Reincarnation – Parapsychological Definition:
Reincarnation is a form of survival in which the human soul, or some aspects of self, is, after the death of the body, reborn into a new body, this process being repeated throughout many lives.
[From the Latin re-, “again,” + in-, “into,” + caro (carnis), “flesh”]

Soul Migration
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Related Terms:
Past-life Regression
A process in which a hypnotized person is mentally “taken back” (or “regressed”) by the hypnotist to one or more apparent previous life-times, thus suggesting reincarnation.

Continued existence of the consciousness of the individual person in some form and for at least some time after the destruction of their physical body; life-after-death; not to be considered synonymous with “immortality,” which implies unending existence.

Thalbourne, M. (2003). Glossary of Terms Used in Parapsychology (Puente Publications). Refer Parapsychological Association

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