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An Interview with an Empath

The following is the second part of an email interview with a Paranormal Phenomena survey respondent who wishes to remain anonymous. Let’s call him Jason.

Having completed the anonymous online survey, Jason contacted me directly via email and probably, because we both have a business background and a keen interest in the paranormal (a rare mix, I would suggest) I was intrigued to ask him some more questions. In turn, Jason was happy to oblige!

Interview (part 2)

I have a friend who is bipolar and an accountant. He said to me that he feels the need to hide his illness from his colleagues. Do you feel the same? If so, what do you fear will happen if you are uncovered?

My roles have been very senior for some time and all required very precise sets of skills to, not only do the role, but also set myself up for future promotions.

If senior management were to find out about my paranormal abilities this would very adversely impact my role. The industry I work in is such that everyone knows people in other companies and so, I would find it almost impossible to retain my current role. Furthermore, I would not have the chance of gaining future senior employment in other companies within the industry.

Later in your first email you also talk about your ability to read the energy of a room. Can you explain what you mean by this and how specifically you do it? Is it a feeling, something you see or?? What do you do with the information you receive?

This was a skill that only became apparent when my wife and I started looking for a house to purchase and as my wife preferred old houses (late 19th and early 20th century); I noticed that I would feel a tingling sensation prior to entering some houses.

As my wife and others looked at the house from a physical perspective, I found myself moving from room to room, trying to find the room or rooms that had the most emotional impact on me.

In some cases I found strong positive or negative emanations, particularly where the house was owned by one family or, in some cases, where a person had passed away.

I am a great believer, rightly or wrongly, that houses retain some residual energy from their previous occupants’ or where someone had passed away.

As an example, in the main bedroom, of one house we were looking at, I found I was becoming very nauseous, as I received the impression that the previous male occupant, who had past-away in the bedroom, was very angry at his approaching death. It was so strong that I had to leave the house, as I was getting nausea which, was increasing the longer I stayed in the bedroom. It took me about 10 to 15 minutes outside, to mentally recover after the event. Fortunately the vast majority of houses we looked at had more positive energy levels.

In the meantime wouldn’t it be fun to start a support group for business professionals who also happen to be emapths? Any takers anyone?

Finally, can you explain what you mean by ‘I can detect spirits as they enter my body’? When was the first time you remember this happening? Were you a child? Do you feel invaded when this occurs or do you see yourself as aiding another being in some way?

Like in the last question, I first receive a tingling sensation in my body, which, increases the closer the spirit approaches me. As the spirit enters me I get the most wonderful “emotional uplift”. During the time the spirit is in me I get a large number of very fast “pictures” of the spirits life. At the same time I endeavour to let the spirit know that they had passed and needed to join other relatives who may also have previously passed as they were in a state of “limbo” and needed to move on.

Over the years I have come in contact with spirits who:

  • have passed away but were not aware of this and seem to continue what they were doing prior to their death;
  • have passed away but wanted to be with their relatives. However as time passes and they cannot communicate with the living they get frustrated and then very angry; and
  • those spirits who did not want to die and do not want to pass over. These spirits, I find, are extremely difficult and hard to communicate with.

I need to explain that I do not, in most cases, see the spirit but “feel” their presence and get very fast “pictures” of their past immediate life.

Beginning the Conversation

Call me naive but I think it is sad that people like Jason have to hide their gifts and talents away from the business world. What will it take for this to change? When will empaths be able to come into the light of day?

Warning: Generalization Alert

I suggest that, as it is men who hold senior corporate roles, the push for change will have to come from within their ranks. I put this thought to Jason and here’s what he said.

Having been in the business world for 35+ years, senior executives would, at this time and perhaps never, knowingly appoint empaths as they would most likely:

  • see them as a threat;
  • not include them in the “decision-making process” if they knew an existing senior employee was an Empath; and/or
  • not promote them, in order to limit the, again, “perceived threat”.

Unfortunately this is the world that we empaths have to traverse very carefully.

We would and are, I believe, seen as a threat because we see the person as they are from a “non-physical” perspective.

I would be interested to know if any other empaths have told their family, friends, employers or recruitment agencies and the reaction they received.

Join the Conversation Here

So, to repeat what Jason has asked….. is there anyone who has ‘come out’ to their families, friends or workmates and emotionally survived or even better still thrived?

Please share your experiences with us. Of course, as in the case with Jason, your anonymity is assured.

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1 Comment

  1. Jen

    I found this interview very interesting and completely agree with you Rosemary – how sad that someone with such an amazing talent feels the need to hide it. Perhaps now that he is in more senior roles, he can try to employ people who appear to be more receptive? I know that I personally would love to work for him!

    Jason, if you read this, where do I send my resume? (Only half joking!)



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