Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures or Imaginings?

The following paranormal phenomena statements are ghost adventures seasons extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


When I was in college, my favorite uncle passed suddenly. One afternoon a few months later, I was home alone, studying for an exam. Suddenly, I felt a touch on my shoulder. I was aware that if I turned around, I would see him standing there. He would not have frightened me intentionally but I was not expecting him so I was too startled. I got up and went outside until someone came home!

– end of ghost adventures seasons extract –


i was visiting family with my partner we were stood in the kitchen chatting out of the corner of my eye i saw i man dressed in a dark blue boiler suit sat on the floor fixing the cooker i thought nothing of this a few minutes later the man stood up and came over to us nobody seemed to notice him but me they all seemed to carry on chatting like he was’nt there.

i thought it was a little strange but said nothing then the man went back to the cooker. when we left the house i asked my partner who was fixing the cooker and why nobody spoke to him when he stood by us he looked puzzled and said he never saw anyone in the kitchen. when we asked the family member who we had visited about this he said there has been nobody in to fix the cooker theres nothing wrong with it. and he also saw nobody in the kitchen he asked me what he looked like i told him he then went white as a sheet and said you have just descibed one of my friends on the fishing boat i work on who died 2 weeks prevously.

after this he experienced endless problems with the cooker and had to buy a new one. he also had a photo on the wall of the boat he and his friend were on before his friend passed away and any dog that entered the house would refuse to go into the room where the picture was hung it would start whimpering and the fur would stand on end then it would bolt towards the front door.

– end of extract –


I was leaving my grandmother’s house with the rest o my family, it was about 12:30 at night. I looked up the street and a woman dressed in black and white was coming down the road, when I called my mother to look at her, the woman completely disappeared before my eyes. A few days later i sat on a table in my house, doing homework, my mom sat oppostie to me. I looked up to speak to my mom, and there sat the same woman, right next to my mother. She once again disappeared.

– end of extract –


A group of us (4) were walking along an old country road (at night) when we saw what we thought was a drunk driver, swerving back and forth in the field across from us. It was dark, so we could see the headlights swerving back and forth. We ran into an adjacent field and hid in the corn stalks; the car drove past us, in the field…but then vanished just as quickly. No corn stalks were destroyed, and there was no damage to the other field either. The car was a 1950’s style vehicle and completely vanished.

– end of extract –


although I was alone in this instance I witnessed my brother seeing the exact same thing. I was facing a different way but saw the blood run from his face. I had not told him of my experience but he witnessed the same thing.

I was in our kitchen making lunch when I heard footsteps up the stairs. I thought gee my brother’s home early, and looked up to greet him. Instead at the top of the stairs about 2 – 3 meters away was a short young woman with straight blonde hair and a black and white shirt on (sort of 1980s style) She stood there for a minute staring into a mirror at the top of the stairs. I could see her so clearly but I knew she was ‘different’ and not a live person. I had enough time to think “don’t convince yourself that you were just imagining things later” i also had time to look at her features to try and remember what she looked like.

She very quickly vanished. She used to move things in the house, rattle doorknobs and i had seen flashes of her climbing the stairs a number of times but only told my brother when I knew he had seen the same thing. When a friend of my parents stayed the night and was scared out of his witts because she opened his door and walked in the room, it all came out. My sister and Mother had also seen the women but we had all been to embarrased to tell anyone thinking we were crazy.

– end of extract –


I have had a ton of experiences, but this one really shook me up. I was 10 or 11 years old. I was sleeping alone in my bedroom at my dad’s house. It was a big double bed with a window to the left and a window at the foot of the bed. I heard whispering and I woke up because I thought my prankster brothers might be in my room putting frogs in my dresser or something. But when I looked there was a woman standing at the foot of my bed. I thought it was my stepmom at first, but then I realized it was way too tall.

Then I realized there were six more women, three on each side of the bed. The six on either side were whispering and laughing. It sounded like friendly laughter and I could catch them saying things like, “Yes, she is…” or “Yes, she will…” They all were solid like people, only they were pretty much black figures because of the lighting from the moon. They also all had long, black, see through veils over their heads that went down past their waists. The one at the end never moved, but it was like she raised her hands to tell the other ones to be quiet, which they did. Like they came to attention. Then she walked around to my right side and started to lean over towards me like she was going to tell me something. At that point I dove under the covers. I was trying to scream, but nothing would come out. I had also, when I was sitting way up in bed with fright, clawed at the wallpaper over the head board and pinched myself on the arm to see if I was dreaming.

The next day there was shredded wallpaper, and I was starting to develop a nice little patch of bruises on my arm. When I got home that fall, by best friend who also has gifts asked me what happened that summer. And I asked what she meant. She said, “You had something happen that was scary and weird and you aren’t telling me about it.” then she said, “There is something you need to know. Like someone wants to tell you something. You need to go back there and find out.” But my dad moved and I haven’t been back there since. It was a old house when we moved in and no one has lived there since. My brother went and checked it out. – end of ghost adventures extract – 16. GHOST ADVENTURES SEASONS, GHOSTLY APPARITIONS I worked nights in a new-build Nursing Home and had been on holiday abroad for a week and a half. On my first night back in work, on the 1am rounds to check and ‘turn’ patients with 3 other colleagues, I left the person I was paired with to finish off in one room while I carried on to the room next door. As I exited the room, still talking to my colleague, I saw a woman in a long white dress enter the room I was heading for. I assumed it was a resident in a long nightdress wandering around and walked into the room about 2 foot behind her, still talking to my colleague in the previous room. As I entered the room, and before I had confirmed this visually, I just knew that there was nobody in the room, aside from the male resident who was entirely paralysed from several strokes and had been bed-bound for some years. I felt my stomach turn with shock but did not feel threatend. I felt that someone was looking after the male resident along with us. I immediately told my colleagues who advised me that 2 seperate similar instances had occured in that room over the past week.
– end of ghost adventures seasons extract –

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