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First, I received this brief note from a reader Tom, asking for assistance. Tom wrote:

We can hear music, varied types, in our bedroom at night. Sometimes in other parts of the house. Can hear a voice of a man singing or string instruments with female voices. Always seems to be there when you tune into it. Not scary just weird for the last few yrs.

Then, I followed this up with a few direct questions and Tom replied giving more details about this case of clairaudience.

Well Rosemary, it started a few years ago.

First, we heard low rumbling noises like earth moving equipment, while trying to go to sleep. We would get up, go outside and nothing – barely a cricket. 

That continued for several nights till it was almost a joke. Who’s digging at night? Then, it stopped. A week later there was the earthquake in Haiti. 

Then, we started hearing what sounded like a man singing. My wife and I both heard it. Sometimes we heard the same thing, sometimes different. I might hear a chorus of string instruments. 

We hear this music or singing 5 to 7 nights a week. We’ve both heard people talking but anything we hear is all garbled, like if you heard people on the Sims game talking, but stranger. 

I  heard an argument between two separate voices both very garbled and, the dipthongs of the words said, were not recognizable – you know how all languages sound somewhat similar. Ive listened to people speak Norwegian and could pick out what was going on but not with this.

Their argument lasted for about 15 minutes and I got the feeling they were arguing about me or looking my way. It seemed that the older one was telling the younger one to not bother me. That’s the only time that happened. 

It was like they were here almost physical – like I could see them in my head but not in the room. One day while cooking, something grabbed my wife’s butt in the kitchen.

We all, my wife, son and I say we have seen our black lab, who died a year ago, come around corners and disappear. We’ve heard the front door open, shut and no one there. I saw a tall shadowy human figure in the kitchen which looked around the corner 5 times while I was on the couch watching tv.  It was almost like it was a game.

We’ve both heard music in the middle of the day, while it was pin drop quiet, and then stop.  

We always said next door was the entrance to hell, in a tongue in cheek kind of way but every family that has lived there has had a death in the house, divorce, stabbing in the house. One guy was out driving in ….  and was carjacked and shot 9 times at close range. He lived only to drive off an overlook on the … parkway and die. Crazy place, more than just bad feng shui.

We’ve lived here for 17 years and this has all been in the last several years. Any more, I can’t sleep without the music.  

That’s about all I can think of. Thanks and have a nice day, Tom

Beginning the Conversation

Tom, how ever have you kept your sanity – and your sense of humour for so long? I love your wry comment about being “more than just bad feng shui”.

So, what have you got here? It certainly seems like something or someone has well and truly stirred up a hornet’s nest in your near neighbourhood.

I’m glad you’ve shared some of your local history, shall we say. And in doing so, I think you have actually answered your own question.

There would definitely be a connection between the energy at the neighbour’s place and what you are

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