Premonitions or Lucky Guesses?

The following paranormal phenomena statements are extracts on premonitions from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I had the same dream over and over about an old school friend. I dreamt he was in wheelchair. This dream persisted and persisted until I managed to get back into contact with him. Once I found out he was alright the dreams stopped. Around 12 months later I was informed that he had a stroke at the age of 26 and was in a wheelchair and had to learn to walk again. The news hit me in the face like a ton of bricks!!
– end of premonitions extract –


I had a dream that I had gone to pick up my young son at school and the mother of one of his classmates was looking for her daughter. In the dream, I said to her that my son and her daughter were playing just down the way a bit. At this point in my life, I was back to work fulltime and a good friend of mine was looking after my son and my baby daughter. When I got home from work the day after I had this dream, my friend started to tell me about this woman at my son’s school and I abruptly interrupted her so that she would not say anymore about this woman until I told her about the dream I had the night before. Turns out that I had had a premonition; the only difference was that it was my friend talking to this woman, not me as in my dream.
– end of premonitions extract –


I met three boys for about five minutes. I got physically ill in their presence. I felt evil coming out of them and I had to get away from them. That night they brutally killed one of the boys mother. It was a terrible experience. Made me physically sick.
– end of premonitions extract –


night vision of accident – driving with daughter in truck that went thru bridge railing and fell to river – husband waked me up – scared that I had stopped breathing … my daughter killed in that way, exact place 4 months later
– end of premonitions extract –


dream about my mother – she is lying in a coffin – it is her funeral – my husband is with me holding my hand – my mother is also standing beside me holding my hand – it is raining outside.

I woke up startled, frightened – I woke my husband – a few minutes later the phone rang – it was my mother – she has pain in her arm – I took her to a doctor, a naturopath, a chiropractor, a craniosacral therapist, nothing helped, one of my friends who is a medical intuitive said she got the impression stroke – but all doctors said no. We were all depressed and anxious.

Three weeks later she died. I was doing Therapeutic Touch for her. Probably a stroke. She was 91 years old. It was the end of December. It rained during the funeral.
– end of premonitions extract –


I would like to start out by saying that I have premonitions, but not the ordinary kind. When I get them, they start out as an overwhelming fear or gut feeling. It will go on for days and days. I’ll have dreams about it, and it just always sits on the front of my mind. I cant think about anything else. Its always there until it comes to happen. Usually they come about in twos, two days two weeks two months. Its a pattern that I have seen in all of mine that have come true and there have been a few.

In one particular instance I was having this “issue” with a car accident. I got so upset and worried about it happening that I refused to leave the house for two weeks. (You have to understand I’m an execellent driver no tickets or accidents ever in my eleven years of driving.) I had finaly convinced myself that I couldnt hide out forever and that I had chores to do. I ended up driving to my grandmothers house to help her with yard work. Nothing happened on the white knuckle ride all the way over. I was fine, I could go back to driving and not have to worry. It seemed this one would just blow over. On the way back to the house that night my mother was following me in her car since we met up after she got off work.

To this day I dont understand why I took the way home. It sent me three miles out of my way and took longer, but I turned down a winding hilly road. I was approaching the bottom of a blind hill corner when I slamed on the brakes. I slid to a stop about four yards from a car that was overturned in the road. If I hadnt stoped I would have hit them. Apparently they had crashed just few moments before we had gotten there. The accident was horrible. There was 4 teenagers who had been drinking. Two of them were alright, one had some internal injuries, but one girl the youngest (her name was …) was thrown thru the windshield and was laying in the road.

I took my coat off and covered her up, to keep her warm. We called the cops and got everyone to sit down and calm down. I watched her take her last breath on that road, waiting for the ambulance to show up. The only comforting part was I somehow knew her grandmother was there sitting next to me talking to us. The only thing I regret was not being able to do something more for her. I have a feeling I was there to show her some amount of comfort, but it really doesnt feel like enough now sitting here in my dining room three years later.
– end of premonitions extract –

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