Spooky Ghosts

The following paranormal phenomena statements are extracts on haunted places from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


Although all the so called “famous ghosts” are hauntings, I have reason to believe that a majority of ghosts are wanders that just walk around, or atleast haunt a very large area. I don’t think building or whatnot generally “restrict” a ghosts movement persay. My reasoning behind this is that I’ve only ever encountered 2 ghosts that were hauntings, but I run into several ghosts a month that just seem to be aimless wanderers (one even walked through my room muttering something in french). The biggest gathering I’ve seen of these wanderers is the beach at night. I’ll often see 2-10 ghosts if I go to a beech at night. Funny thing is I’ve never seen a ghost in a graveyard.

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The house I am currently living in has 2 spirit people living in it one is a lady named Fran and the other is a masked male with bad intentions. In this house many things have happened such as doors opening loudly at about 2 am and I have witnessed these as well as lots of banging’s in the house at time close to me. My fiancé is spiritually aware person as well and Fran has been and still is causing her distress by touching her in a poking manner I have my clothing tugged at and also have rapping on the doors and windows. I have seen a table lift on its own. I have a picture of a ex-partner of mine (still friends) with many orbs in the photo the last time anything happened was 2 weeks ago with my bed shaken and rapping on the window. Sorry it has been short but I would need more time to write a descriptive document than I have at this moment.

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I lived in a house with my (then) husband. Myself and many others saw a small ‘flash’ which looked like a small light moving quickly from a particulur room into a hallway. I was once asked what my son was doing up as he was running around the house (actually fast asleep). Women and chidlren reacted to it positively, men became disturbed and felt unwelcome. My nephew talked to it. I was happy to live with this little being. I did suffer from terrible cramps in my right leg for years in this house. I was divorced later, and developed a new relationship. My new partner and I didn’t live there, but rented it out. He felt very strongly that he was not welcome (only at the front of the house), and had experienced the visual and emotional part of this entity. I asked a friend (a spritualist) to come to the house and ‘cleanse’ it before I sold it, as I was worried about my ‘little elf’ (my sister named it). The spiritualist described an young girl who was terrified of her father, who had a withered right leg and couldn’t run fast enough to dodge a beating. This woman had no knowledge of my house. We performed a ceremony to send this little girl’along’ and I became quite sad and distressed at the end of it, but felt good about it. I had lived with this for over 10 years. The childs name was also the name of my great great aunt who had lived in the town I lived in during the late 1900’s, and who had died aged 7.

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I have already taken up more of your time than I intended and I sincerely apologize. Truth is, I don’t even know what possessed me to take this survey, but I will close by stating that I have seen and interacted with haints (ghosts) all my life with no ill effects. My existence is otherwise as ‘normal’ as pie. I also experience (and always have) what I think is termed, ‘clairvoyance’. To me, this is normal too. I grew up with my granny who had the same traits. To us (and I suspect to many others like us in the world) it’s not strange or ‘otherworldly’. It’s simply the way things are. Human souls do NOT cease to exist after physical death. Despite what I experience, I don’t have anywhere near full information about ‘life after death’. There are many different types of haints, which leads me to conclude that there is more than one level of existence on the other side. The best, and happiest, piece personal *knowledge* I can share with you is that bonds of true love NEVER break. Whether one is aware of their continuing or not, once we cross, those to whom we are connected by the heart are reunited with us eventually (not necessarily at once!). This includes animals — their spirits survive too! Please keep studying and doing research on such matters. It may give at least some of our species a greater sense of hope. It may, I fervently pray, promote greater kindness. From my experiences with the both the living and the dead, I have learned to a certaintly that Kindness is the most important thing we have to give each other. It is, on this side and the next, What Really Matters Most.

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I was living in Oregon in a fairly new apartment complex. I woke up and saw a man walking by the foot of the bed. He appeared to be walking on a floor that was about 8-12 inches below my floor. I could never imagine such a thing so I know I was not dreaming this. He wore a white night shirt with a night cap. I remember the tassle hanging over his right shoulder. He had a little candlestick in his right hand too. It really looked like Ebenezer Scrooge going to bed and that his hallway happened to be right by my bed. I jumped up and let out a little yell, totally panicked trying to find the light switch. I don’t know why but I did NOT want the guy to look at me and I did NOT want to see his face. The cat was calm even after my panic. For all I know he walked by the foot of my bed every night I lived there. I’ve had similar night experinces since moving to Oklahoma but the forms are never so clear and distinct.

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