Beyond the Five Senses

The following paranormal phenomena statements on claircognizance are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


1) My father died of cancer in my mothers home in 1997. In 2001 I was walking through my mothers kitchen and smelled my fathers cologne for a moment, which he’d stopped wearing a few years before he died. 2) A short time ago my mother heard the phone ring, but didn’t make it on time. She checked the caller ID and the name on it was my fathers with her telephone number.
– end of claircognizance extract –


Living in … One day a coyote stopped me in the middle of the road, wouldn’t let me proceed even when I honked and yelled. I got curious. I said “what do you want?- coyote- symbol of the unexpected – is something coming up and I should go home and clear my schedule?” The coyote moved. I cancelled all appointments for the next few days, and two hours later, got the call that my mother, in a coma with Alzheimer’s for a year, had stopped swallowing – come home, … miles away. Because I was prepared, I got the next plane, and into her town just before a blizzard shut it down for days. When I got to her room, it felt very peopled. I called in all the guardians I could, felt the quiet waiting, attentive, presences.

When a well meaning visitor came in, she couldn’t feel a thing, but was probably a good distraction, pulled me up from a very deep place to talk and eat. I was happy to see her and happy to see her go, so I could slow way down again, drop into that connection with the sense of presence in the room, and hold the space.

Stand honor guard at the door. I know it would happen no faster or slower depending on what I did, though I tried rubbing her feet, read scriptures of many traditions, talked to her and sang softly. it felt so important that she and I finish together, that I honor her, and ease her passage in any way I could, know she was accompanied.  Only went home for a few hours a night. Had to walk much of the way because of the storm, but it seemed just right. Then, slowly her feet turned blue, the sweet women came in to take her temperature, but stopped, saying – what good would it do – she was on her way out. the blue crept up her legs, up her arms, she would breathe, then stop, then gasp and breathe again, a few times, then stop a bit longer, – then breathe again, – the time got slower and slower each moment.

When – after one of these ordinary out breaths, the time stretched on, I began to wonder if she was finally gone, and put my ear towards her chest to listen for the subtle heartbeat I had heard earlier.- but instead I felt a bubbling, almost prickling against my cheek, like an effervescence, as if I was hovering over a glass of ginger ale or champagne, I was so startled, I sat up and saw the bubbles rise, slowly, like something floating to the surface under the water. swirling gently rising in a column from her chest, the color of champagne, golden, light, sparkling slightly, clear, swirling in a column, about 8 inches across, fading out towards the ceiling, swirling as if the cloud twisted around once or twice on its way up to the ceiling.

And it lasted 8-10 minutes, slowly fading, and a sense of the watchers risings and leaving with it, as it faded out, the room felt empty, the waiting over, I called in the nurse and she was pronounced dead. I cried, and one of the nurses scolded me – I should be happy that I had her so long, it was good that she was free. I wasn’t sad for me, I was sad that she had felt so trapped in last few years. I cried in release for us all. And I cried at the beauty of the moment.

Several years later, my daughter came to visit me on mother’s day, with her brand new baby girl. We talked about grand mom, how much she would have loved to meet the new one. And how she had always made sure a new baby had a silver spoon, some leftover from a tradition that had never been part of her family, really, just seemed like a nice idea to her.

Late that night, we heard a horrible crash by the front door, leapt up to find what the hell had just happened. The front door was fine, but the closet door was ajar. Leaning against it from the inside was a box with a few odd pieces of silver that had belonged to the family stored on a shelf I never used, in a box that has been untouched for many months. Only one thing fell out, a small silver demitasse spoon. We both felt immediately that grand mom had made her gift. It was the only time since she died that I felt her, smelled, her, could almost hear her laugh.
– end of claircognizance extract –


A dear friend died in 1975, and after her death I would drive up to Maryland to visit her family. While driving home after one of these trips, I was just outside Richmond VA when my car filled with the smell of my friends favorite perfume. It was winter, so the windows were rolled up, and I had no explanation why I smelled her perfume so strongly. I also am aware when my deceased mother is around because there is a strong smell of cigarette smoke in my nose and no one in our home smokes. (I do wish she would choose a different odor!)
– end of claircognizance extract –


We moved a lot when I was a kid. Most houses we moved in were really old. There were always weird things happening. So much so that they almost became common to us. Lights would go on and off whenever. Doors open and close. radios, t.v.s turn on by themselves. It was when we moved into this one house, things became really creepy. We could see out of the corner of our eye things darting by, scurrying away into dark corners. At night by the side of the bed, you could hear them whispering incoherently. The room became cold when their presence was felt. And the flies, even in winter, tons of flies, dead or dying only in one room. We had a psychic come. She recommended a priest. We were of the mormon religion and did not believe in exorcisms, or demonic things for that matter, but we gave it a try. The priest said there were 3 evil spirits. 2 women, 1 man. He did some exorcism thing and it actually did stop. There was one spot in the livingroom that never lost its weird smell though. My sister and I called it goblin-pee.
– end of claircognizance extract –

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