Electronic Voice Phenomena

EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena – the Key to the Paranormal?

The following statements are extracts about electronic voice phenomena from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I was at Gettysburg with several other paranormal researchers. At Calvary Field we hiked through the woods to a portion of the Confederate Line. With us we had water, apples, beef jerkey, cookies, and a confederate cap. One of the researchers decided to put the water in the cap to offer to the “horses.” Surprisingly, the water actually became very cold. This was strange because it had been left in the car for several hours on a 90 degree day. After that we decided to sing “Dixie” in honor of the Confederate soldiers who fell there while recording to see if we captured any EVP. During the singing of “Dixie,” the air temperature noticeably dropped by several degrees.
– end of Electronic Voice Phenomena extract –


My mother had just died a horrible death from … cancer. She had been in a hospice the last 3 days of her life. She was not ready to go. She felt there was something else she had to do. She was so doped up she was unable to communicate. This frustrated her immensly.

Anyway, after she died, I was lying next to a large fan blowing air on high. Very faintly I started to hear her calling to me through the noise in the fan. She was crying and pleading with me to help her. She cried that she couldn’t wake up. She didn’t know where she was. I have never heard voices before. I had never heard of ‘white noise’, or EVP. This completely distressed me. All I knew to do was pray for her.
– end of Electronic Voice Phenomena extract –


I saw an apparition in … It was on a farm. I was standing in the front room and clearly saw a man in a white shirt outside of the picture window. He also had on red suspenders. The owner of the home said she had seen this apparition many times. She believed it to be the apparition of a Confederate Civil War soldier. My friend that was with me and she did not see it at the time. I even went outside and looked in the front yard after the occurrence, to see if it was a living person, or another person from another group that was investigating the grounds. There was no one there. Now, around the same time, a friend saw a shadow of a person walk down a hallway of the home. One of the owners dogs followed it. We also had some good results on video and with a computer system that measures different energies associated with haunt phenomena. It is called MESA (multi-energy sensor array). We recorded unusual magnetic fields and light in a dining room of the home.
– end of Electronic Voice Phenomena extract –


1. I grew up in a house built by pioneers in early 1800’s, and was at one time a trading post. One night I was awakened by a young girl crying in my room during a thunderstorm, as I turned my head to wake my sister, she had vanished. Another time I saw the bathroom light on and thought it was my brother so trying to scare him, I went to the bathroom, and as soon as I walked in, the light shut off on me and the door slammed and I was stuck in until I yelled for my parents. My brother was bothered on a nightly basis by a man hovering over his bed with an angry look on his face, so my brother would close his eyes and the man would only inch closer. Also, the ghosts would make a mess of the house (such as rip apart closets) and us kids would be blamed for it.

2. I go to a park with a grassy area that used to hold a lake. It was turned into an ice skating rink, but was shut down due to too many accidental deaths. Before this though it was a dairy farm, but no one knows quite what happened to it as it was over 70 years ago. I took my digital voice recorder. I have several Evp’s on there of a voice I know are not me or my friend who goes along. He (I think it’s male) always says “It’s cold”. I ask him if he wants me to help, and he will either say “I can help you” over and over, or one instance he replied “You know you will”. The air temperature will change rapidly as it will be freezing one second and we walk a little further and feel like we walked into a warm area, and then instantly be cold when we walk through. We’ve been poked, and I’ve had my top of my head stroked. Sometimes we can hear him walking, but we never hear him talking. Only when we play back on my DVR do we hear his voice. I have a passion for the paranormal, and I hope what I am doing won’t have a negative effect. Thank you so much for your time!
– end of Electronic Voice Phenomena extract –


My girlfriend and I went to the … prison 06 ghost tour. We have multiple photographs of orbs, and I picked up 2 really good EVP’s on my camcorder. When we went down into the hole were R.D. Walls was murdered I asked him to give us an EVP and he says “hi” at exactly 12:07 A.M. We didn’t hear it when he said it, but when we reviewd the tape at home it is as clear as day. I also picked up an audible sound in the cafeteria at 5:41A.M.It was a very strange sound.
– end of Electronic Voice Phenomena extract –


In an abandoned TB hospital, we heard footsteps, converstation that seemed to be far off in the distance, doors slamming, and collected a multitude of evp’s. This made my husband a believer.
– end of Electronic Voice Phenomena extract –


Raised by my Grandmother, I was completely devastated by her death even though she lived to be 88 years old. I wasn’t there to say good-bye to her when she passed away and it was really bothering me. I spent the next couple of days literally begging God to let Grandma know that how sorry I was for not being there for her. The morning of her funeral my phone rang, I answered it, but there was static on the other end of the phone. I said “Hello” for the 2nd time. This time, however, Grandma began to speak.

To make a long story short (and to my surprise and delite) I lay in my bed as my Grandmother told me that she was doing wonderful and that she was now with my Grandfather who’s she’s missed terribly. She told me that she was catching up on “old times” and that she could take better care of me now than ever. She told me that she was getting to know … I didn’t know at the time who this was. She had a message for me that she wanted me to deliver to my aunt (who was her primary caregiver in her last days). She asked me to tell her that she knew about the dog and to tell her thank you.

The line went to static again and the day after the funeral I finally got up enough nerve to tell my aunt, a pastor’s wife, about the phone call. My aunt told me that … was my Grandmother’s first-born child who was still-born. My aunt, in tears, told me that she had my Grandmother’s dog put to sleep, per my Grandmother’s request, and placed in a tiny casket at the bottom of my Grandmother’s casket just as my Grandmother’s requested.

No one in the family had known about this request. This dream has many more details that I’m omitting here becaue of size constraints that has comforted me over the last few years and renewed my belief in God and everlasting life. I’d be happy to share the rest if you’d like to hear them.
– end of Electronic Voice Phenomena extract –

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