Psychokinesis or Just Mind Over Matter?

The following psychokinesis statements are paranormal phenomena extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I have had so many paranormal experiences that I could go on forever. I have seen ‘people’ that couldn’t be there, witnessed objects moving, heard voices and witnessed light anomolies. This has been mostly when other people have also witnessed the same phenomena. I have also been able to walk into several buildings not knowing previously the location etc and been able to tell people names including surnames, date of birth and death and stories about people that once dwelled in these place. I have also been able to give descriptions of these people.

Although I have not always been right on certain aspects there have been several times where I was spot on which even freaked me out. I am not the type of person to make up stories to please other people.

In reality I am very skeptical about all of these experiences and still trying to find logical, rational and reasoned explanations for most of them.
– end of psychokinesis extract –


When I was a young mother, I was very busy with four small children. I had a pushy mother-in-law who insisted that I have Thanksgiving Dinner at my house. I was unhappy & stressed over this because she likes to criticize everyone if they are not perfect. She also took the liberty of inviting a number of other relatives on her side. After dinner was served & cleaned up, I was exhausted. One of her daughters shows up hours later with her boyfriend. The mother-in-law insisted that I take out all the leftover food and serve her daugher and her daugher’s boyfriend. After I laid all the food out on the table, the light bulb burst into pieces and glass shattered all over the food. I gladly threw the food out.
– end of psychokinesis extract –


I was with my boyfriend. Both of us were interested in the way the mind and body work and were experimenting on mentally making one hand cold and one hand hot and that sort of thing. Anyway, one evening we were playing backgammon. I was really lucky – too lucky and threw doubles throughout the whole game. He called me on it and said something seemed strange – I hadn’t really thought about it. He challenged me to throw and double six and I did. He asked again and I did. I did so about 10 times in a row. Then I started to get bored and wished we would do something else. He asked again, and I didn’t. He kept asking and my reocrd got spotty some on, some off, but the spottiness started when I started getting bored. Then we went out for a walk. As we passed under streetlights, they would go out. Not one far in advance or behind, but the one we were passing under. This happened about 10 or 12 times that night.
– end of psychokinesis extract –


a book moved on it’s own in the presense of myself and another person. This happened `outside’ in a park — at a place that a group of us had designated as a `power spot’ in college.
– end of psychokinesis extract –


My sister, mom, and myself were all sitting in the living room of my sister’s house. It was exactly 2 weeks prior to Christmas. My sister’s 2 year old was at her dad’s house, however, this did not stop her toys from being played with, or rather, from playing themselves. Out of the blue, this musical play table turned itself on right before our very eyes and belted out a Christmas song and then turned off. Now this table does not even play holiday songs because it is a politically correct toy so it can be marketed to all creeds and religions. We then tried, stunned as we were to see if maybe we could find this song if there was a glitch in this particular toy. But to no avail, we never could find this song in this little play table.
– end of psychokinesis extract –


When I was in grade school, (6th grade), I and nine other classmates decided to expirement with psychokinesis. We put a pencil on a flat table and all backed away from it, being sure not to touch the table or the pencil. Working as a group, we caused the pencil to roll towards the edge of the table, stop, roll back, stop and finally roll again in the opposing direction.
– end of psychokinesis extract –


In high school I used to do psychic experiments with two good girlfriends. One was automatic handwriting. My friend … channeled John Lennon who drew cartoons through her. … channeled Paul McCartney, who wrote out the first draft lyrics to BlackBird Singin in the Dead of Night, then the White Album came out and we heard the song!

I had a guide who called him/herself Lily. Then a woman named Montgomery, who wrote the biography of Jean Dixon, wrote another book. She said she did not write it, but automatic typed it, and the real author was a guide named LILY! The book came out after my own experience. Sometimes Lily would write backwards through my hand ( mirror writing, like Da Vinci) I had never done it before Lily did it through me. Now to this day I can still write backwards because I still have that neural pathway grooved into my brain.

I wrote J. B Rhine at Duke Univ, looking for an explanation; his wife answered and said that automatic handwriting was like ‘dreaming with my hands.” As a teenager I thought this was a put down; that she was poo poohing my experience. But now that I think of it, dreaming with my hands is wild and crazy!

We also used to levitate folding chairs by placing our hands on TOP of the seat (so no one could say we were lifting it) and we also practiced psychokinesis on each other. Two of us would get together in another room and agree on a series of movements we wanted the third one to perform, then go back into the room with our third friend and mentally transmit the movements, which … would perform!  We all did it. It felt like a gentle pressure pushing us into various postures or movements. I once made a pen spin on a desk by willing it. Scared me. We were 15 and 16 at the time, sophomores and juniors in high school.

Can no longer do psychokinesis or automatic handwriting. But I do practice Reiki and can feel, even remotely, where a body draws energy, often indicating where something is wrong. This has been veified by subsequent trips to the doctor and tests. Any Reiki practitioner can do this. Maybe even anybody who tries, and has the patience and good intentions.

I can also see auras, at least the first couple layers, after learning how from reading and doing the exercises in Barbara Brennan’s “Hands of Light” book. Sometimes I see them when I don’t even want to; they can be distracting when you are tring to interview somebody. But a yellow flare comes out of people’s heads when they are talking about something they are passionate about.
– end of psychokinesis extract –


About two years ago. My ex girlfriend and I were sitting down in the living room. At age 26 we were both working as soul rescuers and were experiencing paranormal phenomena on an hour by hour basis. On this particular evening we witnessed physical phenomena for the first time in well lit conditions. In the middle of my living room, there was a long heavy wooden table. During the week preceding this event we remarked that there had been a general increase in activity compared to normal. That evening we both watched a full glass of red wine move about a foot across the (completely flat and dry) table. This was a week day in June 2004. We didnt feel threatened at all, just very surprised. To be honest, although it was surprising and yet another incredulous event, we just wanted it to stop. That was pretty intense.
– end of psychokinesis extract –


Starting around age 10 it seemed that every time I touched anything that stored information magneticly like computers, floppy disks, cassete tapes, they would malfunction as if the information stored had been altered. It was a bit of a joke at first until it started to happen at computer/electronics stores.

It seemed that all I had to do was come into physical contact with said objects, especially computers, for them to malfunction. My dad and I tested it out a bit and found that mainly when I used a computer for more than about 10 minutes it would report that files that were on the hard drive were suddenly missing or corrupted. Many times a computer would just lock up for no apparent reason and not function properly for three to five days and sudenly function normaly. This has not happened to me since I was about 20 years old.
– end of psychokinesis extract –


I was typing on an old fashioned type writer (non-computer) and I made a mistake and wanted to go back about ten spaces. Without thinking, I pressed the SPACE bar one time (which should have moved it forward one space) and the column went all the way BACK to where I wanted it. I would later practice moving book pages with my mind (windows closed, no fans on, etc.) and had one or two moments of success. None when I tried to show my sister however and I never quite tried again since.
– end of psychokinesis extract –


Whenever I walk by street lamps they extinquish themselves. It doesn’t happen to all of them, the most consecutive turn-offs was 4 lights. And it doesn’t matter if i’m walking or in a car.
– end of psychokinesis extract –


I observed a foot stool move across the room and back again. It was early in the morning and I was the only one up. I was so excited I woke my parents up and told them about it. They told me it was just my imagination and not to tell anyone else about it. It didn’t matter what they said, I know what I saw, and to this day can remember the experience. It still excites me when I think about it.
– end of psychokinesis extract –


This is a ‘reality shift’ – pieces of a game changed their physical appearance:

My family borrowed a friend’s video boardgame (“Nightmare”). The game comes with a set of six white plastic tiles, each approximately a centimeter square. Each of these is numbered from 1 to 6. At the beginning of play each player draws a tile at random and places it into a slot in the base of the playing piece, displaying the number (to randomize game play). About a month after first borrowing the game, while putting it away after playing, my lady stopped and said, in a very confused tone, “Hey! I thought these tiles only had the number printed on one side!???” I “knew” for a fact that the tiles only had the numbers printed on one side, yet when I looked at the tiles they quite clearly had the numbers professionally printed on both sides. I had and have clear memories of the tile only having one side printed, even to the point of both of us remembering when I made a silly joke of inserting my tile into my playing piece blank side up. Our daughter, …, also remembers the tiles having a blank side, and my ‘joke’.

A REAL oddity is, when we returned the game to its owner, they insisted that the tiles had always been printed on both sides. This would seem to suggest (and further events in my life have validated the concept) that, it wasn’t just a physical change that occurred, but apparently people’s memories, except for the three of us, also changed, so that in this ‘new’ reality, the two sided tiles are the only kind that had ever existed. Please note that I am aware of the condition of ‘suggestion’ and witnesses prompting each other. I don’t think this is likely in this case because I had other people volunteer information that I already clearly remembered, like my joke.
– end of psychokinesis extract –


I have been able to move objects using only thought, not just once but dozens of time, on demand. I have a friend that has been learning this technique with me and we both are getting better with practice. I have seen a ghost in a house I own, and my wife saw the same apparition, at the same time. We compared notes immediately after seeing him, and we saw the same figure. I have also heard footsteps in the same house several times, that are probably due to a young girl that also haunts the area.
– end of psychokinesis extract –


This happened in our former home, and was experienced by both my husband and myself. First I will give you a brief history and description of the home, along with a bit of information about activity experienced there, as it was haunted, so it wasn’t just one experience had, it was many. It was/is an older home, a character home with lots of wood work, hardwood floors, etched wood paneling in the dining room, wide window sills and a wooden staired (and banister) staircase that lead to a second floor. The rooms were on the smaller side (next to no closets and very little cupboard space), the living room was larger though as it was long.

When you walked into the living room via a rounded arch doorway, which was at about the half-way point of the room, on one side was a seating area where our tv was, and on the other side (other end of the room) was a fireplace with a giant throw pillow and small couch. At either end of the room were tall windows with wide sills so you could easily put a plant on. The kitchen was very small, off of it were stairs to the basement and a doorway that lead to a porch which we used for our freezer and as a mud/coat room, it was a good size for a porch. The door leading out from it was a heavy steel door (no window in it) that we kept locked all the time, unless outside in the yard of course. We always kept the inside door to the kitchen closed (which was the original back outside door), as the porch had limited heat in the winter, plus it wasn’t the prettiest room. Also off the kitchen was a walk through space (with a pantry cupboard) that lead into the dining room. Upstairs held 3 bedrooms and a bathroom, the hallway between them was a square shape, not a typical hallway. The stairs leading up were in two sections, the first being the main stairs, then you came to a small landing (there was a door leading to a small porch-like room used as an office), then you turn to go up another 3 stairs to the 2nd floor. Off the front door was another small porch. I had purchased the home when it was just my sons and I, we were starting a new life after my previous marriage dissolved. We had lived there for a few years before I met my current husband, whom I dated for close to a year before he moved in upon our engagement, we married several months later and lived there as a family for about a year before moving to our current home. In total I/we owned and lived in the home for about 6 years. We moved to our current home in the spring of 95. My youngest son was 2 and my oldest was turning 6 when the 3 of us moved in to our new home. I was so excited about it, I feel in love with the home when I first saw it and couldn’t wait to move in. The neighbourhood had lots of kids (perfect for the boys), a playground was near by, and the street was lined with beautiful large old elm trees.

Shortly after moving in some odd things occurred, I chalked it up to imagination, house sounds, my forgetfulness, and so on. The thought the house was haunted didn’t enter my mind, although I did feel a presence in the home I just thought it was old energy given the home was built in 1912, plus me getting use to the place and living alone with my sons. It wasn’t long however before my thoughts changed and I was pretty certain we were sharing our home with a ghost. My 2yr old was reacting to someone unseen, for example, while playing on the floor next to me as I was doing paperwork at the dining room table, he started to giggle and say stop tickling me (as a 2yr old would say it). When I asked him who was tickling him as it wasn’t me, he said the man is tickling me. He would smile and laugh at times while appearing to be looking at someone while doing it, yet no one was there in front of him. Both of my sons would come out of their bedrooms during the night at times, saying someone was poking them and woke them up. My keys (house/car) went missing the first month we moved in, I thought I had misplaced them even though I put them on the key holder by the phone religiously. I had to get a locksmith in to rekey things for me and thankfully I gave my folks a 2nd set of car keys to hold. A few weeks later, I returned from work (I had a late evening shift so the kids were at my parents for the night), and while I put on some soup to cook I started to tidy up the living room and kitchen. All was in it’s place as I sat at the dining room table having my late dinner. I heard a noise like keys falling. I went to see what it was and was stopped in my tracks, stunned to see the keys that were lost weeks earlier were there laying in the middle of the living room floor (on the hardwood were no rug was). It was like they came out of thin air, I had searched ever nook and cranny of that house for those keys when they went missing. I took it as a sign to say ok you can stay, making light of it, as it was better than getting uptight about it. Silly I know. The doorbells in the house didn’t work, I even had my Dad (an engineer who is also a handy-man) check them, and no power was going to them. Old house lots of new wiring but not entirely.

One day around halloween my Mom was visiting, just her, I, and the boys were there. I always locked the doors even if we were home and someone was over. It had snowed during the day so the ground had a fresh cover, you could easily see if there were tracks outside. The doorbell rang, I was quite surprised knowing they didn’t work, I went to the front door and no one was there. Before I had the door shut and locked the door bell rang again, I’m right there and can see no one is there, so thinking it must be the back door I went to check. I was quite nervous about it as the doorbell was on the inside door, so that means someone had to come through the porch to get to it, and well the back porch door to the outside was “always locked” as we had a back lane and you never know. I opened it and nope no one there (to my relief), I checked the outside door and it was locked with the dead bolt on. As I was doing this the doorbell rang again, this time my Mom went to the front door, no one was there, no tracks in the snow. As she stood at the front door and I the back, both door bells started ringing, it was nuts. I yelled out “stop it” then said “you are scaring the kids” (who were upset by this as was my Mom, and I), and it stopped just like that. It didn’t happen again. I had the doorbells checked again and neither worked, nor had power to them. I could go on with many more experiences had, from hearing someone call my name (out loud, and whispered in my ear), to hearing foosteps upstairs and main floor, lights being turned off/on (all of them on one floor would be on after just turning them all off to go to bed), to cupboards being open, hearing bells ring in the basement with no one down there, cold spots, seeing orbs, strange things with the phones at times.

Several people besides myself, the children, and my husband experienced activity in that home. Often enough it was experienced by more than one person at the same time. Though I also had several experiences alone when I lived there for the first few years, as the kids would either be in bed, at school, at a sleep-over with family etc. On to the experience that my husband and I had that to do this day we still feel amazed over. The kids were fast asleep in their beds, my husband and I were enjoying a quiet evening, listening to music and watching the fire. We were standing by the fireplace chatting and laughing having just had a slow dance (ya it was romantic then haha). My husband was facing the fireplace and I was facing the opposite way so I could see the doorway that lead into the living room from the hallway (which was fairly close). In the hallway there was a coat nook, the stairs, the entry to the kitchen, and another hall (it was L shaped) to the front door and dining room. The lights were off in the kitchen.
– end of psychokinesis extract –


This happened both at home and when I had moved out with a friend ( the same friend who had felt the ghost at school) Items would disappear from one area of the house only to turn up in the most unlikely places. i.e kitchen tongs hidden beneath the couch seats, stockings turning up in desk draws etc. In both places niether my friend (or family members at home) admitted moving these things and could not explain what had happened.
– end of psychokinesis extract –


Shortly after my divorce, I was living in … My cousin was my roommate and had an antique piano that my ex-wife and I had given him. At the time my niece was staying with us until she sorted out some problems that she was having with her mom, and she said that the piano would always be playing around midnight almost every night. She asked when … (my cousin) had it tuned. I informed her that it hadn’t been, and that it hadn’t been in tune for over 25 yrs. The last time I had heard it played was when I was around 10 yrs old, while visiting my step-mom’s mother’s house while on vacation at my dad’s house in … I was in my bedroom reading the night of my experience, when a female voice said that she was going to go see mom. Thinking it was my niece, I asked her to pick up a pack of cigarettes for me. When I received no answer, I got up from my chair, and went to give her some money, and then heard her car coming down the street – she needed a new muffler on it. it was then that I ran down the stairs, and met her at the door. I explained what had happened, and somehow convinced her to go in the house and get the cordless phone. While I was on the phone with my mom telling her what had happened, I saw an apparition in the dining room staring at the piano. My niece said that I turned pale and the hairs on the back of my neck were raised. Throughout the whole experience my two dogs were trying to get as far from the house as possible, while my cat kept staring at a full length mirror that was on a closet door that was under the stairway. when I finally went back inside, I placed a Native American Mandella on my bedroom door and didn’t have any more instances after that.

– end of psychokinesis extract –

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