Ghost Orbs

Ghost Orbs: Balls of Light or are our Eyes Playing Tricks?

The following statements are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I lived in an exconvent building some 12 years ago. I had two doors in my room, one leading to a verandah and the other to an internal corridor. I would see a light, orb, moving from the corridor door to the verandah door and it would stop there.

I didn’t feel threatened by it and it wasn’t always there. One day, I decided that I would sort of give it a ‘story’ and this was at a time when I was supposedly a skeptic. The story I had in my mind was of a nun who was in her 40s and she was concerned that the younger nun in the next room was having an affair with the local priest. She would go to the verandah and look at them talking out at the street next to the church. Of course, again, I chalked this up to madness and imagination. Then my friend moved in to the next room. Inspite of the fact that we had been firm friends for a long time. She would pick arguments and then come pleading for forgiveness. It got so bad that I had considered leaving. Then one day she told me she was going to have her room blessed because she felt that she wasn’t alone in that room.

I got curious and asked her to tell me a story about the presence in her room. She knew nothing about my experience, no one did. She told me that it was of a young nun who had been having an affair with the local priest and was trying to decide whether to leave the order. That the nun in my room had been very concerned with what was going on and that they had argued. I then told her of my experience and while she had her room blessed, she left some three weeks later. I stayed on for another year. I think the emotional problems which were occuring between us were some kind of replaying of those events, the room’s ‘memories’, assuming it wasn’t the influence of spirits. As we were both rather sensitive, we fell into its grip and it only stopped when she left and someone less sensitive moved in.
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I have digitally photographed images of people who have died and also capture ‘energy orbs’ that often correlate to my EVP recordings.
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Prior to my mother’s death, our family has had numerous paranormal encounters. My mother was in the process of trying to write a book based on our experiences. We experienced objects being moved around our home, being touched or tugged at, hearing footsteps or knocking on the walls. All of our family experienced seeing apparitions on numerous occasions. On one occasion my grandparents came to visit us in our new home for the first time and my sister and I could not understand why they left so quickly to stay in a hotel. Years later my grandmother informed me that my grandfather had “bumped” into a very large unseen entity while exiting our bathroom. He was so frightened that he never came back to that home. After the death of my mother, I didn’t start to experience anything paranormal again until my early 20’s. My children have also had experiences with seeing floating balls of light (I have witnessed this also), seeing people hiding in the house. My 7 year old recently told me that he saw a man come out of our dresser mirror and it went to him and grabbed his arm. I have had a very lucid dream of being picked up by something (a force of some sort) and being thrown up into the ceiling over and over again. There is just so much to share.
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dreamt about my dead grandfather who died when i was 2 – felt like i had to float back into my body-came back w/ things there was no way i could have known and i was able to id by photos;roses bloomed when immpossible at this time & were in my dream; then after my mom died as i was praying to her i witnessed a large glowing orb and also heard her footsteps several times as i grieved
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I was having a stressful day, I was looking after my daughter of 5yrs of age. As a single parent I had no-one to help me out. I spent the day becoming more and more fraught. It was the anniversary of my fathers death (he died on 13th july 1971). Previously I had been living in London where I worked as a successful graphic designer. I had given up my career to raise my daughter but had split with my partner after my daughter was only 6 months old. I decided to move to the countryside to the village where I had been born and lived until I was 11years old. I wanted to raise my daughter in this same village. My dad who had died with a brain tumour at the age of 42yrs old had also been born and raised there. So, back to the day when I had this experience (13th July 1993).I desperately wanted to visit my fathers grave at the church so that I could take him some flowers. It was getting late and my daughter was being awkward and disagreeable. I knew that it would soon be dark and that it would be impossible for me to go when, out of the blue, a friend dropped by, she had driven 20miles to see me. She remarked that I looked stressed and in need of a break. She told me to pick some flowers from the garden and that she would look after my daughter while I went to the grave as she knew it was important to me.

I quickly collected the flowers and arrived at the graveside. I knelt at the grave and as I was arranging the flowers in a vase I was thinking of my dad. I remembered something that he had said to me before he died. I was 14yrs old at the time and was sitting very close to him. He said “When I’m dead and gone you’ll say – My dad was a silly old fool -” I replied “Don’t say things like that dad it makes me feel sad”. As I was remembering this it made me laugh out loud and at that exact moment I looked up at the church tower where an oval shaped white light appeared. I had an extremely strong feeling of my dads presence. I was overwhelmed. This village had no street lighting and it was just passed dusk-I could not see any source of this light.I got up from the grave where I had been kneeling and walked slowly home feeling alarmed, overwhelmed, happy and excited then perfectly at peace with myself and the world. I had been feeling depressed for the 3 years that I had lived in the village and had desperately felt stuck.

After this experience it was as if he had given me permission to move on and move away. I did, just 5 months later. Since then my life has gone from strength to strength. I dealt with all my past life traumas and went on to qualify as a healer (homeopath) which is what brought me and my daughter back to London where I am at my happiest. 9 years after the experience in the graveyard I visited a medium.She held my watch and then said “There is a man,someone you were very close to, a family member who died with a brain tumour, he says don’t visit my grave, I am not there anymore, take care of your mother, look after her”. She asked me if this made any sense to me. I was shocked. She described him physically, even to the point that he was a relatively young man when he died and had white/grey hair (unusual at that age, but that was totally accurate). I now meditate every day, always feel his presence very strongly. It is very reassuring and I even ask his advice when I’ve got tough decisions to make or need an objective opinion about something. Since having this experience I am much more of a spiritual being. I feel totally reassured that there is another plain where our spirit resides. It has been a most positive life changing event for me.

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