Clear Hearing or Clairaudience

The following paranormal phenomena statements on clairaudience – voices beyond the grave – are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


A family member can actually hear the spirits in my home and we have had conversations with them. Never a bad feeling with them here.
– end of clairaudience extract –


I was 14 and had taken my little sister on a walk through our local cemetary. This was the day or so following Thanksgiving, and was a mild, slightly wet day. We entered the cemetary on the old side, which dates from the early 1800s. We stopped and said hello to Miss Emily, whom died in 1848…her crypt was broken at the time and you could peep in there and see her, which is disturbing but exciting to teenagers.

My sister wanted to see the mauselum, so we headed across the cemetary to see it. About 200 yards away, we heard a faint screaming/crying sound. As we approach the mausluem, it got much louder. We thought it was probably someone crying. The mausleum isn’t very big, about the size of an elementary school class room and most of it was covered in windows.

We walked around the entire thing (it was locked so we couldn’t go inside) but we never found anyone. My sister followed the sound, and she called me over to a crpyt of someone who had been dead maybe 2-3 years. The sound was coming from in there. We ran out of there, and I haven’t been there since, almost 10 years later.
– end of clairaudience extract –


Well I have had many but I am sharing the first one I can really recall…  I use to lay in my bed at night around the age of three and I would lift out of my body… I would look down at myself it didn’t frighten me at all.

I also use to wake up and have a room filled with “people” usually floating in the air all around me. They were spirits i know. I used to tell my parents about them but they thought I had a high temperature. I saw lights around peoples heads and bodies like what people now call auras. The spirits in my room spoke to me and I could hear them clearly. When my parents came into the room I could still see the spirits but was a bit shocked that my parents couldn’t see them and they couldn’t hear them and they walked straight through them. I did ask my mother is she could see the man who wore a cowboy hat she said no. They got a cold wash cloth and put it on my forehead.

I had visits every night by these spirits we talked and talked they told me about their lives. I dont remember ever being scared but it did frighten my family. I was not brought up religious. I thought you died and were buried and that was it, but I have been working as a medium for a year now and I can’t say I believe that anymore. Too many spirits come to make contacts with loved ones and i can no longer hide behind ‘I am too scared people will think I am mad’ door any more. That is the one my parents and the doctors put up for  me all those years ago. It didn’t stop anything just made me not share it with anyone.
– end of clairaudience extract –


When I was about 5 years old my sister and I were jumping up and down on our bed and it was very late at night we were supposed to be sleeping, and we jumped up past our bedroom window and I saw a women in the wooded area around our apartment.

We were on the second floor of the apartment my parents were renting. It was an old apartment building also I might add. Anyway she was just standing there glowing in a long white dress with long black hair to her shoulders. She had a white long veil around her head not covering her face though and she asked me to come to her.

I could hear it in my head come to me my children she said to me. And of course we ran down stairs into the kitchen where my parents were and we were going out the kitchen door and they said where do you think your going. I started to tell them about the beautiful lady wanting me to come to her. Well they looked outside in the dark and couldn’t see her at all and the whole time I could still see her there with her open arms waiting for me to go outside to her. I kept insisting she was right there over the stone wall where there was nothing but trees. Well they freaked out and thought it was of the devil , which I really didn’t know about at that age and they scared me with that talk about the devil trying to steal my soul.

Anyway every night after that she was still there and then two glowing children appeared next to her and they were on a swing that was also glowing too and the beautiful women held out her arms to me but I ducked down and hid from her. And not to long after that I made my first communion and saw a picture of the virgin mary and told my parents that looked just like the beautiful lady I saw two years ago when we were living in the old apartment building in …, and they still to this day believe it could have been the devil trying to get my soul.
– end of clairaudience extract –


I was sleeping, and awoke to a horrifying face approaching me. I was not able to move or call for help. It lasted perhaps a few minutes. I had to mentally fight it off.

As the face faded away, I was immediately able to move and I ran to my parents room. In general I had already seen many apparitions and heard noises, such as ringing the door bell, knocking on the front door, our dog’s footsteps on the stairs, when in fact the dog is sleeping etc. all of which I was not really fearful. But this experience was quite terrible. Later, I found out from acquaintances that it may have been something called “shikima” and found several having had the same experience and description of the face. This was in Japan.
– end of clairaudience extract –

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