Near Death

Near Death Stories or Just Brainwave Activity?

The following paranormal phenomena statements are near death extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed. Read more account here at Afterlife.


My grandfather was sick for a long time. One night I had a dream that I was at his house, sitting on the steps leading downstairs, and he was telling me that he was dead. I told him, No, you arn’t dead, you are right here. He said, yes, I’m dead, I just died, and I wanted to tell you that it’s okay.

The dream ended with me waking up in bed, and staring at my ceiling for a few minutes. Then, at 4.30am, the house phone rang. I knew what was going to happen…I listened as my father picked up the phone, and gave it to my mom, and said it was the hospital, and I listened as she started to cry, and I ran out of bed and into the hallway, and I told my father that very moment what I dreamt, and he just looked at me and said, yep, he probably wanted to tell you in person.

This comforts me in a way, because I know that theres something after we die, but then again, it freaks me out because I don’t fully understand why I had this dream and my sister and mother and father didn’t.
– end of near death extract –


My father and I had a unique bond – we were born of the same day. He passed away when I was … I felt his presence very strongly about 6 to 8 monthes after he passed away. Always over my right shoulder and especially when I was going to act in a foolish manner. lol This went on for about three months and he let me know he was okay and crossing over – not to expect his presence again. He also wished me to share this information with the other family members – he was not visible, but present by an enormous sense of energy (?) that I have never been privy to before or after.
– end of near death extract –


When I was nine, my grandmother, age 48 was dying of cancer. She knew it would be that day and gathered everyone around her to say goodbye. She was not scared, she was a devout Christian, and knew where she was going.

She would often doze that night, and we would all wait to see if that breath was her last. She took a deep breath, and my grandad looked up, so did we (there was approx. 20 people in the room) My grandmother went to Heaven in the arms of Two angels. We all saw them.
– end of near death extract –


My mother died unexpectedly just before …. I had spoken to her 2 days before and, for some reason, told her i loved her. I didn’t often say that but… When I went to where my father lived I was on my own In the train compartment. I looked out of the window into the darkness and saw my mother, head and shoulders, with a tail like a comet behind her, just outside the window. She smiled at me – and then she took off in a burst of speed.

The feeling of exhilaration is to this day nearly indescribIble and brings tears – not of sorrow but of joy – to my eyes. Two weeks before that I had a dream that I interpreted as that I would loose 2 people, 1 after the other and in a short space of time. My stepfather died … weeks after my mother of cancer. I know that my mother’s death was chosen for time and place, my stepfather was terminally ill with 1 year to live and he would have – for and because of my mother whom he loved to distraction.
– end of near death extract –


My mother died about 11 pm. I arrived hundreds of miles away at a cabin in the woods at about that time with a friend. We were going to bed on the second floor of the cabin when a black bird starting flapping loudly at the window many times. We both wondered what was happening. I did not know my mother was dying as her death was unexpected and sudden. Someone came to the cabin early next morning to tell me about her death at 11 pm.
– end of near death extract –


My roommate was dying from cancer. All her belongings were still in our apartment, including her Siamese cat. I came home from breakfast on  … and found HER in her room, sitting on her bed, waiting for me, dressed in her hospital clothes.

I thought she had died. She held out her arms and said, “Don’t I get a hug? See… didn’t I tell you I’d be back?” I hugged her, and she was just as solid and warm as any normal body. I noticed new stitches on her right shoulder; when I asked about them, she said another tumor had been removed. She asked me to keep her cat, because no one else wanted …. I told her the cat blamed me for her going away and hated me. She said, “Put some Scoundral on your hands. When she smells it, she’ll be okay.” (Scoundral was her favorite cologne) Then she said, “Remember that two-piece dress I have? The one with the velvet trim? It’s yours.” I thanked her, and said it was a size 8 and I’m a 5/6–it won’t fit. “Don’t worry about that,” she promised. Then she said she had to go, and that her mom would help with the rent until I found another roommate. She hugged me again, and then just disappeared.

I didn’t intend to mention the dress to her mother, because it was in the box of things her mom had packed when she took her home, two months earlier. I knew it wouldn’t fit me. But later that day I found the top half of the dress on the floor by her bed. When I picked it up I heard her voice say, “Go ahead… try it on.” So I did; it fit. Later, after I told this story to her mom, her mother brought the skirt when she came to clean out her things, and the skirt fit, too. When I used the Scoundral on my hands, her cat accepted me, and after my friend died, she came to visit the cat several times a week.

I always knew when she was there; the cat always had a peculiar way of talking to her, and I could hear … talking and smell the scent of … all through the apartment when this was happening. It was nice to know that she cared enough for … and me to let us know she still cared about us.
– end of near death extract –


… was a neighbor who lived in the apartment across from me, a friendly, divorced retiree. One Friday night, while I was in a semi-lucid dream state, I met with … outside our apartment doors, and he invited me inside his apartment for a drink.

I go inside, and find him already sitting in his recliner, his TV remote control in one hand and an open can of beer in his other hand. The air becomes strangely surreal, and he turns to me from where he sits and says goodbye, that he liked my dad and I.

He then closes his eyes, and I wake up from the dream, thinking that was weird dream I had. Didn’t think too much about it, but I found out from another neighbor that … died in his sleep that Friday night, in his recliner, with the remote in one hand and beer in the other.
– end of near death extract –

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