Telepathy and Mind Reading

The following paranormal phenomena statements on telepathy are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I was visiting a city and watching the television news about a manhunt that police were conducting there. I went out for a walk and received information telepathically that I could find this guy. I walked through streets I had never been on before, and shortly found myself stopped in front of a home. The home appeared as though no one was home, with the shades turned down. I left and returned several minutes later to look at it again, and then went home. That night on the evening news, they were showing how police had captured the man at the exact home I had been looking at that morning.
– end of telepathy extract –


A few years ago I dated a man (I’m female) who was the most psychic person I’ve ever known. During the relationship it became almost commonplace for me to “feel” his emotions when he was miles away from me – they would arrive as a ball of energy in the middle of my abdomen, just below my naval, and then open up and I would “taste” the emotion.

This happened once a week at least, and it happened when he was feeling strong emotions. Examples:

A. I was sitting at work when I had the overwhelming feeling that … was crying. Since that was the least likely thing in the world I ignored the feeling, but after ten minutes I decided to call him. He really was crying, because a coworker had died.

B. We had a late-night conversation on the phone. After I hung up, I physically felt invisible hands running up and down my arms. I called him right back and he confirmed that he was visualizing holding me in his arms and hugging me.

C. After we stopped dating we remained good friends. One day I had a job interview that went badly, and as I left the building and drove off, I was close to a panic attack from worries over money. I was crying and close to hyperventilating as I drove. Out of nowhere, I stopped crying and my entire body relaxed – it was like a sedative rolling through my system – and I “felt” an intangible warm hand pressed against my stomach, holding my emotions down. I felt completely calm. Although I had not even talked to …  for two weeks, I sent him a brief, ambiguous text message on the phone: “Was that you?” (If it wasn’t him, the message would make no sense.) He replied by text message with “Yes. Remember to breathe and ground.”
– end of telepathy extract –


a friend and I used to hear each others thoughts and respond verbally to each other, which is how we first realized that we could hear each others thoughts. This happended regularly with us.
– end of telepathy extract –


My son and I often share thoughts. He was 6 at the time this happened. I was anticipating something that I thought he needed, using my felt sense and it suddenly occured to me that I was not intuiting what he was thinking, but that all along, he had been doing it with me. So I asked him, “Am I reading your mind or are you reading mine?”

He immediately answered with a smile that he was always the one reading mine and this was because I did not “keep my sleep sign on” and so it was easy to do. When I pushed to find out if this was something he picked up on television, he took me through all the people close to him and let me know which ones usually had their sleep signs on (my husband) and which didn’t. We test our ability to do this all the time with guessing games (“Which color am I thinking of?”) and he is most always right on the first guess, at which point I try to block him (sleep sign on) and he can no longer tell.
– end of telepathy extract –


My husband was out of the country on business. I woke up from a dead sleep just before the phone rang. He was calling from Paris.
– end of telepathy extract –


This involves an experiment in sending a deliberate and complex telepathic message to my daughter… She was completely unaware of my intention to do so. I chose her lunch hour to do this as I felt she would be relaxed and more receptive.

I went into a meditation and at the level at which images begin to occur, I visualised walking up a hillside as the moon began to rise up above tree tops in a deep indigo sky. By the time I reached the top of the hill the moon was high overhead. I sat down and thought of my daughter until I could clearly visualize her. I stroked her face and hair and held her and told her how much I loved her. I then visualized her as a small child who I picked up and cuddled and loved then handed over to the grown up image of my daughter for her to do the same. When I felt that I had done enough, I walked back down the hill and closed the meditation. I went about my day, in fact I forgot about it completely.

About six o’clock that evening she rang me. She said, “Were you watching me today, Mum?” I asked her what had happened and she told me there had been two incidents in which she had the strangest of feelings. The first and most powerful came on during her lunch hour when she had an extraordinary feeling of love, or “mother love”, as she put it, come over her, and she felt as though I was there in the room standing right behind her. In addition to this, she said that she began to feel great love for herself as a little child but she did not understand why. She then had to return to work and the feeling wore off. The second part occurred on the bus on her way home. She was absorbed by the outline of trees silhouetted against the moon as it rose into a particularly beautiful, deep INDIGO sky. She was again overcome by the strange feeling that she had had during her lunch hour. I think that was a success. She got both the message and the setting.
– end of telepathy extract –


I find that quite often, particularly if I’m close with someone, that out of the blue I can phsyically and emotionally feel what they are experiencing in that moment even though they are not with me at the time. I’ve had these kinds of experiences hundreds of times but there was two that were linked together that I’m most grateful for.

I have a girlfriend in the States (I now reside in the UK). One day, I was working my computer when I suddenly got the most terrible stomach cramps that I doubled over. But somehow I knew they weren’t my cramps. They were there, I could feel them but (this is difficult to articulate fully) I knew they weren’t coming from me. I sat quietly for a moment and focused on where they were coming from and I knew they were from a girlfriend. I picked up the phone and called her. As soon as she said hello, I said: “For God Sake, take something for your stomach. Your cramps are killing me.” She was startled and started laughing and replied, “HOw did you know?! I just this minute went to lie down on the bed. My stomach is absolutely killing me. I must have eaten something.” As we were chatting for a few minutes about what she ate, I suddenly could feel that she had a lump in her breast. I asked her to feel her chest in a self examine. She said she didn’t feel anything. But I told her there was a lump in her left breast and she needed to go to the doctor immediately. She was leaving the next week for a visit back to her home in Boston so she said she’d make an appointment there to see the doctor she had seen for years. She knows that I’m not alarmist and if I tell her something like this, it needs to be followed up. So she did. I told her to make sure she had a mammogram. When she went to see her doctor, he told her he couldn’t feel anything wrong but as promised she asked for a mammogram. Although he didn’t feel any need, he said that it would be alright to do one as a baseline for the future (we were both 35 at the time so just the right age). The mammogram revealed that there was a lump in her left breast. They did a biopsy and thankfully it wasn’t malignant but they removed it all the same. So who knows what it could have become if it was left–perhaps it would always have been benign but I have my personal suspicions that if it was always going to remain innocuous, I probably wouldn’t have picked up on it.
– end of telepathy extract –


The first time I consciously experienced the thoughts and feelings of others happened when I was at work. I was just doing my job and I looked up at this woman I work with; there was nothing telling about her body language or facial expressions, she too was just going about her work, but I could feel a lump starting to build in my throat and the need to cry. It felt like my heart had been broken. I walked up to her and asked what was wrong, and that was just enough to let all that pent up emotion out and she cried and told me the story.

After consoling her, I went to the store room and my friend was there with a new employee. This new employee began joking around with me and we were having a laugh and I could feel jealousy radiating off of my friend, and all I could do was laugh even more about it! Directly after this, one of the guys who worked with us asked me where another lady was and I told him she was about to clock out and go home, and he was off to the time clock to catch her. I felt as though he was falling in love with her (they are engaged now). Me and my friend carpooled to work and on the way home, I asked her about her jealousy over the new employee and she told me that she did indeed feel this, so I told her the rest of this story.

This ability grew over the past few years until the majority of my place of employment all came down with some form of depression, which i caught like it was a cold bug, and I haven’t been able to trigger this ability the same way since, or at least to the degree I was able to when I first noticed it. I think my mind turned it off as a defense against the depression. But during this time, I was able to look back on my childhood and notice that I could indeed do this then, only I didn’t notice it. I am still able to “know” things that I wouldn’t normally know, and I sometimes get flashes of others’ emotions, but I am working on being able to do it at will again.
– end of telepathy extract –


this is something that happened to my mother and i all my life, we would be somewhere (dosnt matter where) with someone or a group of people talking and the next thing we notice is people staring at us strange because mom and i are talking saying nothing more then yep or uh uh-but we are having a full conversation i guess using are minds
– end of telepathy extract –


My brothers and sisters were at my Dads for the weekend and were at the beach. I’d stayed home. Sunday I was suddenly worried about them, so I told Mom. She asked if I could be more specific, so I thought about it and realized that something was wrong with the youngest and the others were worried and very angry. After about a half hour it was suddenly ok. Turns out that about the same time … (the youngest 3y/o) had wandered off while Dad napped and when everyone came back they couldn’t find him. It was about a half hour later when they found the lifeguard who found him first.
– end of telepathy extract –


I felt a crushing pain so bad I had to pull over and sit through two red lights. I went to make sure nothing happened to my mom and when she was safe I went to meet friends. I knew somone was dying at the moment I felt that pain. I did not know who but it was one of the people I met her brother ran his bike into a pole and crushed his chest.
– end of telepathy extract –


A coworker knew I could “read” strange things, so he brought me the current out of town paper relating a murder of a young woman in a shopping mall in another town. My coworker had gone to college with the murdered girl & knew the parents and had talked to them upon seeing the paper. He asked me if I could tell him anything.

I read the article, which simply related the murder had occured in the back office where the girl had worked. No other details given, just a picture of the store she was killed in. … asked me to “read” the article and see if I could help the parents. I informed him as I stood there with the paper in my hand, that she had been killed at her desk, from behind. She had been shot with a gun, larger than a .25 but smaller than a .38, which made no sense to me at all, but I didn’t know guns.

I described the male as being white, black hair, and a loner..the lone wolf type. He had carred a carry bag of some sort and there was a piece of paper on the floor with his name on it (like a check) but I couldn’t read the name. I told … that the girl was not sexually assaulted. Robert related all this information to the family for their peace of mind. Several days later the police arrested and charged a man matching my description.

The “loner” part was that his wife had just left him. Why did the store clerk now him? He used to be the night watchman for the shopping mall & regularly checked in on her. The gun? A .28 that was found in a small navy blue duffel.
– end of telepathy extract –


My mother, sister and myself have often communicated with each other telepathically, words, thoughts, emotions. We seem to be losing the ability as we get older, except under stress. Once when I was a teenager, we sent a message to my brother about 2 Km away, the only time we did it together. He got really angry as it was really strong and he felt it an invasion of his privacy/mental thoughts. The very first thing he said on his return was “You sent me a message, didn’t you!”.  We three, were all quite excited but he did have a point.
– end of telepathy extract –


Recently, my adult son, with whom I live, was out one night in a heavy rainstorm. I had no idea where he actually was but had a vision of him in his car, which was partially submerged in water. The picture in my mind was very clear but brief.

Within a few minutes, I received a call from him. He was taking a friend home when he exited the freeway and drove into moving water which covered halfway up the car doors. It was flashflood water, all streetlights were out and it overtook his car. Thank goodness for cellphones! When he called, I really had no idea why. But, after he began to explain what had happened, my first response was “I just saw that!” I truly was taken aback by the accuracy of the vision then and after I saw his circumstances the next day as we tried to retrieve his car.
– end of telepathy extract –


I was putting on my makeup in front of a mirror while watching/listening to CNN when there was a story about an avalanche in Colorado or somewhere in the Western U.S. The announcer said they thought there were no survivors. I turned back to the mirror to continue what I was doing, when I DISTINCTLY heard a FEMALE voice say, “Please pray for me, I’m down here.”

I wanted to call the police, tell them I was psychic, and to PLEASE call the authorities in CO to step-up their search for survivors, but I was afraid they’d think I was nuts. A woman and man were later found alive, trapped inside lockers that had fallen on them. Several years later, the female survivor was on a talk show and was asked, “What did you do while you were waiting for help?” “I kept thinking, ‘Someone, please pray for me, I’m stuck down here!!! Please pray for me!!”
– end of telepathy extract –


When I was 13, there was a night that my father was late coming home. He sometimes had to work late, so I thought nothing of it. While reading a textbook for homework, I suddenly had an intense feeling that my father was very sad and that my oldest uncle was dead. It was incredibly strong. I shook my head and got up to get a drink, noting that it was just after 8pm. Later that night, my father came home and told us that my uncle was indeed dead; he had a heart attack earlier that day and had died shortly after 8:00. My father was in the hospital room with him when he passed.
– end of telepathy extract –


Three days after my father died, my new husband and I were asleep. I was extremely upset at my father’s passing — I was almost inconsolable. He was only 56 when he passed from a heart attack. I was with him when it happend and I knew he would not be revived.

On the third night of his passing, I “dreamt” that I was going to join him. I saw “the light” and was walking towards it. I knew what I was doing. My husband shook me awake and told me I could not go with my dad. Turns out, he “dreamt” that he saw me walking towards the light/towards my father and my father told him to stop me and tell me it wasn’t my time.

We conjointly “dreamt” the same thing at the same time. We both know it wasn’t a “dream.”
– end of telepathy extract –


I had a life long friend lose a baby in a house fire. Even though I didn’t know exactly what was happening at the time of this tragic event, I knew something bad was happening to someone I knew. The fire happened at about 9:30 at night. I was at home feeling anxious and disturbed but didn’t know why. At about 11pm, I turned on the local news and to my horror found out why.

This may seem like coincidence, but I’ve never felt anything like that and to this day never since. For a while afterwords, I felt guilty thinking that maybe if I could have did something a baby wouldn’t have died. After discussing this with my friend, he said even though I did feel something was wrong I couldn’t have known exactly what. After this I learned to cope and I am okay with it now. I do hope I never experience anything like it again.
– end of telepathy extract –


Communicating with someone nearly 800 miles away. the amount of energy that was discoverd between us was so powerful that i was psyically knocked over to the floor. The psychic energy or current of light was so strong i felt there was something left unresolved between us from prevous lifetime or pre birth. its a soul thing. i can at times feel the trauma from it. i would say it has to do with the collective unconscious as opposed to the personal one.
– end of telepathy extract –


The first time I realized I was telepathic was when I was a sophmore in college, 19 or 20 years old. I “heard” a group of my friends who were in another building having a conversation. When I checked later with one of them, what I “heard” was accurate in every detail.
– end of telepathy extract –


I was on holiday after a stressful family time, and had said that I would not be in touch with the family while I was on holiday. On the 3rd day I woke at 5am and told my partner that I HAD to call home, it was a matter of life and death. He refused to let me find a phone, and pushed me into the car. We drove along a very isolated road until 4pm, when we came to a small town. I insisted I needed to call home, but he said no, I needed a break. We booked into a caravan park, and I headed to the showers. There was a new phone booth near the shower block, so I rang home, reverse charges. My daughter answered, with ‘what took you so long’. My daughter-in-law, to whom I am very close, had overdosed at 5am and was on life support. I knew something was wrong at 5am, the phone booth is no longer at that caravan park. My family was 1000kms away.
– end of telepathy extract –


SEVERAL: I frequently sense the presence of a person who is not physically there.

More than once I have seen a person that is there one second and gone the next. The sensation of being touched by someone or something who was not there occurred in the presense of my husband and children, though they experienced nothing.

My husband and I have mental telepathy with each other. I often dream about events that later occur. I regularly see auras in other people, but never my own.
– end of telepathy extract –


At age 12 or 13 a girlfriend and I decided to try telepathy so we sent different words back and forth. At first they were ordinary words like friend or school, and we were able to communicate the words to each other. It didn’t seem like a big deal because they were normal words used in everyday conversation. We decided that was too easy so one of us went to the dictionary and picked out a word (which happened to be “muskrat”) and mentally sent it to the other (we can’t now remember who sent and who received). The other person did get the word, and for some reason it scared us so much we never did it again and didn’t even speak of it until a few years ago, some 40 years later.
– end of telepathy extract –


I was seated on the floor and my eleven and twelve year old children were behind me looking for a book on the shelves. In my mind, my sister suddenly asked me to call her. She lived seventy miles west of me at the time. It was mental telepathy over distance and it was instananeous each time it occurred that summer. She never repeated the mental calls and we never discussed the events until my son was in his early forties. My sister recalled the events when I asked her but she later refused to disuss it with my son, which greatly irritated me.
– end of telepathy extract –


As I grew up, I found I could hear what people were thinking. My grandmother understood what was happening and taught me how NOT to look or listen uninvited. About the age of 6 I started seeing other people, and was able to talk to them. I thought they were just relatives that lived with us,and thought the girl in the long dark blue dress was my older sister that lived in the wall by the fireplace. Later I found out that the girl was a sort of guardian of my family, and she was a ghost.
– end of telepathy extract –

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