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What is the Sixth Sense?

In this full length video, the wonderful voice of Morgan Freedman takes us on a journey around the sixth sense (no, there is no reference to one of my all time favorite movies, The Sixth Sense ,starring the Australia actress Toni Collette).

Were you aware that some blind people can sense emotions in other’s faces? Apparently, this is so. But the response is not a conscious one and the brain does not see the stimuli but rather, it senses it. Thus, our brain can sense things, even when we are not consciously aware of what those things are.

So, what does this mean for parapsychology?

Enter, another Australian, Dave Chalmers. Dave is a philosopher (who went to the University of Adelaide, my alma mater), was Director of the Centre for Consciousness Studies in Arizona and is now back in Australia at ANU in Canberra. David is a consciousness guru and he suggests we think of it in terms of layers – infinite levels of consciousness in fact, with us being aware of somethings and not others. So, why is that?

Let’s be clear – scientists don’t yet know what consciousness is. Mind blowing isn’t it? All the great minds of the scientific world seem to talk as if the big questions have been answered.

So, what are the fundamental laws that govern consciousness. Perhaps, understanding this is the key to knowing what consciousness is.

Is there such a thing as the global mind? Is this what random number generators are responding to when life changing events happen on a global scale? This is how the Global Consciousness Project was born. The video looks at the data around 9/11. How is it that the randomness faltered and order commenced well in advance of the first plane impact? The Project responded to the event – before it materialized. At times like this, does the world really experience premonitions on a global scale?

Enjoy the video – there’s much more food for thought in there. Rupert Sheldrake demonstrates what is meant by morphic fields – that sense of being stared at etc.

There is talk of quantum physics, Schroedinger’s cat, and ultimately consciousness. Are we alive? How do we know this to be true? I love all this brain teaser stuff….

Do our minds extend beyond our brains? I would have thought so, don’t you?

Beginning the Conversation

Do mothers really grow eyes in the back of their heads when their children are born? How is it that breast feeding mothers know when their baby is hungry by the let down’ reflex – even when they are separated my great distances?

What about animal-human bonding?

Where have you seen this sixth sense in action lately?

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  1. Marianne

    Hi Rosemary,

    About a month ago I had a dream I was at a particular person’s wake. Getting up the next morning, the phone rang. I didn’t need to answer it I already knew. This woman had died last night.

    Often I think someone has said something to me and I answer them. Could be friend or stranger. They look at me and say: How’d you know I was going to say that? I look at them funny and say “You *did* say that.

    They say, “no, I was *going* to say that, but I didn’t…

    I swear I already heard their next comment.

    Helped me a in a poetry class I took a bit back. I knew exactly what the poet was trying to convey. I thought they spelled it out quite obviously (the poet). The professor did not know how I knew what they meant without in-depth examination of the poem.

    I don’t know if it’s ESP or anything. But, yes I certainly believe in it. Especially with mothers and newborns.

    Also, I find quite often during the day, I will say something and the radio will – just seconds later – repeat in song what I was just saying, only putting it to music and saying so much nicer (smile).

    (But that’s not really ESP on my part is it? So…, it’s the radio…? hmm…)

    Marianne 🙂

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi Marianne

      Lovely to hear your chirpy voice on the forum!

      You raise the interesting question – do we pick up thoughts before they are expressed? Can we influence people enough to get them to think our thoughts?

      Do our thoughts impact others and influence their behavior?

      I suspect we have more influence than we realize but the question remains, why are some people people more open than closed, others more closed than open?



      • Anne Morgan

        Hi Rosemary, I too have had experiences of this sixth sence several times in my life. The first hit me right out of the blue. I was at Youth Club in Yorkshire, I was about sixteen years old and we were playing the animal, vegetable, mineral game. I was not sitting anywhere near the leader who had a list of subjects that we had to guess within ten tries. Before anybody had any chance to speak I piped up with “The Cross on the Top of Saint Paul’s” a famous church in London. I was just as surprised as everybody when this was correct.

        Only a few days ago I was driving in town and in the correct lane for a difficult exit to a roundabout where the traffic to my right could not exit in that lane due to a low level channeling barrier. Before it happened, I knew that the car was going to try to cut in front of me and had I not held back, (I was in the correct place, he was not) then he would have had to run into me to avoid the concrete traffic directing barrier.

        I also know when my animals are not well and knew when my babies were going to cry during the night before they woke and when I was on call for emergency services I often knew the phone was about to ring before it did.

        Wish I could know lottery numbers.!!! Blessings to all.

        • Rosemary Breen

          Oh Anne

          I know exactly what you mean:

          . the mother/child bond (its been shown that breast feeding mothers have the let down reflex even when their children are miles away)
          . the intuition (I was returning from a late night NLP workshop, in an altered state of mind and sat at a green stop light instead of going – a car came thru a long standing red light on my right. I would have been in an accident if I had moved).

          If only I would listen to my intuition more 🙂



  2. Ian Gardner

    Science makes all this complicated and what causes the complication is the use of the mind – itself extremely complicated! As I, and many others over millennia, have written the Reality is quite simple. All the questions raised here are answered, and clear, if the mind is bypassed – but, then, THAT is not scientific is it? Therein lies the rub!!!!
    Since all knowledge exists and time does not what is the difficulty? Just teasing! 🙂

    • Rosemary Breen

      Oh Ian you wont get me disagreeing with you. I think the number of parallel universes may be the only thing that can be left to discuss 🙂


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