OBE or Out of Mind?

The following OBE statements are paranormal phenomena extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I have experienced what I percieve to be very vivid dreams of floating, gliding, almost swimming through the air above my bed and through my house at night. I have been able to look down at my bed and the floor of my house and it seemed to be a waking experience instead of a dream. I have even felt the sensation of touching the ceiling and ‘flopping’ back.
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51. OBE

I was being accidentally electricuted and I seemed to be mentally in slow motion and well aware of what was happening to the point that I was yelling out for help whilst my body was shaking with 240v across my chest from hand to hand. I was rescued by workmates passing by.
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Well When I am dreaming and I am woken up, or I just wake up I feel like I was pulled rushing into my body and my body hurts from it…and I breathe heavily.
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1297. OBE

I floated above my bed.
– end of obe extract –


First out of body experience I had I thought I was losing my mind. Happened by myself one night when extremely tired. Laid down and relaxed and instantly felt a lifting feeling, and looked down to find my body on the bed, and me floating towards the ceiling. I instantly panicked, and suddenly was laying on top of myself and could see and exact outline of myself. Wierd thing about these experiences is there is a feeling of still being in the physical body, but not being able to move it.
– end of obe extract –

1245. OBE

I was about 6 years old and sleeping in my bed. I was having a very vivid dream that I was out of my body and floating up near the ceiling. Around this age I was afraid of the dark and in my dream I was concentrating on the bedroom light to go on. I felt myself become very tiny like a pinpoint of light and I went up into the light and into the lightbulb. Suddenly the light came on and at the same time it did, I felt my astral body slam back into my physical body. I got out of bed and ran out of my bedroom to look for my mother, who was in the livingroom (only me and her lived there). I asked her if she turned my bedroom light on. She said she had not.
– end of obe extract –


I was 23 years old at the time and had a very promising career at the time i was a manager of a … making a generous amount of money and had a girl friend who worked with me. we to make along story short my girlfriend was cheating on me with my best friend.

So dressed in my street clothes i went to work late at night but i didnt go to do any work i went to kill myself. i went to the chemical closet with a glass and filled it with everything i could find then made annoucement over the P.A. have a good life everyone then drank the liquid. after it went down my throat i remember passing out and seeing myself on the floor in my own vomit there was no light nothing.

then …walked by my body and he put a towel over my head and said fucking bum and then walked away. feeling angry i started to shout at him but no voice would come out. the next thing i remember i woke up and struggled to get to my feet then crawled to the maintainance room crying and sobing

my friend … knew what i had tried to do. after recieving medical attention they let me know that my hearing was damaged and would not be able to hear fully in my left ear and my throat burned for weeks after. that experience has changed me forever. it taught me that suicide is never the answer and that you cannot hand over control to someone who does not deserve it.
it also taught me that we all need help and things happen for a reason. i am now married and am planning to have a family it took a lot of soul searching i guess my soul wouldnt move on unless it was happy enough too
– end of obe extract –

1182. OBE

I had a shot of penicillin and went to anaphalectic shock and Doctor told me that my vitals were BP of 40/0 and no heart beat. I never felt more peaceful in my whole life before or since. At the time I could not find any explanation at all for what happened to me. At this time I also felt like I was outside and above my body. I felt the Doctors excitement when he listened to my heart start beating again through his stethoscope.

Later in life after being 35 years old, I did find some explanations and understanding about what happened while I was there in the Docs office on an examining table. Currently I am 66 and believe I have had other experiences that happened during operations and I have no conscious recollection of them however my conscious mind has changed since I underwent several operations in 1988 after an automobile accident.
– end of obe extract –


I’m a avid projectionist and been leaving the body for 19 years now and almost skilled enough to project when I want. I leave the body about 1-3 times per week on the average 15 experiences per month. I’ve had over thousands of OBE’s and my journals, data are available on my web site for review.
– end of obe extract –


I had a kind of mystical experience in a time of great stress, when I lived in an oppressive community. Suddenly the fear I felt all the time lifted and I experienced great calm and unity, and a clearity of thought and intuition that was, under the circumstances, amazing. There was an overwhelming conviction that I was part of a whole that was Good. It lasted, or ‘afterglowed’ for about a week, and when it suddenly disappeared I felt that I lost something precious. I never talked about it at that time, but people said I was ‘glowing’.
– end of obe extract –

1107. OBE

One experience when I felt myself leave my body (Out-of-body-experience). I was in my bedroom and I noticed two people standing at my door. I felt scared though not because the people were “evil” but just because they were people or spirits that shouldn’t be standing at my bedroom door in the middle of the night. There was a man with silvery hair and a woman.

They were holding a clipboard in their hands and I got the feeling that they were going to show me what my “life work was going to be”. They acted very professional and acted like they wanted to enter my room. Then I got scared and put up my hand and said “no”. My reaction seemed to put an invisible shield up in front of my door and prevented them from entering.

They then sent in a mechanical fish that floated through the air and I could feel gentle brushes on my face as it harmlessly flew through my room. Later on in my life I ed a spiritual healing group and two people in this group seemed to look simular to these two spirits. Also I realized later that the fish may have represented the passing of Piscean Age and the beginning of the aquarian age? Who knows for sure.
– end of obe extract –

1168. OBE

when I was a little girl, I had out of body experiences. I dreamed or saw some how what my friends were doing when I was supposed to be taking naps. I knew what I was missing when I was suppose to be asleep, and I dont know if this is significant or not , but my mother told me after I got older that I used to have my eyes still open even though she new I was asleep
– end of obe extract –

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