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Here is a sample of what others are writing about Psychic Revolution. From Bob: Rosemary, you have offered me such an interesting, informative response. You’ve given me a lot of time, and I appreciate it all. I love your final paragraph; it is positive and encouraging and without judgment… From Bob: I obviously don’t know any of you, but I just want to say how warm, comforting, and compassionate all of you are in your exchanges. The Internet can sometimes be a rough place, especially with the anonymity of all. But you three refute any of that… From Bev: Rosemary was a Master of Education student at Monash University and completed her degree successfully and with flair. As her supervisor I witnessed Rosemary’s creative approach to her research as she initiated and designed an on line survey to explore people’s experiences of the paranormal. This innovative way of collecting data, generated considerable public interest, and led to several invitations to participate in live radio interviews… Rosemary is an excellent communicator who values the internet to develop networks, and she is always willing to share her ideas collaboratively. Rosemary’s attention to detail, persistence in completing projects and passion for psychic phenomena, has enabled her to generate a new position as CEO of Psychic Revolution.

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