The alpha may have visited me on and off for years but the presence was always terrifying.
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This happened when I was about 7 years old and in second grade. At this time, there was something strange going on because I knew when I woke up in the morning what was going to happen on that particular day, for example if I was going to win an award or contest, but this one experience I dreamed the previous night that a classmate was going to fall off the jungle gym and break his arm during recess. I saw it clearly in my head and when I woke up I remember feeling a sense of urgency, at that time I had not really told anyone about this Deja Vu feelings that I had, but my family had already noticed weird things and my father had begun to think I was some kind of witch because of strange things that happened in the family.

Anyways, for the first time I told the teacher what I had dreamed and she dismissed at as a dream, until second recess, I had to stay inside because I had not done all my work when the assistant teacher came running into the classroom and said that my classmate had fallen off the jungle gym and broken his arm. It was the same classmate that I had dreamed about. Things did not go well after that. My teacher called my parents and my father began to really distance himself, I honestly think this freaked them out a bit and now that I look back, I don’t regret saying anything, but it gave me a taste of how these things would be viewed in the future.
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The first experience, started when i was around two and a half years of age, iwas born in 1970 so it was probaly around 1972 or 3. Me and two of my sisters who are younger than i am were out side playing in the dirt with our easter baskets and shovels the wind started to blow hard it was fixing to come a thunder storm so my mom took my younger sisters into the house i was outside for a little while by my self.

i remember standing up and noticing a small dirt devil go by me a few feet away, i was really amazed with it.than i faintly remembered seeing a transparent figure. he or she was speaking to me, i remember feeling strange, because even at that age i felt like this was odd. i can still remember what my skin felt like all goose bumpy and the hairs all over my arms and back were sticking out, almost like some sort of eletrical charge, but of course it could of been my fear because i do remember feelin a little scared. the spirit or what ever it was, was telling me something but i can not remember what. i walked away a few steps and squated down to play with my bucket and shovel in the dirt. the spirit came over to me and picked me up from the ground still in squating position, and i started saying ”wee, iam flying.

than the spirit gently put me down upon the front porch and while the screen door flew open by a passing wind the spirit told to me to go into the house that my mother is waiting for me. my mother remembers me telling her that a big bird with wings flew me to the front porch and opened up the screen door for me. that is just one of my many experiences.
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I was playing in the yard at the age of 1 and 1/2 years in front my my grandparent’s ranch house while the adults were inside. I don’t know what they were doing. I was feeling lonely, and although I loved my parents I wanted to go back “Home” to be with those who were like me.

I could feel someone that I knew from before my current incarnation nearby, and looked toward the corner of the yard. An orb had formed perhaps about two and a half feet off of the ground since that’s how high the top of the fence was, glowing a vibrant gold and came toward me slowly. It touched the ground a short distance from me and I saw a being that I knew was like me. The body was gold and slender, covered with bright scales while a mane of similar colored hair surrounded his head and then traveled down his back to form a plume at the end of his tail. Three toes and claws were on each of his four feet, and great horns curved back over his head. I remember being amused at how funny his long cat-fish like moustache looked.

He smiled at me and told me that I had no need to be lonely because he was with me and hadn’t stayed behind. He has been with me since, and protects me.
– end of psychic kids extract –


I was at my parents house watching tv and in the glass on the entertainment center, which was not shut properly, i saw a relflection behind me in the room change out of the corner of my eye. I looked at the glass and saw a man sitting in the chair about 5 or 6 feet behind me. i was home alone at the time, so i immediately spun around, thinking a burglar had gotten in and i was in danger.

As my head turned over my shoulder, he was still there sitting in the chair, fingers folded, arms resting across his stomach. He had a slight smile or almost bemused look on his face. I think my heart literally stopped. I ran for the front door, believing I was in mortal danger. The door was approx. 3 large steps away. As i opened the door, I looked back to the chair, fully expecting to see the man coming at me. But the chair was empty (it was a rocker) It was completely still and I had heard no footsteps or anything.

I stood there for a moment and realized that it was probably the type of ‘episode’ that had happened when i was a child. I would see people that no one else could see. Eventually i didn’t see them anymore, but occasionally would experience strange things but justified them in realistic ways. However there was no way to rationalize this event.

I had not only seen him in the reflection but turned and saw him in the chair with my own eyes. Upon a few moments reflection i realized that it was not a real person, in the usual sense, because although he was sitting next to a table and lamp, he was fairly grayish. As though the light did not reflect off of him. I could see him, he was not super dark or anything. I just realized after the fact that it was a little ‘off’ the way that the light did not reflect off of him.

Over the following weeks, I encountered similar strange events. Eventually it took a kind of toll on me and i told my mother and my aunt. My mother was very curious and interested. My aunt prayed for me, that i wouldn’t be disturbed by the occurences anymore. I haven’t had many similar experiences since then. Although once in awhile i will see something or someone that others cannot see. No one was with me that time, but on other occasions i may say something and other people are at a loss for what or who i am referring to. That was the pinnacle experience for me, because i was not a child, and i had no way to ‘write it off’ so to speak. I saw what i saw. It was strange and it made me feel different. Not in a good way.
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I realised at a very young age I was able to see the ghosts of people who had died. I also realised that not everyone else could see the same things although some people could. At about 7 years of age I saw old men in the hallway of the house I grew up in. I was very frightened and didn’t understand why my parents allowed them in the house. Until I began to understand that they couldn’t see them. I could. I grew up in a haunted house and my parents and many others came to have experiences of their own in the house. However my experiences for the first 7 years or so were typically distressing.
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I am a fulltime Psychic-medium. I was born with these abilities and they enhanced more when i lost someone very close to me. After he passed he started talking to me and told me to help people. I have been doing so for over 3 years now.
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Well I have had many but I am sharing the first one I can really recall…  I use to lay in my bed at night around the age of three and I would lift out of my body… I would look down at myself it didn’t frighten me at all.

I also use to wake up and have a room filled with “people” usually floating in the air all around me. They were spirits i know. I used to tell my parents about them but they thought I had a high temperature. I saw lights around peoples heads and bodies like what people now call auras. The spirits in my room spoke to me and I could hear them clearly. When my parents came into the room I could still see the spirits but was a bit shocked that my parents couldn’t see them and they couldn’t hear them and they walked straight through them. I did ask my mother is she could see the man who wore a cowboy hat she said no. They got a cold wash cloth and put it on my forehead. I had visits every night by these spirits we talked and talked they told me about their lives. I dont’ remember ever being scared but it did frighten my family. I was not brought up religious. I thought you died and were buried and that was it, but I have been working as a medium for a year now and I can’t say I believe that anymore. Too many spirits come to make contacts with loved ones and i can no longer hide behind ‘I am too scred people will think I am mad’ door any more. That is the one my parents and the doctors put up for  me all those years ago. It didn’t stop anything just made me not share it with anyone.
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Often moved objects and, on occasion, found other people knew my invisible friends and got upset. My family were aware it was possible, we had an aunt and a few others who had experiences, but it wasn’t good for THEIR little girl. So they discouraged it. I remember standing in front of my soon to be Aunt and looking at her intently, I said your daddy is ill but he is going to be good. She said what did you say? and my mother hushed me and sent me out of the room. A phone call proved it was right… He was alright too after 2 weeks in the hospital. There was no real help available for kids back then other than the church.
– end of psychic kids extract –


Since I was a small child, I’d always been able to predict death. But, how I received messages were never the same. While driving home from work, I heard a bell ring. Somehow I knew it was for my Aunt Pauline. She was older, 80’s, but was in good health, very active. I called my father to tell him that she was going to die. explained that we MUST see her no later than Friday afternoon to say our personal goodbyes. My father had learned to trust me in this area. We did see her that Friday afternoon and left at 5:00 p.m. At 9:00 p.m., her next door neighbour checked on her, and found her dead on the floor. As a young person, I often saw this as a curse. But, here it provided me with the opportunity to say goodbye to someone I dearly loved. My Aunt never knew the reason why I had to see her that day. My father and I did. It was comforting.
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From a very young age, I always knew who was coming to visit or who was telephoning, according to my mother. The experience of knowing did not bother me and seemed perfectly natural. I think my mother had a lot to do with it as she did not make a big issue out of it and so I grew up believing that eveyone could do it, it was only when I got older that I learnt the difference. Still to this day I can still sense when someone is coming to visit or telephoning and who they are. My family says I drive them crazy, because the phone will ring and I’ll tell whoever the phonecall will be for, to answer it because it will be xyz phoning to speak to them.
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When I was around 5 I had a dream about my mother getting her head cut of by a man on a horse. When I was 23 my mother was in an accident. She ran under a truck that had jackknifed on the hiway and was decapitated. I also saw a series of events happen that I knew were going to happen when I was around 4. I can go on but the space is limited.
– end of psychic kids extract –


I “met” a woman online in a chat room that was “in distress” spiritually. I could feel it. Though psychic for as long as I can remember, age two or younger is what I can for sure remember, I had never had a connection to one who crossed over – had died physically – from a person who I did not know personally.

I felt a child of this woman with me – nearly visible – in a clarsentient way. I had never met this woman nor knew anything about her. We were in a … Chat Room on …. THAT I did know of her. I proceeded to be told by her crossed over 4 yr old daughter that she wanted her mother to know that she was all right after her crossing. Now, that wasn’t too too bad for me to “adjust” to, BUT, then the little girl showed me HOW she crossed over. She had been murdered.

To make a long story short, I was “shown” the first name of the little girl, the murderer’s name, I described the little girl’s body’s position in her home where she was murdered and that she was wearing a certain color of pajama tops with a particular cartoon character on them. I was shown she had been raped and didn’t have the lower pajama bottoms on. BTW, my OWN daughter was only 6 going on 7 at this time, and I found these images horrifying. I relayed to the mom that the killer was in jail and that he was in jail in … That turns out to be where the murder had occurred.

I described the house where the murder had taken place. What impressed the mother was that the little girl relayed to me the decorations on her gravesite, the very inscription on the headstone, and what the mom and family had done specially to celebrate the little girls birthday nearly two years after her death. These totally convinced the mother. BUT, what TOTALLY blew me away was that the little girl “told” me that she didn’t “suffer” during the rape and murder because she had been “taken out” by what she described as “people of Light”.

Now, the little girl THEN appeared from the Other Side and SHOWED me the People of Light who were always with her and those People of Light told me that I should do this same “medium” thing for others when I was “called” to do it. I have given over probably 150 medium readings since then which is about 8 years ago now. I have done nearly all of them in an Instant Message window and saved a great many of these readings in a text file through copy/paste.

I have rule now where I don’t let the readee tell me anything. They can only say yes or no or I don’t know in response to questions when I personally need validation to “guide me” further into the information given by those crossed. The quality of my readings varies from absolutely no successful contact or relay of unique info to EXTREMELY detailed information that no one else could have known except for the one crossed and the reader. I have even had unique info given that the readee did not know – in one case, about her father – that she later checked out and it was true about his military service and getting a Purple Heart in WWII. She grew up with her father and loved him after she was grown. He just never told anyone about the Purple Heart and, as it turned out, not even his wife who still lived.

Anyway, God bless you all in your efforts and studies. You are and will continue to be guided.
– end of psychic kids extract –


Ever since I’m a child, I can see ghosts. There’s no big deal about it… I just see them. They have never talked to me or tried to reach me. Sometimes they move thing, but I have never see them actually doing it. Yet, one day, I was coming home and I saw a man gohst. It enter my department and while I was washing the dishes, it touched my shoulder. I was completley alone and it was really disturbing, I started crying.  When I described the ghost I saw to some people in the building, they related it with a young man that had lived there and died in a car accident.
– end of psychic kids extract –


When I was 4, I had “visions” that I tried to explain to my Mom, such as seeing a dark being out the back yard window, I would always see Shivery lights before seeing it, I was even taken to a Psychiatrist, and that type of thing wasn’t done in the early 60’s. I was deemed normal.

The same time I had a Lucid dream, I was trying to sleep during a thunderstorm and was awake and I stretched out my hand to move my pillow, and there was a hand, a man’s hand, complete with hair, I could feel the callouses, and the skin texture, I shut my eyes right away, and moved my hand back to my side. The next day I asked my parents, especially my Dad if he had been in my room that night, and he had not. It didn’t scare me, and I still think of it time to time.
– end of psychic kids extract –


At age 7, my mother intoduced me to a woman friend of hers. When I shook the woman’s hand, I “heard” she was going to rob from my mother. I told my mother this would happen, and later my mother confirmed the woman stole jewelry.

All my life I have had these same experiences; however they involve different “senses”. Sometimes I “see” it, “hear” it, “touch” it, dream it, hear others thoughts (confirmed), and many others. On two (separate) occasions, I was certain of the presence of a “ghost”. One time I was with two friends and we all felt a wave of very cold air and this “presence”, and my dog reacted too.
– end of psychic kids extract –


At certain times in my life, a ‘sudden strong thought’ (I can’t really think of how to put this into words clearly.. its not like hearing a disembodied voice, its from within, but its not like a conscious thought either – seems to be without conscious orgin but comes through spontaneously and clearly) has protected me from danger.

The first time this happened I was 6 – as a child I always slept on the right side of the bed without fail – except for the night the ceiling in my bedroom unexpectedly came crashing down on me, I ‘just knew’ to sleep on the left side. If I had been sleeping just on the other side, my usual side, I would have been seriously injured or worse by the heavy materials that crashed down on the bed, but on the side I lay that night only insulation fell. Some more recent examples are: I was driving on 55 to my house in Holly Springs, a route that trucks also drive often, so I am accustomed to driving around trucks and don’t typically fear being behind one on the road. One day, I was behind a flatbed truck with big planks fastened on. It didn’t appear unsecure or out of place in any way. Out of nowhere, I had a strong intuition: ‘Left lane!’. I have learned by now that my instincts are usually right so I put on my turn signal, when the thought ‘voice’ came through more urgently: ‘LEFT LANE NOW!’ I veered over quickly just as one of the big heavy planks suddenly flew off the back of the truck, just chipping the left side of the car. Another time, I was on route 1 right where it turns into the beltline and intersects with rt 40 getting ready to exit on 40. I was going about 68 mph or so, when the thought suddenly came ‘Slow down to 60′. I was in a hurry to work, so I slowed down to 65, the speed limit, checked the mirrors and saw nothing of danger, thinking that would be OK, when the thought/’voice’ came again, ’60 now!’. Just as I was slowing down, a speeding car came out of nowhere trying to cut over to the left lane as I was exiting to the right. I swerved and almost lost control and just barely missed having an accident.. I realized if I had slowed down to 60mph when I initially ‘heard’ the ‘voice’, my heart wouldn’t be beating so fast at the near miss accident, I would have been completely safe and probably not even noticed the speeding car. I can think of lots of other examples of this as well, I don’t know where it comes from or how, but it’s always right, even if I don’t listen or listen fast enough.
– end of psychic kids extract –


I had been leaving my body a number of times previous to this but the third time when I was twelve I flew out the window into a church yard and was circling in the air. It was night time and a dog was barking. I decided that I would go back and returned to my sleeping body. The next morning on my way to school I passed two neighbours talking about one of their dogs barking in the house at night and how strange it was.
– end of psychic kids extract –


At age 7, my mother intoduced me to a woman friend of hers. When I shook the woman’s hand, I “heard” she was going to rob from my mother. I told my mother this would happen, and later my mother confirmed the woman stole jewelry. All my life I have had these same experiences; however they involve different “senses”. Sometimes I “see” it, “hear” it, “touch” it, dream it, hear others thoughts (confirmed), and many others. On two (separate) occasions, I was certain of the presence of a “ghost”. One time I was with two friends and we all felt a wave of very cold air and this “presence”, and my dog reacted too.
– end of psychic kids extract –


The first haint (ghost) I ever met was my granny’s brother … He’d died in a house fire along with two of his children some fifty years before and since then had at various times (often stressful times) appeared to my granny (a psychic).

The day I first saw him I was just playing with my dolls and suddenly there he stood. I took him for a living person because he appeared 100% three dimensional. The only fear I felt was related to the fact that here was a strange man who’d apparently snuck up on me. Granny (who I lived with and who raised me) always said — never talk to strangers. She repeatedly warned me to run like hell if some adult I didn’t know made friendly overtures. But this particular stranger seemed powerfully kind. He also seemd familiar in a way I can’t really put into words. Didn’t say who he was, although he did call me by name. I *knew* he was a good person, safe to talk to. At one point he held out his hand to me and there was an awful scar across the palm. Long story short, the entire encounter couldn’t have lasted more than 5 minutes. I did most of the talking, introducing the man to my dolls and prattling on about nonsense. When I turned around to fetch a toy buggy from another part of the yard and the man was gone as suddenly as he’d arrived. Didn’t tell granny until bedtime because I was scared she’d wear me out for talking to a stranger, but my description of him — especially the scar confirmed to her that it had been her brother Jake. She’d forgotten about the scar herself — he got it as a boy, the result of catching his hand in a steel trap of some sort. Granny wasn’t mad at all.

I think she suspected that I was born with shine (psychic ability) like her, but she never wanted to put such an idea into my head. She waited for events to prove it out one way or another and this appearance was the first of many.
– end of psychic kids extract –


Ive had different experiences all my life not at just a certain age, as far back as i can remember from 3 years old onwards. ive experienced apparitions, poltergiest activity, common things are coming home from work or waking up in the morning with dry dog food in all the pot plants, electrical appliances getting turned off at the wall and things getting moved around and reapearing in different places often with witnesses. Getting woken up at night to the washing machine running. ive seen people get physically attacked with scratches and bite marks appearing on thier back were they couldnt possibly do it themselves(try biting yourself on the back). Those are few extreme cases but generally its been this way for 40 years. My close friends know that these events happen around me but ive never needed to seek help or anything, i rationally accept it that such things exist. It has led me on a life long spiritual study though. Really the list can go on so ive just rounded it out. I cant tell what a ghost is i dont know, is it the spirits of dead people or something else?? Its still all conjecture really isnt it.
– end of psychic kids extract –


As a teenager (and still now) I was often visited by ghosts. They didn’t talk back then, and the majority were green orb like creatures. They would stick their “heads” through my bedroom walls. In time a “darkman” would stand at the end of my bed EVERY night at 11:15pm. It was during the … show and my cat would jump off my bed and hide. At first I was scared. It could actually block out my digital clock. But in time i got used to him. I moved bedrooms and the green ghosts and the darkman followed. The darkman then began to stand in front of my door. I am now 30 and both my sons have seen the green ghosts that seem to like me and my youngest has seen the darkman in daylight and he screamed so much. They seem to respect boundries and leave when asked. I am not afraid. But I believe they are pretty low spirits.
– end of psychic kids extract –


As I grew up, I found I could hear what people were thinking. My grandmother understood what was happening and taught me how NOT to look or listen uninvited. About the age of 6 I started seeing other people, and was able to talk to them.I thought they were just relatives that lived with us, and thought the girl in the long dark blue dress was my older sister that lived in the wall by the fireplace. Later I found out that the girl was a sort of guardian of my family, and she was a ghost.
– end of psychic kids extract –


to start there isnt just one experence to tell you about but i will tell you about one that is more powerful than others. i am clairvoyant, ive been this way since i was 4 years old ( as i can remember) ive seen, felt, and been touched by good and bad spirits.. i believe in god i always have..

i was 20 yrs old and i had an out of body experence twice in the same year. the first time i was sailing on a cruise ship (…) and i was sleeping. in my “dream” i got up out of my body and walked through the bulkhead (wall) into the hall way and walked to all my friends cabins checked on them and then walked the ship. when i woke up i got up fast and said where am i ? my room mate laughed and said shut up … your right here.

when my body woke up, it was like lightspeed back to my body it was so disorienting i understood what it was immediatly just that i was suprised that i actully did my first spirital wonder.

my second is when came home and went to bed i had a “dream” that night in this dream it was the same as the ship ..exept i couldnt see anything but pitch black and i felt like i was floating. in this i was asking COUNTLESS questions about life and i was recieving answers also.. this was a vivid dream and in this dream i remember saying to myself . i have to remember this for when i wake up because this is instense. anyway…the only question and answer rememberd our of the 1000s was am i a good person the answer. you are if you want to be this happend in a period of my life where i was down and depressed i truely know that i talked to god or one of his angels that night.
– end of psychic kids extract –

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