Spiritual Encounters with the Paranormal

The following spiritual short stories are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


This event took place on … I had been spending years in a quest for Truth. Both my brother, , and beloved step-mother had died in car accidents in … within a few months apart. Not having had a religious upbringing, I was struggling to make sense of life in the wake of loss. After spending a year abroad, I travelled to … to join my father in order to spend some long-overdue time together.

Both of us were doing some significant soul searching. He had begun to attend church services again after many years of non-observance, but with a twist. He was attending the … church, which was in accordance with family tradition, and he was attending the … church, which was quite surprising. Anyway, he invited me to join him. I agreed to do so, thinking that maybe I would meet an attractive woman to date.

Well, I did meet an attractive woman, named … … was married and a mother, and she was the most spiritually awake person I had ever met at that time. She radiated a palpable presence of love that attracted me at the deepest level of my soul. We became acquainted, and she started inviting me to join her family for Sunday brunches to discuss matters of faith. We would go around the flagpole many times with discussions about Christianity and Christ. Although I had no desire to take up the Christian faith, I was very interested in knowing the source of her radiance. Then, one Sunday during brunch, an extraordinarily powerful event occurred. In the midst of our discussions, I had an epiphany. … saw the opening and asked if she might lay her hands on my head to pray. I agreed with an unusualy open spirit.

She did so, then she began to speak in tongues, at which time I began to feel a powerful energy enter me through the top of my head. It was like an electric current, and I began to shake all over and sweat profusely. Then, the energy began to retract and as it did so, it pulled what seemed to be a shadow of myself out of me. This was followed by a brief period of complete stillness and quiet. I felt utterly empty; then, an energy like gold, liquid light poured in through the top of my head an began to fill every cell in my body. This light filled me with an inexpressable bliss. Once I was filled, it seemed that the entire room began to glow. (Apparently, this did happen according to … husband and son who were at the dinner table at the time of this event.)

After the room filled with light, it dissolved in the light, along with all sense of self. There was only awareness of an ocean of luminosity that was infinite and pure potential. It was pure awareness, pure energy, pure bliss, and perfect. Then, this awareness gave way to a universal, godlike consciousness. There was no sense of “I”, but there was a sense of “We”.

“We” became aware of everything that is as it is, knowing as an atom, a cell, an organ, a plant or animal, a planet, a star, a solar system, a galaxy, etc. Knowing and being were one in the same act. “We” understood omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence. Then, this universal consciousness gave way to the ocean of luminosity again; then, this state of awareness returned to ordinary consciousness with a powerful force, as if I had physically landed back in my body.

At this time, … was thrown off my body, landing approximately ten feet away in the living room. Once both … and I had recovered, we talked about what each person had experienced. She said that she had not experienced anything like what I experienced. She had only been aware of an immense amount of energy pouring through her into me. She said, “I was glued to you like somebody being eletrocuted. I couldn’t move until the end when I was thrown.”

After I shared my experience with her and her family, she stated that God had something special in mind for me. I didn’t know if God had anything “in mind” for me, but I did know that I had gained an understanding of God and existence that was so different from anything that I had ever even concieved possible. I realized that I needed to more fully understand the content of the transformative and revelatory experience, in order to know what to do, so I decided to return to college in order to study religion and spirituality.
– end of spiritual short stories extract –


As one of my MA degree exercises in Transpersonal Studies, I had to meditate by myself. In my final meditation I was opened right up and entered into a united consciousness with something so uplifting that my spirit literally overflowed its physical bounds, through joy. Something in me has changed since then, although I live my life as usual. I cannot tell you what has changed, I only know that something in me is more aware, more empathic; more appreciative of a greater spiritual force in my life which acts for good, not just for me, but for everyone. I have always known this on a lesser level, but now it is more present and apparent in my life and more strongly affects how I touch the lives of others, often without knowing at the time.
– end of spiritual short stories extract –


I was watching a dvd about the weeping statue of the Virgin Mary, said to be a “miracle”, where the statue wept tears of scented oil and this oil was said to have healing properties. Watching this dvd made me feel so happy that I wanted to cry, and at the same time, a sense of calm came over me. Everything around me was blocked out. My parents, who were watching the dvd with me obtained those same feelings of calm and heightened sense of spirituality.
– end of spiritual short stories extract –


Five years ago whilst on holiday in Portugal I was talking to my son (aged 15 at the time).Suddenly a green colour started to appear down the left side of his face and shoulder. The colour grew more and more intense and seemed to extend across and outward from his body. Then a pulsating blob of colour appeared above his head. I can’t express in words the BRILLIANCE of the colour. I have never experienced anything like it in the natural world. I looked away for a few seconds but when I looked back it was still there. I called my husband but of course he couldn’t see it. I was amazed and excited.I now realise I was seeing my son’s aura but at that time I knew nothing about auras or chakras . When I got home I started to read up about them. As a result I resolved to study Reiki healing.I have just finished Reiki Part 2. I also started meditating. I have had some powerful experiences . I know I am on the right path now even though I have a very long way to go yet. Incidentally – you didn’t mention meditation in your survey. I have realised that meditation is the key to spiritual development. PS I’m NOT epileptic I do NOT suffer from migraine nor was I under the influence of drugs or alcohol!
– end of spiritual short stories extract –


I was about 19, and several of my friends had gone for a late night visit to the woods surrounding the … campus. As we were heading back to our vehicles, something very unusual suddenly happened that I never experienced before or since. My eyes ceased to be my own. Instead, I found myself looking through the eyes of a wolf. I could see it’s muzzle and paws as it ran through the woods alongside the path we were walking down. I could feel its heartbeat and the damp earth beneath her feet. This lasted perhaps 10 seconds. And just as suddenly, I was “me” again. While no one else experienced this, afterwards several of my friends told me they sensed something had happened to me and wanted to know if I was allright. I was. In fact, I had never felt more at peace with myself. This experience has taught me that we as a whole are all truly connected to one another. I honestly don’t know what happened that night, but I am grateful for the spiritual connection that I felt.
– end of spiritual short stories extract –


When i as very young I experienced blue lightning. It struck in my livingroom where i had only been playing a few moments before. both my mother and grandmother witnessed this light, but aparently didn’t see it the way i did, and later forgot about it for some strange reason – or it was part of their denial about the supernatural.

It was simply blue light that shot through the floor from the ceiling. As an adult, I met a child who had described this blue lightning, but it had actually hit him. his family attributed this to the fact he grew very tall – and unnaturally quickly – at a young age. He had spiritual gifts as well.

Now I understand that there is a Native American explaination for what I saw. A Heyoka, one who lives backwards, may have a vision/dream of this blue lightning. btw, I am also part Indian. I don’t think it makes a difference except for the fact Native spirituality is something I have explored to an extent I do many things backwards in my life. It caused me to wonder if people who have “the sight” are actually living backwards while appearing to live forward. Time may just simply be a perspective rather than an actuality.
– end of spiritual short stories extract –


I’m trained as a facilitator in Shamanic Breathwork; this spiritual work has significantly altered my life experience.

With the help of a facilitator, this work allows me to enter altered consciousness. The most dramatic instance was experiencing myself to be with celestial beings on the “other side;” I asked to see my late father and the ring of beings around me parted and there he stood.

More amazing to me was that the brother I never knew (he died prior to my birth) was with him–I recognized him from family photos. No words were spoken but we embraced and the love and joy were incredible. I never had a very loving relationship with my father during his lifetime; this spiritual experience healed my feelings about him.
– end of spiritual short stories extract –


I was deeply in love with a man. We had a LONG history of past lives together. I viewed him as my earth angel and ultimate soulmate. I even dreamed about him before meeting him on this plane.

One night, during an intimate embrace, I heard an angelic choir and experienced the overwhelming joy of unconditional love. It was my homecoming or “awakening”. I remembered who I was. My mate felt it too but while I embraced the experience which signaled the beginning of my spiritual path, he turned away from it with fear because it was an accounting for him. I had given him part of my essence or “power” many live times ago, I was reclaiming it even though he didn’t want to give it back. His life went in a tailspin after this. He retreated to the shadows while I began to let my inner light show, finally appreciating the spiritual gifts I had been given.
– end of spiritual short stories extract –


Many of my experiences have had a more spiritual tone of being helped or guided by a loving presence more than just paranormal. One such experience happened about ten years ago at age forty. I had gone to a psychic years before who had mentioned yellow roses with a pink edge as having some significance to my life.

Later I found that these roses were called peace roses and became on important spiritual symbol for me. One day I was with a woman I had just met who was going through a dark time in her life. She and I were walking through an open mall when I saw a bouquet of peace roses in a store window. I told her how much I loved these flowers and that when I saw them I knew I was not alone and God was looking out for us.

Her two young sons were with us that day and were walking ahead of us on the sidewalk at least 100 feet away. At that time her oldest son who must have been about ten ran into one of the stores ahead. I followed in after him leaving his mother behind. By the time I found him in one of the back rooms of the store, he was holding a peace rose in one hand and handing money to the saleswoman. He had almost a dazed look on his face. I asked him what he was doing and he said that he was buying this for his mother. When she caught up to us we were both overwhelmed when he handed the rose to her. She told me that she had been having such a rough time with him and how much it touched her.
– end of spiritual short stories extract –


I worked at a hospital from … until … as an administrative secretary. While there, I became very good friends with a co-worker, …. At first, we didn’t get along at all. I found her abrasive and she found me snobbish I guess (although I really wasn’t)! Anyway, one day, we went to the conference and had a showdown and agreed to have it out between us and after a few minutes, we both started laughing about the whole thing and we became good friends from that day on.

In the early 90s, she discovered she had breast cancer. She should have gone for mammograms; her mom had it, her grandmother had it .. I personally feel it tends to be genetic more often than not. First she had one breast removed, then it went to the other breast which was removed. She went through chemo, lost all her hair, bought a wig, came to work every day and worked long hours, a real trooper. Her thyroid went crazy and she had to have that nuked. Then after that, her heart decompensated going down to an ejection fraction of 15%. She still came to work every day and worked long hours! An amazing person.

She went into CHF, was put on the transplant list for a heart but fought it and came back from this. Next, her cancer went metastatic to the bones and then to the liver. This was over a ten-year period of time. By the time it went to her liver, I no longer lived in that town but 70 miles away but I called her at least once a week. I knew that her time would be short .. once it goes to the liver, time usually is short. Three days before she died, that night, a Friday night, I had the strangest beautiful dream.

You can tell the difference between regular dreams and dreams with REAL meaning and premonitions. When I hear music in my dreams, I REALLY hear the music. It’s different than remembering music in your head. That night while I was still asleep, my consciousness was awakened (I was still sleeping) and I heard a beautiful female voice singing “Amazing Grace.” It was beautiful, from the spiritual realm.

The next morning, I called … and told her about this. By that point (in 2001) she knew me very well and knew that strange things were always happening to me. Over the years, we talked about these things often. She interpreted this experience for me that morning. She said “You heard Amazing Grace because my daughter-in-law who has a beautiful voice is going to sing Amazing Grace at my funeral at my request.” She knew. She just knew.

Well, she passed quietly at home on Monday. Her funeral was to be the coming Thursday. I made arrangements with my son to drive me there. We did not know exactly where the funeral home was and ended up arriving 15 minutes late from the time the funeral was to begin. As we walked through the door and I opened the door wide, what greeted me was her daughter-in-law standing up there singing Amazing Grace. How beautiful.
– end of spiritual short stories extract –

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