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The following statements on wicca religion are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


At 16 I started looking into witchcraft and wicca. Not practicing but reading books about it. One night while I was reading a book in my room (which was in the basement )and as I was reading a page I started to notice a lot of small shadows (about the size of a sparrow or small bat) zipping around, and when I looked up there was nothing. Not even a moth. It wasnt real alarming, but thought maybe it was worth a mention. I do have to say i believe it was a paranormal expierience.
– end of wicca religion extract –


I’m a little perturbed as to requesting my apartment be investigated. I never thought it would happen to me. Since I’ve moved in here, approximately. a year and a half, ago, nothing but bad luck and strange things began to happen. A lot of glass began to break, for no reason. Windows would explode, tables would break, just when I fixed one, something else would break. I’ve spent over $900.00 on glass to date. My roommate and her daughter literally witnessed someone, or something, pushing out of a window. Whatever it was, threw me back onto the window, breaking it. Once I got locked into my apartment, and only a few minutes ago, I was going in and out doing laundry upstairs. The locksmith came and gave me a new lock. However, just a few days ago, I could not enter my apartment. The key would not turn and nothing budged. Then my roommate tried with her key. After a few tries, it did open, but reluctantly. Two days ago, my cleaning lady came. As I was speaking to her, I heard a door slam. I thought it was from outdoors, and thought nothing of it. But then when my maid went to continue her cleaning, she had told me the bathroom door was shut, without reason. She went on to say chills ran through her. Water started to appear on the kitchen floor, from nowhere. Extra, unused, toilet paper, became saturated with water. My roommate has repeatedly told me she senses a presence, and at night, she hears someone walking. I’ve had the place cleansed,many times using holy water, and white candles. Only to find the candles explode, leaving glass everywhere. Light bulbs have exploded, without reason. I’ve actually gone to a “good witch” so to speak. She had given me a few objects to protect me and my house from evil, as I’ve been cut many times from this breaking glass. She also had me perform a certain cleansing ritual. But, nothing seams to work. It actually is getting worse. I experienced something the other night, that truly made me a believer of the other side. I’m spooked to even think about it, and if need be, I will disclose so, at a later time.
– end of wicca religion extract –


I am Wiccan. I decided that the time was right to do a dedication ceremony. I went out to a field and returned after. For some reason I decided to use a pendeulum and chart to ask questions about the ritual. I asked who was there, and got the answer BAST. She was probably the last deity I expected, but I asked if anything was wrong with the ceremony. She said I had forgotten to close the circle and sent me back to close it. She alsosaid that she would be “around for a while”, all day, every day. I don’t know how long a celestial while is, but she is still around.
– end of witchcraft extract –


After buying our house in 2000 things started to disappear and sometime reappear right in front of you. Sounds of dragging in the attic crawlspace, tv’s and lights turning themselves on and off sporatically. My two well adjusted sons confessed that they had burnt out their fan by keeping it on constantly so that the “voices” wouldn’t keep them up. The toilet lid would bang itself. Something eventually crawled in bed with my son, pinned him to the bed and told him, “I’m going to eat you for lunch.” I finally had the house blessed by a Wiccan friend. Later found out someone had been killed in a domestic dispute in the front yard.
– end of wicca religion extract –


I was staying at a friends house for a sabbat (wiccan ceremony). That night myself, my daughter and my lover all were visited by my Father in a dream. I was told he was fine and he was happy that I was away from my ex-husband. My daughter felt him kiss her on the forhead and tuck her into bed and my lover met both my father and my brother telling him that if they were still alive they would have a serious talk with my ex-husband about what he had done to me.
– end of wicca religion extract –


I did not see or feel ghosts for about ten years after the experience I previously described. In my early 30s (I am 35) I started practicing Wicca and coming to terms with the fact that I could feel other people’s emotions like they were my own. After that I’ve had many paranormal experiences, but I am careful to keep them in perspective. On this occasion a year ago I was falling asleep when I had the sudden strong feeling that someone had just walked into my bedroom – I heard footsteps and felt motion through the doorway. I turned on the lights, and no one was there, but the feeling was very strong that I was being watched. I firmly told the Nothing that it was *not* to disturb my sleep in any way (though I was so unnerved that I slept with the lights on) and tried to ignore it. For the next few days I continued to feel a presence but did my best to ignore it, other than a periodic “Go away, please.” Three days later my friend L came over to visit. She asked to use my bathroom, and went into my bedroom (the bathroom is only accessible from the bedroom). I heard her use the facilities, flush, and come out. She said calmly, “Did you know there’s a dead guy in your bedroom?” This reassured me QUITE a lot, since I had not said ANYTHING to anyone about the ghost (and there has never been a ghost in this apartment before or since). Together we prayed, smudged the room, visualized the ghost leaving, and generally managed to get rid of the presence.
– end of wicca religion extract –


I had what I’m convinced is a Shamanic dream. It was right around the time I converted to Wicca (or, it was around the time of my First Degree Initiation–I can’t remember for sure.) In the dream, I was walking home from school with friends. I became very sleepy and laid down on a grave to take a nap. During that nap, I went into another dream, where I was faced by a spinning being. She was dressed all in white. As she danced, and all-consuming voice said to me, “Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Goddess.” I count it as my spiritual initiation into the Craft. It has strengthened my Faith. (I’m still Wiccan.)
– end of wicca religion extract –

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