Haunted Places

Haunted Places or Imaginary Sighting?

The following paranormal phenomena statements are extracts on haunted places from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


About a year after my mother-in-law’s death, most of my husband’s extended family was at our home for a holiday dinner. I was up late alone washing dishes, and was talking to my mother-in-law, felling rather silly about it, but wanting her to know what had happened that night and how the family was. When I finished with the dishes, about 1 AM, I turned around and saw my mother in law standing in my kitchen doorway. I saw her as she was in life, a full-bodied figure. It scared me, and seconds later the image vanished.

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I have several ghosts. Only harmless. from 13 yrs old to the elderly

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The out of body experiences brought back memories of seeing and feeling ghosts from childhood. One of my deceased love ones cause my experience to put it back in my mind until his death. Since his death, I’ve been seeing more of the ghosts this year than anytime in my life. It taught me that my childhood experienced had been dormat for years until his death. It’s gradually coming back more.

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My sister-in-law & I were in …. for the weekend, we stayed out rather late one night and we couldn’t get a cab. We were walking back to the hotel when we heard someone say ‘HURRY’ we looked at each other and neither one of us said it so we kinda picked up our speed and got back to the hotel turns out there was someone with a knife following us. We only found that out after getting back home and ouija’d the ghost that follows my family around. The ghost an ancestoress of my family and she’s pretty protective of us.

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I did not see or feel ghosts for about ten years after the experience I previously described. In my early 30s (I am 35) I started practicing Wicca and coming to terms with the fact that I could feel other people’s emotions like they were my own. After that I’ve had many paranormal experiences, but I am careful to keep them in perspective. On this occasion a year ago I was falling asleep when I had the sudden strong feeling that someone had just walked into my bedroom – I heard footsteps and felt motion through the doorway. I turned on the lights, and no one was there, but the feeling was very strong that I was being watched. I firmly told the Nothing that it was *not* to disturb my sleep in any way (though I was so unnerved that I slept with the lights on) and tried to ignore it. For the next few days I continued to feel a presence but did my best to ignore it, other than a periodic “Go away, please.” Three days later my friend L came over to visit. She asked to use my bathroom, and went into my bedroom (the bathroom is only accessible from the bedroom). I heard her use the facilities, flush, and come out. She said calmly, “Did you know there’s a dead guy in your bedroom?” This reassured me QUITE a lot, since I had not said ANYTHING to anyone about the ghost (and there has never been a ghost in this apartment before or since). Together we prayed, smudged the room, visualized the ghost leaving, and generally managed to get rid of the presence.

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Whilst my husband was in palliative care, one night I returned home from hospital and before leaving the car, saw a figure who crossed behind the car towards the house. I do not know what made me think then that it was a man, since the figure looked like a monk and the head was covered by a hood. I also felt that the way it walked reminded me strongly of my husband when he was considerably younger. I also thought that this was the way “Death” had been represented in mediaeval literature. However the practical side of me thought of someone trying to either mug me or rob the house and then I backed up the car, intending to use it as a weapon and then put the full force of the car’s lights into the area of the carport and the way to the house but could not see anyone. Somehow I do not think it was my husband, he was much too kind to scare me that way despite the fact that he missed his house until the day he died. I discussed the matter with my stepdaughter and both concluded that it was just my imagination and my nerves playing up.

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It occurred after the death of my son and I was separated from my husband. I came home to find him in my house, he wouldn’t leave, so I did. It was late, I was emotionally a mess. I left a message for my therapist, but I knew she wouldn’t get it until the next morning. I asked the spirit of my son to please help me awaken her–she did, she felt the need to check her messages at 12:30 pm. and we were able to talk. That talk kept me from emotionally falling apart.

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I walked into my apartment (I live in …) one day and saw a ghost standing in my apartment. It was a member of the KKK. I saw it was a man, in a white robe, with a mask on that had 2 holes for eyes, and the hat/mask was cone shaped at the top. I did some research and found that KKK activity was prominent at one point in the town I live in. I think it was a KKK member who has not gone to the “other side” and wanted to be recognized on the land he is attached to.

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When I was in college, my favorite uncle passed suddenly. One afternoon a few months later, I was home alone, studying for an exam. Suddenly, I felt a touch on my shoulder. I was aware that if I turned around, I would see him standing there. He would not have frightened me intentionally but I was not expecting him so I was too startled. I got up and went outside until someone came home!

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I was the only family member not present at the time of my aunt’s death. About a week later, I was sleeping on the couch in my living room, and I awoke to find my aunt standing in the room smiling at me. She was dressed in dark slacks, a long sleeved white blouse and a knit vest with green, red and white coloring. Her hair was done nicely. She did not have her glasses on. I told my counselor and she told me this was not uncommon and the fact the aunt was without glasses, yet was buried in them, meant she no longer needed them.

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Since I already mentioned that I saw a second shadow person, I’ll elaborate. My husband and I had just opened the front door to our house on a Friday evening. We had with us our dear dog, who we had brought home from his fourth knee surgery. As the door swung open, my husband was half-crouched down in order to pick up our dog and carry him in. I stood right behind him, ensuring the screen door didn’t swing shut behind him before he got inside.

Inside was the shadow person, over eight feet tall, judging from where his head was silhouetted against a window. I only saw it from the waist up, as it had leaned backwards from around a corner to look at me. It then leaned back so I could no longer see it. I wanted to run through the front door, but my husband was lifting our dog up into his arms exactly as this happened. Once through our front door, I shouted “wait here” and my husband was stunned into stillness. I ran through our foyer, and through the doorway from which the shadow had leaned, into our living room. No shadow. Gone again. But where it had been standing was right next to what was then being referred to as our dog’s “recovery crate”, routinely brought up from the basement over the last two years’ surgeries. I had gotten the sense that it was concerned over why the recovery crate had been brought up from the basement again. Though I’ve read several accounts of shadow people scaring people half-to-death, neither shadow person scared me. This second incident was very reassuring, almost comforting, as if this shadow had been rooting for my dog’s recovery and was upset by the return of the crate. I’ve been far more afraid by other experiences.

– end of haunted places extract –


I was half-watching a morning television program where they were doing an item on a ghosthunter when I felt the hairs on the back of my neck start to rise. I looked over at the screen and sort of superimposed on the actual scene was a very unpleasant semi-transparent individual who walked about the studio and then walked over to the camera and peered into it as if he were looking out at me. I was so scared that I changed channel and the creepy feeling went away. After a couple of minutes I changed back and again my neck hairs reacted and I could see this individual sitting on a chair in the studio but obviously unseen by anyone there. It was a very scary thing to happen and I felt that the individual I was seeing was very unpleasant.

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