Clear Hearing by Clairaudients

The following paranormal phenomena statements on clairaudients voices beyond the grave are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I was approximately 12 years old and sitting in a car, with my parents, in the driveway of my older sister’s house, preparing to leave in the early morning hours. A house reported by my sister and husband to be haunted, or at least have been a house where they had experienced unexplained occurrences.

Not long after I had first gotten into the car my mother and I (only) heard what sounded like the voice of a child, perhaps younger than I, call out in a plaintive/questioning voice “momma?”. My father had already started to back the car out of the driveway when the voice made that sound. It seemed to come from the left-hand side of the car nearest to me in the back seat. I had the impression/sensation that it passed through the car and then through me.

It caused my mother to tell my father to stop the car because she heard this voice. It was very unusual and odd because it SEEMED so much like a voice from out of nowhere. It didn’t sound like the voice of an ordinary person, but it wasn’t exactly strange sounding either. It felt separate from us. I almost had the vague sensation that it somewhat ‘spoke’ through me, but not literally. There was absolutely no other people around the vicinity to have made that voice. So far, that has been the only clear example of a paranormal experience that I’ve ever encountered.
– end of clairaudients extract –


When I was 18 years old, my parents and I were involved in a head-on car collision. My mother was killed instantly. I remember waking up in the car and someone was talking to me and telling me that “everything is going to be OK. everything is going just like I want it to.” This seemed to happen over and over. When I woke up in the hospital, I remember feeling grateful for the “help” I received because it kept me calm even though my body was in shock. I learned about my mother’s death later, I remember being so surprised because I thought “everything was OK”. I have since come to believe that she was talking to me as well as 1 or 2 others, perhaps angels?
– end of clairaudients extract –


My mother’s house is 400 years old. Unknown to me at the time it used to be two houses, and before we moved there it had been knocked into one. During my teenage years I slept in the attic (my bedroom). I often used to hear someone walking up and down some stairs. We had no neighbours.

I could not recognise from where the stairs were located so I went to the local library and found out that years ago it used to be two houses and the sounds were coming from one of the old stairways. I discussed this with my brother and mother who made fun of me as they never heard a thing even though their rooms where nearer to the action than mine.

I became used to it and it didn’t frighten me. Years later my father visited and he heard the noises too. I also did a oiuja board and made contact with an old lady who had died in the house. Who knows if it was her? Anyway, it has been years since I have heard anything.
– end of clairaudients extract –


I was 14 yrs old at the time, and a group of friends and I had just finished a night of singing at the chapel. We were standing there talking together when someone said’ Can you hear that?’

We stood and all of us started to listen, and seemingly the sound became very audible to us. We heard like a huge choir was singing, and we stood for about 10 minutes, being amazed. When it had seemed to stop, we all needed to know where this ‘music’ came from, but it was unusual, because after searching the corridors at the back of the chapel, and also asking a couple of people who were at a large distance away from us whether they heard it, they said ‘no’.

It was an unusual event because it was a group experience. We heard it individually, and as a group, We were in the middle of bushland away from’civilisation’, and the 2 people away on the south east side of the chapel heard nothing. It was very late at night.
– end of clairaudients extract –


In 2005 I had a work colleague and friend died 16 weeks after being diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. I was a pallbearer at her funeral.

On the way home I was driving alone and my mind completely switched off. I received what I can only describe as a telepathic message. “Where’s your tie …?” I knew immediately it was my friend who had past over because she was cheeky and as an editor very particular about details. I don’t wear ties and I know all the other pall bearers wore ties. Also no-body has called me … since my football days 25 years ago.

I spoke to a couple of her friends about this and they immediately said, “Oh that’s … alright”. This to me is a clear unambigous message that her consciousness lives beyond the grave and gave me a direct experience of the afterlife. Later that day I sat at my computer and tried to contact her mentally and choose a song from my list. The choice was Diana Krall – ‘Love is where you are’.  Which I had not played before and didn’t know I had it in my play list.

I found out later from her sister that Diana Krall was her favourite artist. Yet we never discussed that at work. The song has a special meaning for me as I found out later it comes from the movie from the movie “At First Sight”. The main character in the film is blind but can feel things. I discovered months later that my feelings had been blocked off. So I could see but not feel much emotionally. It all fell into place once I understood the full message. Both a gift of love from the otherside.


I was ten years old. I had been sleeping in my room when I awoke to a strange, almost howling noise. I slept with my door open at the time and my parent’s always kept the light on in the hall because it was comforting to us children (my brothers’ were asleep in the room next to mine and they didn’t experience this).

I saw a figure in the doorway which I thought was my mother at first– it was in silhouette — but it was taller than my mother and I noticed its eyes glowed and the noise was coming from it. I remember being terror stricken and covering my ears. Then the noise stopped and it was gone. I ran into my parents’ room and told them what happened and they told me to go back to sleep, that it was a dream. It hadn’t been a dream though. I spent the rest of that night in their room on the floor at the foot of their bed. I heard the howling noise once more that summer — during the night. The sound is what woke me up both times.
– end of clairaudients extract –

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