Ghost Orb

Ghost Orb: Ball of Light or are our Eyes Playing Tricks?

The following paranormal phenomena statements are ghost orb extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.

i alway has been attracted to the paranormal stuff, ghost etc,etc, and when i start to read books i learn about orbs and i check my pictures and almost in every one i have orbs but just when i am in the pic even when we take to others in the same moment.
– end of ghost orb extract –

After my daughter was born, there were several instances when I would see a glowing orb of white light over her crib (about the size of a small round ball). This happened at night. I was fully awake when experiencing this. It happened about five different times right after she was born, and then never again. It seemed that the light would know when I saw it, because each time I became aware of it, it seemed to notice, and would “zip” away and disappear.
– end of ghost orb extract –

Dim Cities 6
Creative Commons License photo credit: Oliver Degabriele

I was home along one night and had decided to take a shower before going to bed. While in the shower I heard a whistle sound. I didn’t think much of it. All the lights in the house were out. Once out of the shower I could still hear the whistle. After getting dressed I went searching for the source of the sound. I stopped dead in my tracks in our kitchen when I saw a white light, like a small orb forming in our rec room. It then began to split and form the shape of a human head and shoulders…..I didn’t stick around, I grabbed my Mom’s dog and headed for my car where I waited for my parents to get home.
– end of ghost orb extract –

Among many other (very diverse and generally very pleasant) “paranormal” experiences, I saw floating golden orbs on two or three occasions; and a few years ago I heard choral singing coming from a church when nobody was there or anywhere around it. (I am a healthy skeptic by nature, so I investigated all the possibilities.) I also seem to be able to ACTUALLY “hear” other people’s thoughts, regardless of the distance. But the experience I would like to relate here was a most unpleasant one.

On a certain day in 1997, I woke up with a feeling of terrible gloom opressing my chest. The feeling of a cold helpless dread was so awful that even now I don’t want to dwell on it for too long. I tried to shake it off, but it just wouldn’t go away. Perhaps half an hour after waking up I heard the faint (quite ordinary) sound of a car stopping in front of the multi-apartment building where I live. I broke in cold sweat: for some reason I was sure it was the police, and that they were coming to see ME. (Neither I or my family have never had any reason to deal with the police, and we didn’t.)

When a few seconds later I heard my doorbell ringing, I froze in horror. Then I heard knocking on the door. I didn’t answer it; I simply wasn’t ready to deal with horror. You see, I KNEW what had happened – I just didn’t dare formulating the thought in my mind. My father had died; he had collapsed in an underground garage, the victim of a heart attack. The reason why this is “unusual” (though not to me) is that my father had been perfectly fine the day before. If he was ill, we, the family, certainly didn’t know about it. He had been in the hospital only twice in his entire life.
– end of ghost orb extract –

i was about 5ish in bed and could feel and see a mass ball of bright coloured rotating, pulsating light coming towards me. i explain this as an aura ball as i do not usually see auras but rely heavily on my other senses. this was the first memorable ‘experiance’ i had.
– end of ghost orb extract –

This just happened on .. of this year while we were staying in Glastonbury, England. It was the first night of our hotel stay and we’d been asleep for what I estimate to be 2-3 hours. Suddenly there was a loud noise of something hitting the floor that woke me up and I looked to see that my small luggage bag had been knocked off the corner chair where it had been sitting for most of the previous day. It landed with such a bang and in such a position that it did not appear to have simply fallen naturally.

My partner and I (both awake) discussed it a bit but did not get out of bed or turn on any lights. Then I noticed a small (close as I can describe) bluish-green sparkle of light in the room with us. It was at the foot of our bed and hovering just above the television set, which was turned off. The sparkle was small but appeared 3-dimensional and waxed/waned in appearance a few times before stopping or before we eventually fell back to sleep. My partner absolutely saw it as clearly as I did, and we discussed what we saw as it was happening. There was no normal source of light or reflection that we could determine causing it. Since it occurred directly after my bag had landed on the floor, I felt the two things were related. Also, the room was quite freezing the 2 days we were in it and I should also note that this building was originally built in the 15th century.
– end of ghost orb extract –

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24 Responses to “Ghost Orb”

  1. maya 2015-05-14


    I have been reading this article because I wanted to know if any other people were seeing orbs. I’m only 17 and I have encountered around 4 paranormal experiences so far in my life. The first one and perhaps the scariest was when I was only 9 years old. I was sitting in my room (where all the paranormal things happen to me…) and I was reading a book.

    My dog at the time was still a puppy, and he was sleeping on the end of my bed. I remember leaning over to turn out the light on my night table and literally just then, my dog started growling the most horrendous growl. When I turned to look at him, his back was arched high and he was bearing all his teeth.

    I have never seen him that angry in his life before and he had his eyes set in the corner of my room near the windows. I followed his gaze only to see something I will never forget. There was a white, clear almost, mist like figure floating in the corner of my room. I could tell off the bat that she resembled and old women but I couldn’t see her face…it was as if she was waving a blanket in front of her face and I could clearly make out hands and white curly hair.

    I remember being frozen in my spot staring back at the ghost. It was scary because I couldn’t move or scream and I was only nine. Soon enough it disappeared and my dog stopped growling.

    He jumped off my bed and sniffed the area the ghost was at symbolizing that it was okay now and as soon as I could, I bolted out of my bed and into my parents room.

    I am almost completely convinced that what I saw that night was my great grandmother because it was around the time she passed away. Just today, I saw an orb in my room, and it’s always my room I experience things in. I can’t sleep alone anymore so I sleep with my sister and my dog because I still feel like he will protect me like he did when I was nine. I am the only one in my family (mom, dad, sister) who experiences these things. I’m just happy my grandmother does and boy, did she experience a lot or paranormal so it’s always good to talk to her.

    One time not long ago actually, I had a dream or a thought that something would happen in my room and the next morning it did. I have all these boxes from collectible dolls I stacked in a pile up my wall, and they never fall. They are very sturdy and never have until this one night. I was heading to sleep and I had this weird felling they were going to get knocked over. I even had a dream that night like something was trying to tell me they were gonna fall. Sure enough, next morning I woke up and they were scattered everywhere on the floor.

    I don’t know, I wish someone close to me would know how I feel and what I experience.

    • Rosemary Breen 2015-05-17

      Maya, you write so eloquently about what you are experiencing and feeling. That in itself tells me you do have some clarity, understanding, that there is more to this world than meets the eye – literally.

      You are not alone in experiencing the paranormal. Many sane, rational, well-educated and well-adjusted people live with parapsychological phenomena – and they live full lives.

      Given you are still young it is understandable that you may feel vulnerable for some time yet. Hopefully, there will come a time though when you’ll feel much less like you’re being held hostage by the paranormal.

      I personally dont think anyone should give away (or have taken from them) their personal power and right to go about our daily life in a free and responsible way… and that sentiment extends to paranormal energy too.

      It’s important for you to know that just as we choose who we allow to influence us and the way we live, the same goes for these other entities and forces. They do not have a right (and some people would even suggest it is not good for them even) to interfere with the way we live.

      If this resonates with you Maya, there are lots of small gestures that people use to keep themselves free from paranormal influence.

      Nobody knows why some people experience the paranormal and others dont, but one scientist has suggested that when we know why most people manage to block it out then we’ll know where the dial is to letting it in and out.

      Im pleased you have your grandmother as an ally Maya. my research suggests that the paranormal is experienced by more females than males, and that it may come down the female blood line.

      I regard the paranormal as a continuum Maya, and just as nothing is black and white in life so too it goes for life itself….it is just a continuum and death may be nothing more than a change of energy form.

      I hope this helps you. Please ask questions if you have them.



  2. Rosemary Breen 2014-02-4


    What’s wrong?

    Youve written several posts in a short space of time, telling me something is urgent and yet you havent written about, what it is that is troubling you now.

    How can I help?



    • maureenruthven 2015-02-1

      Does anyone believe that an orb can enter your body?

      Well this has happened to me and I need to get it out, away from me. I had a psyphic in my house last week and still haven’t been able to get it out. What do I do next because I am very scared and need help to get it away from me?

      Its on my back just now and I feel it on my hair. I am cold on my legs. It’s so hard live with knowing its there all the time. This has been goiing on for about 6 weeks now. I can’t stand it any more.

      • Rosemary Breen 2015-02-1

        Oh Maureen I can see how distressing this has become for you. This seems to have taken over your life and I am concerned for your well being.

        I have not read before about orbs entering the human body and as you have tried to deal with this issue via the paranormal route I would suggest you try another approach.

        Sometimes when we focus on a phenomena for an extended period of time we become blinded to other possibilities. So, I am wondering if you have considered that this may be an ouward manifestation of something else. I am not a paranormal or health professional but my gut is telling me that running this past your GP would be a good thing to do. Who knows: he/she may even have some suggestions that feel right for you.

        It is important to share your experience, as you have done here with others; it is also important to explore all avenues including the more prosaic – getting mainstream medicine involved.

        Take care Maureen.


  3. Rachel 2014-02-4

    Anyone heard of stone tapes? energy hides in the walls? Look my experiences are real, but i don’t know. i do think walls hold emotions, but orbs are special. please anyone who knows contact me.

    • Rosemary Breen 2014-02-4

      Ive not heard of stone tapes Rachel. Perhaps you can enlighten the group?

      I dont think energy hides in walls; all life is energy and so there is energy in walls. I suspect you are talking about entities, rather than energy. Is that correct?


  4. Rachel 2014-02-4

    I have seen two orbs. The 1st much different from the 2nd. The 2nd was a tiny light under a table. It stayed there for a long time no matter how me and my mate prayed. The first was the size of an orange. I still can’t sleep in darkness. I was 13, alone and it came into my life splashed in my wall, writing on my hand, what are they?

  5. Rachel 2014-02-4

    I’ve seen two orbs in my life. The first I was about 13/14. It was a big orb white coloured and first there was a very hissy noisel I looked up and this orb floated towards me and splashed on my wall. Before the orb I also had other weird things happen. Once writing on my hand. It said GuZe – or back to front z

    • Amy Clevenger 2014-05-25

      Ok so here’s the story.

      It started when I was small so I’ve been told. When I was a baby, I had a imaginary friend and apparently he was real. I called him black magic. My mom told me she took a picture where he showed up. One day she came in and saw me floating in my ball pit. She picked me up and burnt the picture.

      Later on in life I started to see things. Like ghosts. I would see them at unexpected times. I then had another picture taken of me. When I was happy, not caring, white orbs would be there. One time I heard a voice right before my bed. It said my name and started to get loud and louder as I tried to ignore it. It got to the point where I was banging on my mother’s wall beside my bed.

      After my dad died, I was taking a shower when I heard right beside me “don’t be afraid.” I just ignored it.

      I still see and hear things when not expected. My family has stories of family members who are dead – that some of them could see demons and spirits and stuff. My family was stronger and could stand against them. I don’t know if its true.

      I’m not afraid or alright – I’m both. Some of it happens by 5 am. I don’t know what wrong with me or what to do. I almost died at birth. Mom said I swallowed to much of her blood they were going to fly me to the capital but I was recovering so I wasn’t sent.

      I just don’t know if I’m crazy or not and Im 14. I need answers please reply.

      • Rosemary Breen 2014-05-26

        Hello Amy

        Congratulations on holding it together. You are only a young lady and yet, already, you have experienced a lot…..and survived/

        I suspect your experiences which are real, whether or not others believe you or not, are actually helping you build resilience. This is such an important quality to have and the calm way you have described your brief life suggests to me that you will cope with what life throws you, and even thrive.

        Yes Amy, the paranormal does exist. There is a world beyond what we sense with our five senses and you, for one, have seen part of that life. For some people it is reassuring to have these encounters, especially as we age and you are to be congratulated on attracting a family that is open to the metaphysical.

        So, what can you do with your experiences? You can zip up your aura – read books that describe our other bodies – they protect us from the evil that may come our way, and every person who works with the paranormal – psychics etc – knows how to protect themselves and keep themselves zipped.

        Next you may like to keep a journal or sketch your experiences. I would advise you to keep your experiences fairly private, but share them with your Mum or someone you trust, and whose opinion you value.

        Yes, you are probably going through that rebellious stage and, if you are, know that the paranormal is not something to use as a weapon or play with as in a game. Talk to those who will understand, and remember that we are here in the physical realms to live a physical as well as a metaphysical life. So, enjoy life; live life; wonder at all the wonders there are, and know that there are many people who too see the paranormal side of life. As in everything, the key is to find a balance. I would suggest dont actively pursue spirits etc – avoid seances, ouija boards etc, do some reading but not too much, and enjoy your youth.

        I hope this is a help Amy. Ill be here as you grow to adulthood; just pop by when you need to check in or ask a question.



        • Anne Morgan 2014-05-26

          Hello Amy,

          I fully agree with Rosemary’s response to your problem. Keeping safe in there presence of paranormal phenomena is crucial. It seems that you have an ability to contact the spirit world which exists on several levels, not all of them kind and helpful. To get more information on how to deal with it all, I suggest that you contact your local Spiritualist Church. If you live in the UK there is one in most towns, but I don’t know what the equivalent is in the USA or Australia. In the UK the Churches hold what they call developing circles where you would be taught the ways to contact the good spirits and protect yourself from the unwelcome entities.

          Please do as Rosemary says and keep away from ouija boards and other “party” games which encourage the entities from the lower astral plane to manifest themselves, this will only bring trouble for you.
          If you don’t want to get involved with any Spiritualist movement but do have another Church community that you are part of, use prayer to ask for protection from any unwanted contacts which are a problem for you. The Great Creator of the Universe is the same being no matter what name your particular religion gives him/her (it is my belief that the nature of the creator is both male and female). Never be afraid to ask for help from communities such as this, but I do urge caution from sects which tend to call anything they think malicious, devils, this is not helpful and only points to the fact that they do not fully understand the other levels of spiritual existence which are very real no matter what you may have been told. Love and light, Anne.

  6. Nigel 2013-04-28

    I was taking pix of my cat in the dark in my bedroom. When i saw these small orbs flying around but could only see them thru my camera fone screen. i shouted my friend to come see n we both kept seeing these orbs moving around at different speeds am hights. Suddenly my friend saw that there was dust floating front of the fone so we pattered the bed to make more dust and its the reflection off the flash on each dust partical. Iv got pix of them and they leave trails in the pix too. Im not saying all the lights n orbs in other pix are dust just that ppl should know that they could be just dust particals. Try it your self take a pic using a smart fone camera in a dark room. With my fone u can put this flash on and look at the screen at your subject B4 taking the picture, thats when you can see the flash on the dust.

    • Julie Bates 2013-05-7


      Yes, your interlude with Orbs sounds like dust particles. Moisture and insects may also produce that effect. I believe the Spiritual Orbs are transport energy for the Departed. More surface area is present in the circular shape. I have had personal experiences with them and had a mauve/indigo family visitor for a time, who sometimes travelled in the car with us. Large white Orbs in my loungeroom seem to have drawn on energy from the telephone line to manifest and there was a thin line of ectoplasmic stuff coming from the line. Some people like to investigate the face shapes in them. Whether it is Pareidolia or the real thing, who knows? There are some good pics on a Facebook site called Spiritus Navitas and a few books and of course, lots of information on the Internet. Julie

  7. Julie Bates 2013-01-17

    In regard to Brenda’s frightening experience, it sounds like an incubus to me, which is a male dark entity intent on sexual interference. I would attempt to ground myself, sage the daughter’s house room by room and vortex all the dark forces up and send them to the Light, telling them that they are not welcome in the home. You may request assistance from the Beings of Light and also ask for their protection during the process and thank them. you may need to repeat the process. Take care, Julie

    • Rosemary Breen 2013-01-17

      Wow. Ive never heard of an incubus…and Im glad I havent come across one either. This sounds scary. Hopefully Brenda will pick up on your post Julie.

      Happy New Year Julie.



  8. Julie Bates 2011-07-20


    This is so interesting! No, write to me what you like.

    I do not think the source of the benevolence or malevolence is the energy, but the consciousness behind the energy and its intention. I suppose there are different sorts of hauntings. Some may merely be footprints of the past, but when you see stuff in your loungeroom that appears all of a sudden I think there has to be consciousness issues and reles or someone else trying to come through. (I have seen someone with an attachment once. It was bad energy and was enormous and black but I think she had been dabbling in “ego” – related things and things that were too wordly or unworldly.) I believe the consciousness possesses intelligence and more importantly a sense of humour and an interest in the playfulness of pets, which I would regard as good and healthy pursuits.

    Yes, I think energy can be chameleon and portray itself as something it is not. In that instance I think you need to rely on your own spiritual intuition and your innate grasp of what is good and bad. Something could pretend to be your Dad and really be something horrible. I believe all interaction with Spirit needs to be for the greater good and also along the way for education and if you can give a hand to some lost bit of energy well and good, but at the same time let the buyer beware.

    My son and I are going to the Saturday courses at Parsonage, Ryde in August. Robb Tilley from Australian Parapsychological Research Institute is running them through Macquarie College. Robb has some brilliant ghost-busting stories and it should be an interesting, informative event.


    • Rosemary Breen 2011-07-20

      If everything is energy then isn’t consciousness energy too? Can’t an entity have intent and that intent survives beyond the grave? And, if it has these capabilities then, as you agree it can be a chameleon in the way it presents itself.

      I’m not going to go any further with this Julie, for fear of going up my …..

      I know of Robb but have not met him. It’s fabulous that your son is accompanying you :)



  9. Julie Bates 2011-07-19


    How did I arrive at that opinion?

    Maybe wrong, but it just came to me and seems practical that spirits of loved ones would want to hang around and would be brought forward more easily and thereby manifest with the great amount of energy of a gathering of people.

    Energy plays a huge part in these occurrences. Julie

    • Rosemary Breen 2011-07-19

      I agree all is energy Julie but is energy as energy does?

      For example, is an energy benevolent because that is the way it acts and is another energy form malevolent because of the way it acts.

      Im sounding a bit philosophical here and thinking out loud too.

      Do you think energy can portray itself as one thing and be something completely different? This question infers some sort of consciousness doesn’t it?

      So, why not? We know that consciousness doesnt live in the brain. Maybe it resides in energy ….. somehow.


      Where did this stream come from?

      Any thoughts or should I stop this now :)



  10. Julie Bates 2011-07-19


    This is just my opinion.

    I do not believe you have a spirit “attached” to your family, as is.

    My feeling is that this energy is of a beloved Grandmother who loves the unique energy of the family, especially when they are gathered as one. Her desire to be associated again with your family is very strong.

    The “white light” indicates goodness. I think it is a lovely occurrence and should be treasured.

    Regards, Julie

    • Rosemary Breen 2011-07-19

      Hi Julie

      Thanks so much for adding your opinion, which I value.

      I’ll be interested to read if what you say rings true for Mary.

      Are you able to give e bit more insight into how you arrived at your opinion? I’m just interested to learn.



  11. mary moffett 2011-07-17

    Recently, I have been taking pictures of others such as family members – nieces or nephews or friends.

    There seems to be orbs or white light behind the subjects distorting the pictures and almost obscuring the subject.

    Does it mean I have a spirit attached to me or a family member?

    They seem to be in every recent picture I take in doors or outside.

    Mary Moffett
    Beverly, MA

    • Rosemary Breen 2011-07-18

      Hi Mary

      This is an interesting question you ask about orbs and attachments.

      I’m not an expert on this branch of the paranormal and so I’m going to ask a member of our community, who live with orbs, so to speak, to give her opinion.

      Stay tuned :)




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