Psychic Prediction

Premonition, Prediction or Wishful Thinking?

The following psychic prediction statements are paranormal phenomena extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


As a child, a couple of times, I knew something was about to happen – for instance, I was in the car with my parents and I thought “Wouldn’t it be funny if the windscreen smashed” to my utter amazement a rock from a passing car smashed the windscreen! another time, I was in the car (not wearing a seat belt) and squatting in the back seat, I thought if my dad has to brake, I will go forward, and it happened in that instance (I wasn’t hurt) Plus I have had dreams, where I have dreamt numbers (wish it would happen again) but also horrible dreams of plane crashes and such, in one such dream I was walking around pointing to survivors (the next day a plane had crashed and there were survivors) this became all too freaky for me and I made an effort at night to tell myself – No plane crash dreams! I have taken objects such as a ring or earring from someone and told them lots of things about their lives, to their amazement. I was nursing in a hospital in Sydney and I became so popular with my readings, even doctors were secretly coming to have a reading done. I stopped that, I am not sure why I was so good at it. Just remembering I did a reading a few months ago (first in years) and the lady was amazed, so was I.
– end of psychic prediction extract –


It was 2 summers ago and I was tired and it was the middle of the day around 3pm so I decided to lye on the couch and take a short nap. Like always and until this day I had several dreams while sleeping. The last dream I had before I woke up because this dream woke me up. I dreamt that my boyfriend at the time was driving on a two lane highway to come and see me and it was in the dark and he went to pass another car and hit a white truck head on and died. My boyfriend had to take a two lane highway to come and see me because he lived an hour away from me. So I immediately called him at work, when he answered I told him of the dream I had. He said well don’t worry it was just a dream. That night he decided to come and see me. When he arrived at my house he looked stressed but with a smile on his face with a dozen red roses in his hands. He came in and sat down and told me he had tried to change lanes and he almost hit head on with a white truck. He said if it weren’t for me telling him about the dream he wouldn’t have been aware of his driving that night. He admitted to me that my dream affected him. He claimed my dream saved his life.
– end of psychic prediction extract –


my brother is not long since back from serving in iraq..he is with national guard..during his tour we communicated via email..nearly every day..he had told me he was fixing to go on a i said i would pray..which i did..knowing it would be a few days till i heard from him again..that next overwhelming since of fear had swept me..and evryone told me i was just worried because of where he was..the danger around him..etc.. etc..but i had a vision of him trying to stand..and he couldnt.. i dont know how i knew..but i just did..the next day mom got a call..he was being treated for dehydration..but doing fine..they had to turn around on the convoy and return to base..his friend had helped him back…because he was so dizzy from the dehydration..he could not even stand up..and that was my starnge i am in north carolinia..and nowhere near iraq..
– end of psychic prediction extract –


I was driving home on the interstate highway and was having trouble passing a big truck which was going too fast, maybe 70 MPH. I had the mental image of a tire exploding so I actually said out loud that I needed to slow down and relax and not try to get around the S.O.B. I was still driving at a pretty good pace, about 70 MPH but the truck was faster and I let the truck go away ahead of me. When it was a couple of hundred yards ahead the tire exploded just like I imagined it would and the trailer wobbled over into the passing lane where I would have been if I’d finished trying to pass it. This one bothered me, but similar things have happened since which I’ve learned to ignore, such as the time last week when I was driving with my wife in the car,  too fast down a country road. I told her I’d better slow down and we could see if there were any wildflowers on the roadside. The next turn after we slowed hid a big stupid doe deer, standing in the middle of the road. She just ambled off as if nothing was happening when we crept around the turn.
– end of psychic prediction extract –


I tell my family I have a feeling and they all know when I say that to be careful because something terrible is about to happen. I just had this feeling last week again not knowing who it would affect and my friend since 7th grade dropped dead in the grocery store. It happens often but I never know what will be.
– end of psychic prediction extract –


I was in NYC, browsing in a bookstore. A policeman came in and checked me out (I look “Arab”, and this was in the post World Trade Center hysteria.) I got mad that he was looking at me suspiciously. I had this distinct thought that all the lights would go out in America. The next day, I was in the computer lab and the lights went out. I went out and the car radios were saying it was out all the way to Canada. I was afraid (thinking I had caused it!) but then i realized that i have this power of precognition.
– end of psychic prediction extract –

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