Life Death

Life Death – the Same Thing?

The following paranormal phenomena statements are life death extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed. For more accounts go to Afterlife now.


My mother and I had an agreement that when she died she would try and communicate to me what death was like (assuming of course that consciousness continued, as we believed it did). I, in return would try to communicate with her via a deliberate and conscious OBE. I knew this was a possibility because I had experience in exteriorising consciousness and had already had, what seemed to me to be a very successful ‘visit’ to say goodbye to a friend of mine who was killed in a cycle accident.

My mother and I had a VERY strong telepathic connection, to the point that I could see her with my eyes shut, virtually all the time. The image was usually black and white but if she wanted to talk or was in distress the image was technicoloured and came to life. (Interestingly, several precognitive dreams, which I refused at the time to recognise, occurred in the two weeks prior to her death).

Two months after her death I had the following dream: I saw a light flickering and thought something was burning. I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, Mum was standing at the bottom of the stairs. I said, “Mum! Mum! Mum!”. She smiled. I asked her what it was like ‘there’. She said, “There is thought and there is music”. ” And love?”, I enquired. “Yes, love”, she said, ” then one day it’s your turn to come back. You do this two or three times.” I went back to my room and I heard Mum say, “Tell … it will be alright.” Here the dream ended.

The message for my daughter … did have significance for her. I was working very hard at the time and found it difficult to deliberately project my consciouness. It was five months after her death before I was able to fulfill my part of the agreement. During an autohypnosis session one evening, I saw an image of Mum, in colour, high up in my head somewhere. I then realised I was about to spontaneously leave my body and so said “I want to go and see my mother.”

In a second I was sitting looking out of the back window of an old car. I turned around and there was Mum in the driver’s seat. She looked in her twenties with her hair in a 1940’s style. It was like being in an old film or photograph. I flung my arms round her and told her how much I loved her. Her voice was very quiet, I couldn’t make out what she was saying, but I asked her how she was, and listening very hard, heard her say, “I’m fine”. I asked her what it was like being dead and she said, “It’s exciting”. I then clicked back into body and normal consciousness mode.

I made myself a cup of tea and wrote the incident down in my journal and got into bed. I was wide awake and thinking about my mother when I was overwhelmed by one of the most curious and disturbing things that have ever happened to me. I knew absolutely that at some level, I was my mother, ridiculous though that might sound. It felt as though I had been possessed, but her ‘vibration’ was quite different from my own. I was still me but I was also her. It was very alarming and would not stop. I decided that the only thing to do was go to sleep and hope that I would be ‘in sole occupancy’ in the morning. I’m pleased to say, I was.

It occurred to me later that it may have been her equivalent of getting on the phone to say “We’ve done it!” I really don’t know but it’s possible the OBE had increased my telepathic sensitivity to uncomfortable levels. I continued to see my mothers image clearly, occasionally in colour, for maybe eighteen months, and I still do sometimes, three years on, though the image has gradually faded is never in colour now.
– end of life death extract –


When I was a teenager, my dearest grandmother was dying of cancer in another state. I wanted to see her, but I had final exams to take. She was not expected to die right away, so I had planned to finish finals that week, and then travel to see her.

The night before my mathmatics final i studied long and hard. I was so tired i could hardly focus and i looked up at the clock in my room to see what time it was. I remember that the clock said 1:10 AM. I thought to myself “1:10 in the morning!! I’ll never wake up in time to get to my exam, so I better go to bed.” Just after this thought occured tome there was a blinding blue white flash of light at my window and a loud, deliberate knocking on the glass 3 times. It scared the wits out of me!! I thought it was someone on the roof trying to break in. You must understand that my other grandparents were awake and watching a late TV program downstairs just below my room.

I dashed out, and called down the stairs to them that someone was on the roof. My grandmother ran out the front door, and my grandfather ran out the back. neither of them could see or hear anything that would indicate someone was there. They called the police, and they could find no signs of anyone either. I still was scared, and brought my dog upstairs, but she refused to remain in my room. Each time I carried her in she cried and whined as she had never done before, and ran out when the door was opened. It is also important to understand that my window had no shutters or branches anywhere near it, so no one could figure out what the knocking was. I took my exam in the morning, and when i got out of school i began to walk to the bus stop. I noticed my grandmother’s car there, and she was waiting for me. When I got in she said “I have some bad news for you. Your other grandma died last night at 1:10 AM”.

I knew then that she had come to say goodbye, since I couldn’t get to her, and felt badly that I had been scared and run away. My grandparents agreed with me that she had come to say farewell.
– end of life death extract –

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