The following out of body experience statements are paranormal phenomena extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


Well here is a ghost story – one of several.

I, for awhile, helped friends out with ghost issues and the sort. I would go to the place believed haunted and try and release whatever was there. By the way I was naive…

Some times it worked, some times it became worse. This is one of the many times I had a group of five people in an old church on my friend’s property – an old, black baptist, one room chapel where some stories lingered…

This is in ….  My friend owns a VERY haunted plantation with a hanging tree near the church where the landowner/slave owner would leave the dead slaves or thieves to hang and remind his slaves. He gave them a church but he was still their god in a way.

There is also a small black graveyard hidden on the property. There’s also the whites grave yard and large worhship house and a strange native american circle over a hill near the black church (thought to be a medicine wheel).

My friend lived in the main house which was haunted but calm. The rest of the land however VERY cursed, So we went out one very active night to see what we could do. We walked up to the old black church and graveyard and immediately saw a shadow swinging in the tree. As we got closer it started to rain hard and the shadow was gone but I knew and we all knew what that was. One girl, being frightened, left us so there was 4 of us – me… the owner… his wife.. his son. The son’s girlfriend took off.

I wish she had not.

So, we went into the church and, when we did, the old bell at the other church started to ring… loud.

The girl had DRIVEN away and so, there was noone else there.

I sent the son and mother to the other church while me and the owner explored this one. Then, all hell broke loose…and this TRUST ME was out of my league.

The church we were in sounded like people were singing. We did not hear it but they did. We heard screams coming from the black graveyard and nothing there. We saw the figures – three now – on the tree when we returned to the black church, and then, as we got closer they were gone.

I heard an old preacher man – hell and brimstone – screaming from the valley near the white church.

Then, we saw lights coming from the hill near the medicine wheel and, when we got there, there was this feeling of trespassing that we both got.

I asked the natives (since I am a 16th cherokee and the owner is almost half cherokee) to protect us.

That is, when I made my mistake.

The house looked like it was on fire. We all ran there and it was fine. Then, all four of us decided to go back to the black church where there was the most activity. We went to the door but it would NOT unlock, no matter what we did.

Then this small church’s bell sounded. During all this, the wife was grabbed twice. So I stayed near her and the son. He had a bunch of claw marks on his body when he came to look for us at the medicine wheel.

By then, all the church bells were going off.  It is about 2am.

Then, lights showed up over at the wheel and the damn woods sounded like there were a million feet or people coming towards us. We all ran to the main house and ALL the door and windows were OPEN.

And I’m not kidding you, a FREAKING antique gun from the property, which was ususally over the fireplace was on the porch swing. No one had moved it and IT WAS F…..  LOADED. The owner had nothing to load it with. He found it up at the white church when he bought the land.

We heard the wailing and screaming of the trees or the spirits. We hid inside, leaving the gun on the porch and we were so freaked out. We considered calling the cops but that would have made us look insane.

Then, WE ALL HEARD IT  – 3 gun shots ripped out (it was around 3am) from the front porch, sounding like they was headed towards the medicine wheel. We heard a scream or two, kinda like an owl but the weather had become severe and rain and lightening was pounding outside and most owls take cover and the barn they normally lived in was WAYYYYY over, far from where the screams came from.

We all prayed and hid in the house. I tried to make them all go but the weather became worse when I did, to the point that the windows and doors needed to be shut.

All the shutters smacked the house and an old bookcase THREW three books, one being a old copy of the white family bible, opened to the commandments; an old bird book, and an old poetry book, not from the house but it was opened to an old poem by E.E. Cummings about this old house and its haunts.

By 5 am all was calmed down and the sun started to peek out and the weather, as quick as it came, went away.

First we checked the gun on the porch. None of us was sleeping for awhile. The gun was hot and smelled like it had been shot – WITH NO BULLETS INSIDE. We walked up the hill to see if there were any bullets or holes and to our bewilderment, there was an old fence with two VERY OLD gunshot holes with bullets inside still.

We then couldn’t find the other bullet hole. We went back to the house and put the gun up again, .checking it over and over to make sure it was not loaded. When we picked it up this time it was cold and had no smell – like it was never shot – BUT WE ALL HEARD IT AND SAW IT…and FELT IT BEING SHOT.

So we decided to put it back since the spirits needed it to protect us or re-enact whatever happened once.

FREAKY, we are all still weirded out by that.

We walked around the property and THE OLD HANGING TREE fell over. Also the white church was flooded and the black church door was WIDE open.

Later,they chopped up that old tree and removed it from the property. No more issues with it, but the old churchand the old wheel are still active.

The owners contacted Taps and even asked me to come down to film a show,  if Taps came out…(ghost investigation tv show here probably half fake). But, they never responded and hell I think I would rather stay out of it.

I feel like I helped release the old hanging tree but I could not even help with the rest. Also, the  original plantation owner’s gravestone went missing one day, weeks after this, and no one knows where it went. The properity is well hidden in North GA and has a modern gate around it – the kind that will shock the heck out of you.

The current owner, I came to find out later, was from the area, in indian blood not so much relative of the plantation owner. So I wonder if he needed to connect with the medicine wheel.

Also, the next day I took a divining rod to the land to see what I could find. We walked all over and it pointed me to a hidden old spring house that THE OWNER did not know was there. Behind it was an old foundation for a brick home. We found a TON of stuff here – like some old medicine bottles, an old frame of a handmade chair, some pottery pieces in the old dried up spring and the oddest thing was found by the wife of the owner…an OLLLLLLLDDDD cross made of horse shoe nails on a tree. That had a trail (ROUGH) going right up behind it, so we figured that was where they buried the horses.

The owners had seen some phantom horses on the properity too, all that headed up this steep hill.

and THE SADDEST THING WE FOUND WHEN I DIVINED was a small headstone of a child, so old yet nice. So we figured it was not a slave but my instinct told me that the slave owner f…. a slave and the baby died or was killed and he buried it up behind the spring house, cause supposily this plantaion owner was known to have sex with his slaves.

I told them to we put fresh flowers on the grave and they still do this on occasion. It is in a pretty little place too, very calm but sad, so I am gonna end this now. My hands hurt. I hoped I have helped.

– end spookies extract –


My husband and I love american civil war sites.

We went to Gettysburg PA.With all the lives that were lost that day it’s no wonder something still resides there.

July 1,2,3 1863, 53,000 men lost their lives. We stayed at the Cashtown Inn for 4 days. Driving from … to there was about a 9 hr drive, so we were pretty tired. That night I didnt think much of it but I heard someone walk up and down the stairs with a cane – what sounded like a cane on wooden steps.

The next morning I was baffled because I couldnt have heard that. The steps have carpet on them. My husband heard a bucket drop at 4:30 am. We just assumed it was the inn keepers but asked them and they werent up yet .

The last night it felt like someone was in between us while we slept. The weird thing was I didnt feel scared. More protective, but it felt like when you have a small dog or cat sleep in between your legs.

Another odd thing was that to get onto the bed he (I felt it was a he) would have had to go over us on the side of the bed. The end of the bed had a treasure chest filled with pillows on it. So, how did he get there i dont know.

When I was taking a nap during the day, I woke myself up while saying the words “confederate. The inn was built in 1797. The inn keepers of the time only accepted cash Hence the name but before Robert E.Lee’s army came thru Gettysburg, he made camp at the Cashtown inn.

So, Im thinking a few soldiers never left. I was about 30 when I experienced this one. We try and stay at haunted B&Bs on purpose to see if we get an experience.

– end spookies extract –


This is about seeing spirits and actually finally having someone else with me taht could see what I had always seen… My children adn I had just moved to a new state, we were sleeping at a friends house while we were looking for a home of our own. Now I had been seening a very large man in our room he didn’t bother me I had seen him many times before. This one evening I put all the children to bed and my friends husband was standing in the doorway…. When I left the room he said so who is the man in your room… I asked him what man? he said the really big guy that is dresses in leather uniform.. with olive skin? WEll he described him to a t.. I was stunned I said so you see him too do you? he said yes. after that night we spent a lot of time talking about the spirits we could see, I was so relieved to have found someone who could see them too. I was able to talk to them and hear them he was not able to as much as me but he was able to often smell teh same smells I could with certain spirits like cigarette smoke or aftershave… it didn’t natter to me that he couldn’t do/see as much as me I was just so glad to be able to share and not be made feel totally mad.

– end spookies extract –

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