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Going beyond the University Walls

Following the success of the first round of surveys on paranormal experience, Rosemary Breen of Psychic Revolution who is also a recent graduate of Monash University is launching the second round of data collection. The initial survey, which ran for three months, collected data on spontaneous paranormal experiences and attracted over 4,000 submissions
from around the world. The researcher intends to run the online survey indefinitely, with the aim of collating the largest database of paranormal experiences ever assembled.
ever assembled.

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The Psychic Realm

Who owns the psychic realms? Should paranormal consultants be more accountable for their work? Are their enough checks and balances in place to protect their clients? I doubt it.

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How I launched my Online Paranormal Survey

According to Rosemary Breen, a graduate of Monash University and founder of Psychic Revolution, personal experiences of the paranormal are openly written about on the
Web and it is important to harness these anecdotes and collate them in a meaningful way.
Her original paranormal study shows that people are willing to open up about their encounters with the psychic realm and their sincerity shone through in their replies.
Ms Breen continues, “people actually contacted me after the first survey round had closed,
asking to make a late contribution. They want their psychic experiences to be told.”
The original survey formed the basis of a Master of Education thesis entitled The Nature Incidence Impact and Integration of Parapsychological Experiences.
It is hoped that the latest round of surveys will reach an even wider population than the original in which contributions were received from 59 countries including United States of America, Canada, Britain and Australia. The survey is now open again and people are invited to place their paranormal experiences on record.

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