The following statements on EVP are extracts from the second round of spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed. Go to science and religion to access other reports.


It was the mid 80’s. Fashion was cruel and hairdressers felt compelled to perm everything. My interests were horror movies (my mother was a horror fanatic) and the paranormal. My interest was all encompassing.

From spiritual healing and astral projection through to literature on the dark arts and the likes of Aleister Crowley. I was intrigued by all things dismissed by others through fear. The small town I was living in had an old cemetery on it’s outskirts. It used to be part of a concentration camp during the Boer war and as such was more likely than not to have seen it’s fair share of horror.


The spirit that I talk about previously was in a courthouse and behaved in a poltergeist manner. i do not believe poltergeist are manifestations of our mind. This spirit was intelligent and communicated with us by tapping one tap for yes and 2 for no. My whole team saw him as well as some members of public, a uni student filming a doco on ghosts, the sceptic side, and other investigating teams. In this courthouse we witnessed lights, shadows, dark apparitions, ghost voices audible and heard by a few of us and evp as well, furniture dragging, door banging,scratching, popping and other noises, equipment beign turned off and on. Infrared door alarms going off a third time when 2 people walked through, being touched very intensely, people being made nauseous, very loud footsteps i have on film and audio and it just goes on and on.I think the footsteps that walked around us very loudly when we couLD see no one was there and the voices of disincarnates around us was the most notorious events.

– end of EVP extract –


I was with a group of people checking out, investigating, Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, PA. We were in Casemate #5 when I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I got really cold. After this I tried to lift my head and it felt like someone was holding it down, I could not move my head at all. When temperature readings were taken the air around us was 43 and the temperature reading behind me was 36 and noticeably colder. When we reviewed the EVP’s after I said the hair on the back of my neck is standing up you can hear very clear and very loudly “Nobody Move”. I can send the clip if needed. Everyone in the group was in front of me at the time and I was the only one speaking. In casemate 1 another investigator was pushed off the wood cot and landed 2 cots down. No one was near him at the time.

– end of EVP extract –


My mother just died two months ago. I felt her place her hands on my back 2 days after she died. the I heard her call my name 3 nights in a row at 4:15 in the morning. I think that is the time she died. I have 2 EVP of her telling me she loves me.

– end of EVP extract –

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