Predictions of the Future

Predictions of the Future or Lucky Guesses

The following paranormal phenomena statements are predictions of the future extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I often know who is calling before the phone rings or who it is when the phone rings. This has been something I have been able to do for a long time.
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I was twenty one, I had been told by several doctors I could not have children. At first I was very distressed but soon adjusted and planned a career that I would now be free to concentrate on.

One day, at age twenty four, I was thrown into an unexpected deep despair about this. I felt nothing had meaning without a child. That night I had a very ‘high energy’ dream in which I saw a child, a girl of about nine years old, standing in a pool of sunlight with her back to me, her hair in a long dark plait. I was behind a strange green/ gray sofa. I was living (in the dream) with a writer who was engaged on a huge anti religious book. The dream was so clear and energetic that I knew when I woke, all would be well.

Shortly after l did, despite the prognosis, and without any difficulty, have a baby. The moment of gnosis came with a delightful bang, some years later. I was clearing up toys from behind a sofa that my mother had just given me, it had an interesting green/gray design, I stood up and there, in a pool of sunlight with her back to me and her hair in a long dark plait, was my nine year old daughter, Chloe. Her father was a writer who was obsessed with the problems produced by the Catholic Church in Ireland. I had not met him at the time of the dream.
– end of predictions of the future extract –


Also recently my father pass away. 4 days before it happen he came to me in a dream out of the blue didn’t say anything but just shook my hand quite forcefully and had a tear in his eye, then just faded away. i woke up immediately at 2.44am and could really get back to sleep. i didnt say anything to him in the morning i was just glad he was alive. then on sat while i was at work the police came and said he died of a massive heart attack away from home in his car. i look at my watch at 11.30am and thought straight away something had happen. at 11.55am a police inspector arrived. he was 77yrs old. RIP DAD. there are a few things but that will do. from these thing i have come to believe in following the 10 commandments you will be judge at the pearly gates. and what comes around goes around. i hope this helps.
– end of extract –


4 of my ” Premonitions”
1. Wide awake, no influence of drugs or alcohol, told my then boyfriend to slow down because a German Shepherd was going to run across the road, from right to left, between two cars ( which I identified ) from the cliff side of the road. He said ” that’s a wierd thing to say” just before he had to break and swerve.

2. Driving to work in the country. Stopped at an intersection with the … Highway. Just before the light turned green, I had a premonition that 3 vehicles travelling at speed emerged from the fog too late to stop. The light turned green. I wouldn’t move, the cars behind me honking their horns didn’t faze me. After watching the 3 cars, one a 4 wheel drive with a boat, slide through the intersection , a wall of screeching, sliding machinery, I calmly drove through the intersection. The car following me signalled and flashed for me to pull over, to thank me for saving his life and to apologise for honking.

3. As a young, inexperienced trainee, I was asked to observe at a meeting the discussion of a difficult technical problem. I “saw” a photo in my minds eye. I described what I thought was happening. Everyone went silent, then ignored me. A couple of weeks later my boss called me in to show me ‘the photo’ which had just been taken, costing around $10,000 with specialist equipment. He then proceeded to show me every problem they had.

4. ( but not in order ) I was at the Easter SHow with a friend. Knowing that I should speak up when I “see” these things, I blurted out to my girlfriend “wouldn’t it be funny if the Parachutist landed on the back of the truck, with his left leg off, right leg on ( or something of the sort) and then fell off. Afterwards when I explained about my premonitions she just said it was “Spooky” and to be careful who I do it around.

P.S. I am sure I have had plenty of premonitions that haven’t come true and I don’t remember those. But these were of suprising clarity and more than just the 4 mentioned. I am sure that they are more than gut feelings (they play like a movie before my eyes, often only moments before the event) and at least twice whilst driving have saved my life or at least from severe injury.

As for my mentioning in the survey about out of body experiences – these were in a drama class, in primary school, induced by a deep relaxation technique performed by the teacher. Today, I believe she successfully hypnotised me.
– end of extract –


One day I had a feeling that I just had to telephone my parents. They live about 400 miles away. I called and no one answered. This bothered me. I kept trying to call for several hours. I felt that something was wrong. I had an image of them in a hospital. I told myself I was being silly. Later that evening I found out that they had been in a car accident. The car was totalled. They were taken to a hospital, but only had minor injuries.
– end of extract –

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