Orbs: Balls of Light or Illusions

The following paranormal phenomena statements on orbs in pictures are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


My dad passed away in April 2006. He was aware of my interest in the paranormal, especially orbs. He also knew how close I am to my dog. I was playing rope with my dog one evening and he stopped and started watching “something” in the corner of the room. (He often does this with a worried look and ends up with his head on his paws.) Then it was like he watched a ball bounce beside him and he wanted outside.

I grabbed my camera and my dog went and sat in front of a tree and looked up. About the time I pressed the button on the camera, aimed where he was looking, his head shot around like something had taken off towards the backyard. However, the picture turned out a beautiful orb that when zoomed in on is the image of my dad’s face.
– end of orbs in pictures extract –

From Rita, Psychic Revolution Community Member

Creative Commons License photo credit: . Athalfred.


I was in bed fully awake when from behind my bedroom door, a figure started to approach my bed. I was unable to see a face, just a dark figure. It really scarred me at the time and I screamed. The figure walked back and disappeared. Just recently, I had a white orb float around me and once again, I was wide awake watching TV. I also seem to know when people will die… I previously thought it was just a coincidence but now believe I really am aware of these sityuations. I just recently had a what I believe to be a premonition dream… long story but bottom line, my sister was killed in a car accident same day. I have also felt people sit on my bed etc. when I know know one is around.
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working in a theatre in UK when I saw a smoke machine releasing mist. Upon checking, the smoke machine was switched off and stone cold. This particular machine operated by spraying liquid vegetable oil over heated coils, which vaporises the oil to produce mist or fog. If operated cold no mist is possible. witnessed by three techies. Experience left me perplexed.
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After my daughter was born, there were several instances when I would see a glowing orb of white light over her crib (about the size of a small round ball). This happened at night. I was fully awake when experiencing this. It happened about five different times right after she was born, and then never again. It seemed that the light would know when I saw it, because each time I became aware of it, it seemed to notice, and would “zip” away and disappear.
– end of orbs in pictures extract –

85. ORBS

was young 6 or 7 years old I was in bed and a large ball of green light came in thru the door it was the size of a large beach ball, in this green light were thousands of faces and the were all pushing thru just to look at me, when one face pushed up close to inside the ball of light it looked like how you would look if you looked at your face in the back of a spoon.. i was quite upset and found it hard to talk but manage to yell for mum.. mum came in and took me to the lounge and i was sitting on her knee while she was watching tv, about 5 mins later the large ball of light came into the lounge door, i kept saying go away, my mum didnt react at all she was just looking at the tv.. it got right up to my face and i said go away!!! and it just dissapeared, in that instant i wondered what i was foing in the lounge and how did i get there..
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83. ORBS

I am a student medium and about 5 years ago became aware of my ability to photograph spirit energy in the form of spirit orbs. The most amazing image I’ve captured in a photo is of what I call a “winged spirit”. It is a spirit image in the shape of a bird, with wings but it is not a bird spirit. I believe it’s an angelic being. I have been able to confirm that the orbs I photograph are not dust because I can ask the spirits to move to particular areas of the room and they oblige me. Dust wouldn’t do that.
– end of orbs in pictures extract –

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