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Dream Meaning

Meaning of Dreams: Are dreams symbolic? If so what do the various symbols mean. Read about Roderick’s dream and the discussion on symbolism. Dreamed of any snakes lately?

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Paranormal Thesis Abstract – Part 2

The online questionnaire by Rosemary Breen of Monash University generated data from 3,194 experients on the ten categories of paranormal occurrences under review and several themes were noted. All phenomena were reported by males and females, and by experients from each of the three age groups surveyed (18-35; 36-55; Over 55 years). There were trends for experients to register frequent encounters (>10) of the same type of phenomenon, and to report multiple types of different paranormal incidences (M=5.14). More than 30% of all first experiences, of eight of the ten categories of phenomenon were reported to have taken place before adolescence, with some incidences dating from pre birth or in the first two years of life. Furthermore, there were highly significant statistical differences noted. These were in the levels of incidence of experiences reported by males and females for eight of the ten parapsychological categories and in the level of paranormal phenomena reported by the experients from the four most highly represented countries in the survey.

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