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The following paranormal phenomena statements on demons are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


My husband and I were talking in our Study, when a knock came at our door. Because we could see the front door from our Study, my husband went to the side door, but no one was there, and we realised that as a person would have to pass the Study window to approach the side door.

As I was facing that window and had not seen anybody approaching the side door, this added emphasis to the mystery. When my husband went to the door, and no person was present he exclaimed amazement. He quickly realised that for the first time in his life (at least regarding good recall mentally) that this was his first unexplainable experience which I would call “paranormal”.

The knock on the door was loud, and was one set of 3, and as it was mid Summer, the door was open to the Study and also the side door. An intersting point which may be relevant is that it was the chacteristic knock of our neighbour, and we fully expected to see him there.

The property we were living in at the time is a converted barn adjacent to our neighbour’s farm house. This man at this time was disturbed by our open witness to Salvation in Christ, as the only way to Almighty God. At the time of the “knocking experience” we were in discussion regarding the differences of opinion we were experiencing regarding our neighbours definition of Christianity and our own.

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The first time I took Holy Communion (at age 41) after I shared in communion I walked back to my pew – I felt an overwhelming wave of what I can only describe as power pass through my body form head to toe. I felt like my feet were not touching the ground as I retunred to the pew. I has a storng sense of being ‘one’ with the congregation at this time and felt that prayer after that time was more intense and perhaps more meaningful. I had a similar experience a few years prior at St Pauls in London during evenson where I felt like I almost lifted out of my body.

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After a good long inner battle about religious people, corruption of church’s and the many non sensical rules and regulations about the Bible and how it’s been re-written countless times with individuals with their own unique agenda’s.

I prayed to God for the first time in years one night after many long and arduous bouts with synchronicity dealing with God and my attempt to ignore what was being placed in front of me. After having my life saved twice by “neutral sounding whispers with life saving instructions” in my head, and a final supernatural experience that made me go home and pray that night. When I prayed, I prayed for humanity and the earth and a great many other things, not for me, when I said “amen” I was suddenly touched by God, or I became a part of God, or I became aware of Gods love for me. It was like 10 seconds of the most intense love I have ever felt, or will feel until that day we meet. It was like being a drop of water, immearsed so soul searing deep in the most beautiful, fantastic and majestic loving ocean the size of the universe itself. I’ll never forget that feeling till the day I die, and I’m a better person for having been blessed to become aware of the ignorance I was blissfully living in.

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I have always been spritiual. When I was twenty two I had my new born baby and three year old toddler down for a nap. I was on my hands and knees scrubbing my floors when the next thing I knew the Virgin Mary pick me up off the floor just by touching my elbow. She was about 4’11” and was dressed like the days of her time. She smiledd and look deep into my eyes and told me (using my name), “Stay as good are you are you will be needed”. She then touch me on the cheek, smiled at me and was gone. Since that time I have had the same message delivered on five different occasion all of which were from dead friends and relatives. I have never forgotten this experience and what The Virgin Mary told me. I have tried to remain open for what The Virgin Mary said that will be I am need for. And as good as one can be here in the physical. As of yet I still don’t know exactally what I am need for but, I am ready to do whatever is needed of me.

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When lying on my bed, thinking of the world and its many problems, a laughing horselike Satanic head appeared. This lasted for several minutes. I prayed out loud, that the Lord Jesus Christ would remove this head from my presence. This then happened.

There was no noise, only this large horselike head which was laughing and was moving around the room, and all the time looking directly at me. I did not feel afraid as I believed that this was of Satan, and at that time I was looking into the meaning of Satan’s activities revealed in the Bible. Because I am a Born again Christian I knew he could not hurt me. This was strong, powerful, and something one could never forget even though it was over 25 years ago. Before this survey I have only ever shared this experience, (and others) with my husband.

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