The paranormal is interesting; it’s exciting; it’s revealing. It is controversial, mainstream, a way of life for some and something to be avoided by others. photo credit: Keoni Cabral Paranormal activity is also a divisive topic – a bit like politics and religion perhaps! Today, the paranormal is popularised by images of ghosts, messages from [...]

How to Choose a Psychic

Psychic Powers Have you ever visited a psychic? Been given a psychic prediction? Or been tempted to find out what its like? Many people have taken the plunge. Some have done so for a laugh (a good thing to do with a girlfriend perhaps?); others have approached a clairvoyant anxiously seeking answers to unresolved issues. [...]

Paranormal Research In an effort to collect the largest number of personal accounts of spontaneous paranormal experiences, Psychic Revolution has re-opened the paranormal survey. In three months in 2007, the original survey collated more than 4,000 surveys from participants around the world. Even after the original survey was closed for analysis, the researcher continued to [...]

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