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Instant Karma

From Laura: Hi I feel like I have bad karma or some sort of negetive (sic) energy around me. It seems that I have the tendency to be impulsive, I get paranoid, then I lose friends. I let the best get to me, my feelings so easily hurt. I don’t want to lose the people I love in my life.

I’m wondering whether this really is karma as you suggest Laura. There are many more things at play in our lives than karma. I’m thinking there’s our own genes; upbringing; the lessons we learn from others and from our own life experiences. The list is quite long.

Have you thought about talking to your friends or family about this? Often those closest to us can give insights on how we come across in life – and even if we don’t want to hear what they are saying – if they know us well they can have good insights to share.

I’m certainly not an expert on karma but my intuition tells me this is something that you could tackle head on in this life – and with the help of those who love you. If there isnt anyone, then think about talking to a professional. It may only be a case of learning a few new life skills – nothing too heavy. And who knows, by doing this you may actually contribute to your karma balance!

I’ll leave this open for insights from others ….

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  1. DianaMC

    It seems to me that you are aware of your behaviour patterns and that is a very positive and powerful place to be, because behaviour can be changed. Karma is a big concept. I like the idea of “instant karma” because it is easy to spot – it’s basically like cause and effect. If I say something horrible in the heat of the moment I may offend. If I give myself a moment to think about whether to say anything I may then avoid that negative result. Your awareness, Laura, means that you can work on taking a moment to notice when you are acting impulsively. Maybe you can track back in your early experiences of life (where we develop our bevaviour patterns) and figure out what you’re really hurt about and why you’re feeling paranoid, because, in my opinion, the answers are likely to be in the past. Good luck!

  2. Ariesflyer

    Hi Laura, often in life we expect too much from others in particular when we probably expect the same by return of what we give. However this isn’t always the case as you well know, so begin by the not expecting lol

    I do not feel this is bad karma, but simply put you are a sensitive, and this is something you should be proud of.

    The equilibriam of control is not something easily attained, yet it is something we can work at, and once achieved gives us a much easier resting place in our life. Much of this comes from our conditioning from childhood, and then ongoing throughout. This is most certainly something worth striving towards reprogramming ourselves.

    Understanding our own ego states is just as important as in the understanding of others. If you ever get the chance to read The Celstine prophecy, An Adventure by James Redfield this goes some way if studied into the ego states, and thus the understandings can begin.

    People who no longer wish to be in your life maybe don’t deserve you, and always remember you are on par with any other being on this planet….

    Just one last point Laura is that fear is being afraid of something which has not happened, and therefore pointless, and when anything does happen its no longer fear, and we deal with it. In the best way we can of course.

    Life is a roller coaster, and when down there’s only one way to go …. Best wishes!

  3. Rosemary Breen

    Thanks Aries flyer. You’ve offered good insight here. Hope Laura is able to get something from your post.




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