Short Spooky Stories

The following out of body experience statements are paranormal phenomena extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


11 years ago we bought our first house. I was home alone painting getting it ready for us to move in.

While cleaning my paintbrush I saw a little boy in overalls and a light colored shirt looking at me from the corner of my eye. I quickly turned to say to my son go back into the other room while I cleaned those brushes and realized he was at my mom’s house, that I was alone in the house, and as I turned he ran away. This should have been my first clue. He doesn’t bother me and I sometimes speak to him.

Also, we all have seen a black cat in the house. My husband has seen it eye to eye and got mad and came in the room going ok what’s with the new cat, you know you can’t sneak it past me. I said what cat and he told me the black one. I said honey I didn’t bring a cat in the house. At that point he freaked out and said but I just seen one face to face. It sat there looking right at me.

Now my story. This was about two years ago, my husband (a teacher) and kids went to school. I was very tired and decided to take a nap on the living room couch. I fell asleep and after a few minutes I was woke up with (something) holding me down. I was fully awake looking around the room and trying to get up which I couldn’t do. Every time I would get my back so far off the couch I would be shoved back down with force.

I tried to scream and I couldn’t something was holding my mouth shut as well. This lasted about 5+ minutes and suddenly I was let go of and I ran out of the room screaming. I called my cousin and was freaking out. She was the only one I knew that would talk to me about it and not think I was nuts, as she has had experiences as well. She calmed me down and I got all my Smudging supplies together and, at that moment, went through my entire house and did a Native American cleansing and told whatever it was which held me down that it was not welcome and to leave this place Now!!

I have never slept in that room again. Sometimes I feel there is something in the house or a room with me and or at times following me. I just try to ignore it and move on. I have also had shadow people around me my whole life ever since I can remember. I always know as soon as I wake up in the middle of the night they are there. I feel them and when I look there they are. They have followed me to everyplace I have moved.

They don’t bother me now that I’m older. I just say I’m not in the mood, go away and they usually do. There is always one that when he’s there I know it. I feel it and he frightens me. I feel immediate fear. It’s been known to come at me and get right in my face. I always cover my head and get very frightned and tell it to go away. Usually it doesn’t till it’s ready to, but I just stay under the cover till the feeling passes and then I know it’s gone.

My mom says me being held down was a dream but I was there, I was completely awake, so I just deal with it and don’t discuss it with her anymore. I also sometimes see things about a house or room without knowing exactly why. I recently found out that the previouse owners husband died of Aids and possibly died in the house which we were told nothing about. She said he had cancer and was in the hospital but our neighbors told us different.

I am going to research the house to see if I can find out anything about a little boy or this man who may have died here or even the land itself.

– end Short Spooky Stories extract –


My partner and I were driving from …. to a small ruined church in the … forest, participating as spooks in a car club spook run (essentially a question/answer car club run).

We had organised the run for about 50 others. We left the … Plaza just as it was going dark and drove up into the hills. As we approached a small town on the outskirts of the suburbs there was an old man standing right on the edge of the roadside on the left. He was very solid looking and up until the very last minute, I thought he was real.

As we got closer, I pointed him out to my partner who went pale. He realised before I did what it was. I looked back and we were within ten feet of him and the car was definitely going to hit him at the very least with the mirrors.

I pulled my legs away from the foot well, sure we would hit him. I watched as the car got closer and about 10cm away from the man I realised he was not solid.

The mirror passed straight through him. I was entirely unnerved by this, but my partner wouldn’t speak about it much again until a few years later when he admitted that he had nearly shit himself. Consequently we did haunt the church but no participants made it to the church as they got disorientated and lost about 500m before the church turn off and everyone turned around. No-one made it to the church.

– end Short Spooky Stories extract –


When I was younger I lived in an older apartment that was a barn converted to apartments. I Could feel a presence there a lot. I even caught a figure out of the corner of my eye a few time.

One was it was that of a little girl and then in another area there was an old man. Sometimes these would frighten me but for the most part I felt they were harmless. I don’t know the history of this building so I don’t know if they are ghosts that used to live there.

– end Short Spooky Stories extract –

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