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The following poltergeists statements are paranormal phenomena extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I had a friend of mine over from the local tech school one evening. we were in the same horticulture class and this was his first visit to my home. We were both tired and I sat back on the couch and a man popped in my head. It was so strong I felt compelled to ask my friend if he recognised the description I gave. He went pale as a ghost.

The man I described was his father who had died in a car wreck a few months before. His father had a message for the family to stick together. There were other particulars that he said butr over all was warning them of on coming tragedy. The sister didn’t heed the warning and a couple of months later attempted suicide. I wound up describing not only his father but his fathers office at their home. I had never been to this fellows house so ther eis no way I could’ve had a clue to what their home or what the father looked like.

– end spooky ideas extract –


It all started when I was 6. I would always wake up in the middle of the night with the feeling that I was being watched. I would cry for my mom, however she told me it was all in my head. I would always see the same thing. It was a tall dark figure that would stand at the end of my bed and watch me. It never touched me, it just stared. As I grew older I just ignored it. No one believed me anyways. Not until I was 18 and my fiance was in town. He always slept on the couch in the living room. He awoke one night with the feeling someone was watching him. What he saw was a tall dark figure in the hall way watching him. He thought it was my dad playing a trick on him. Then the figure backed slowly down the hall. My fiance followed it. It disappeared through my door into my room. Just so you know he wasn’t brave enough to come in and check on me. Good thing I didn’t marry him!

– end spooky ideas extract –


4-6 weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a little girl standing next to my bed (neither of my teenagers were home on this weekend). From memory, she was in all white, even white hair. I blinked several times and she only disappeared after a few seconds. I was so shocked that all I could do was close my eyes and try to go back to sleep without looking again.

Suddenly, my fiancee (the same guy from the NYC trip) starting crying loudly in his sleep. We’ve been dating for almost 5 years, and he’s never made a sound. I woke him up after many attempts and he had no memory of crying or having a bad dream. Since then, we’ve heard banging in the hall bathtub… what sounded like a shampoo bottle that had fallen into the tub. I’ve gone into the bathroom to check each time, but there is nothing there.

Lastly, there have been two times so far that I have been lying in bed alone and my bed has ~trembled~ for no reason, almost as if someone had bumped into it. Both times, it was preceeded by the floor “popping” as if someone had just walked into the room. Each time I thought it was one of my daughters coming into my room, but when I turned on the light – no one was there.

– end spooky ideas extract –


It was 2001 as I was on my way to work. I had been previously drawn to this one area I would pass going to work, especially this one building, it had a name on it and a year, a historical building.

Well, on this particualr day, I was driving, and I saw on the side of the road across the street from this building I have been drawn too, was a women standing on the sidewalk. She stood out to me because the best way I can explain her, it was as if she was a black & white photograph. She stood there on the side walk dressed in her 1800 attire, and she had two dogs by her side, one was standing and one was sitting, as if they were posing for a photograph.

As I passed her in my car I had the name come into my head Anna. This was the first time I had seen spirit this way, and she was even more different because on her face where her eyes were, they were not there, she had no eyes, instead she had black holes as if her eyes were missing. This freaked me out. I was not afraid of her I was more distressed as to why she had no eyes.

To make a long story short, her energy stayed with me for one week, I could feel she gave me anxiety until I discovered who she was and let her go with peace. Finally her last name came to me as it was the building I was drawn too for several months on the way to work. And I too was shown by her where her grave was and I went to the cemetary wtih my mom and son and I walked right up to her stone out of many. I then thanked her for coming to me and wished her to the light. I have not seen her or felt her since.

To this day I would like to know why I was drawn to the building. Maybe she knew I could be open to spirit and help her to the light. I needed more confirmation, as I went to the historical soicety in that town and found out the story. Her parents owned the building I was drawn too, it was a general store and they lived there too. She still had relatives in the area that actually gave the society many family antiques, dishes, photo album, ect. I asked the woman at the historical society about her and she confirmed her by name and said she would show me the photo album. I wanted to confirm the fact there was a picture of her at this site with the two dogs. The woman looked for the album, but couldnt not find it at the time because they were moving stuff around, and she asked me to come back and she would show it to me. Regretably, I have not yet gone back to see the album, I plan to do so someday. I personally feel satisfied enough that I found her stone at the cemetary and the lady confirmed her and her family. So I guess that was enough for me.

– end spooky ideas extract –

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