Life After Life

The following paranormal phenomena statements are life after life extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed. To read more accounts of Life after Life go to Afterlife.


After my mother died, I was very distressed. One day, our favorite cat disappeared, and I was worried about him. That night, I dreamed about my mother. She was sitting on a park bench with a book in her lap, and my cat twirling his tail around her legs. She said that everything was fine. She said that the concept of death was misunderstood by our culture. She explained that when one dies, we go to a “school” of sorts and that now she was working on the earthly equivalent of a doctorate.

She seemed animated and joyful as she explained how interesting and rewarding her work was. Mom pointed to the book in her lap and said that she would give me the book when I woke up and it would explain “everything about death.”

I protested, saying that this was only a dream and there was no way she could “give” me a book from there. She smiled serene and said, “don’t worry, you’ll get it”. Then she petted the cat and I got the feeling that he was really there with her and would not be found here on earth again. That morning I woke up and immediately looked around my bed for the book. Chiding myself that it had only been a dream, I got up and forgot about it. Later that day, I was in the grocery store and somehow found myself in the magazine section (I rarely buy supermarket magazines). And there I was drawn to a paperback, “What Dreams May Come.” As soon as I read the jacket, I knew it was sent by my mom. Sure enough, when I read it, I understood what she was saying, because it discussed the exact concepts she had shared in the dream. I had never been exposed to these concepts before, nor did I know anything about the book. My cat never did return.
– end of life after life extract –


I was laying in bed one night, unable to sleep because my mother and my grandfather were arguing. I had never heard them do that before, and it upset me very much. All of the sudden, I felt the edge of the bed go down in one spot, and when I looked, I actually saw a depression on the edge exactly as though someone was sitting there. I somehow *knew* that it was my grandmother and, even though it was freaking me out more that the argument, I knew she was there to comfort me. That was my first experience with the ghost of someone I knew.
– end of life after life extract –


My father died early in the morning, last year, in hospital. He had been ill for some time, but the end was actually quite sudden hence I could not be there in time. As I was driving through the night to his home, I felt as though he may be in the car with me and started to cry. I kept telling him that everything was okay now, he was at peace – he had many problems in life and I felt he was trapped before he died, but now he was free. I also was so sorry that I had not managed to see him before he died, on that day – (I had seen him 3 days previously).

I asked him for a sign that would let me know he was not angry. I decided the most appropriate sign would be a fire-engine with blue lights flashing, in his home county – the fire service that he had served with and had been an important part of his life. All day I was in and around that area and saw nothing. I heard sirens and would look out the window, but they were ambulances or police. I arranged with the hospital mortuary to view his body that afternoon. As I drove into the city and around the oneway system, just before turning into the hospital, there was a fire engine with the blue lights flashing. I felt like he was telling me – here’s your sign, don’t worry, it’s okay and I’m okay – trying to console me before I saw his body.
– end of life after life extract –


I knew 20 mins before anyone in my house found out that my grand father had passed on. when the phone rang i screamed at my dad not to answer this is well before caller id was around he didn’t and then ask me what was going on and then I told him his dad passed and i told him to answer the phone and then right at that time the phone rang it was his sister telling him what i just told him. I knew what happened and where, and who was around him at the time of him passing.

Later that night I was sleeping on a water bed and i woke up to the feeling that someone just took a set at the foot of my bed, I have very bad eyes and when i got my glasses on I found my grandfathers world war 2 uniform on my bed taken out and set down like it was ready to be put on. I didnt even know we had it in our house. My father was keeping it hidden from us. I have seem and felt him around me ever since that day.
– end of life after life extract –

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