Proof of Reincarnation

Is there Proof of Reincarnation?

The following paranormal phenomena statements are proof of reincarnation extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed. Other extracts are available at Afterlife.


I used to travel in the family car, before my father died when I was … and right from being able to sit up and speak I would be very agitated and point to this house outside … and say I wanted to get my little girl from there, I must not leave her alone there and not once did my family stop and knock on the door and stop the “story”. and i went on about it every time we travelled from home to …, sure that I had left this little girl in there, and being told I was imagining this.

Why would a 2 year old make up such a story and be so upset about it, I used to cry and beg them to stop but eventually I just gave up. When my father died as I just turned … [the month after] and I was born on …, I thought I was being punished for upsetting him and he had gone to find my little girl instead of being with me. Now I am … I cant imagine why my parents did not either find out about this child or stop and make sure I knew I had got it wrong.
– end of proof of reincarnation extract –


I was traveling with a very close friend around France and England. I had never traveled inside of England before except for a flight into Gatwick and a tube ride to Dover to cross the channel. During this trip, we visited, among other places, the city of Bath. I had never been there or knew nothing about it other than the reference to the “man from Bath” in the Caterbury Tales, which I’d never read.

While walking in the city, we passed a very old, walled and gated building. I remember putting my hand on the stone wall and I told my girlfriend that we absolutely had to see inside this building because I knew I had been in it before. I was as certain of it as my own breath. The building was closed as it was Sunday. I described the interior in detail and when we returned the next day, it was just as I had pictured and described it. I have been in that place more than once in my dreams as well. Finally, upon leaving, we walked by the ancient aquaducts and tears came into my eyes for no reason and I said I had missed this place so much, it felt so good to be back and that it had been such a long time since last I had seen it. I’ve never been there before in this life’s body. It was the strongest feeling of remembering an old, favorite place.
– end of proof of reincarnation extract –


When i was about 6 yrs old i had a very vivid dream that i was the viking king of my village. It was a small village, and i had a wife a children. I was involve in a battle will the enemy. It was a very huge battle, in which i was killed, by a sword which strike to my stomach. I was dragged away from the battle and died.

Next thing i remember was being above my body watching every body mourn over me. then remember having a viking burial or sorts being on a long boat which was burnt. i can remember being on the boat yelling out to people ” i’m not dead” but i couldn’t move my body. The fire was lit i was burnt but i didn’t feel anything.The last thing i remember before i woke was looking down on viking ship as it burned with my family and villages around who were crying. then i woke up. it deeply moved me cause it was so real. i had exactly the same dream one yr later, and when i was about 10 or 11 the same dream again. i am first generation german. both parents german one come from the danish border will long family history.
– end of proof of reincarnation extract –


Past life and death: seeking assistance with biting nails lead to intense view of one of my pasts.

As a female healer, age 28, 19th c. sewing up a wounded male hiding in a barn, getting caught and punished for helping him. I was strung up by the wrists to a beam in a barn with a rag stuffed in my mouth and watched the 3 males walk away laughing. Time passed, the injured man finally died and I hung there, with cold feet dying upwards, soundless and rotting for decades. This awnswered alot of other questions for me about abandonment, gagging, mistrust, sore hands & fingers, a need to learn to let go and not hang on to things.
– end of proof of reincarnation extract –


All my life from earliest days I have had nightmares about swastikas being painted on walls in drippy black paint. This from long before I was old enough to know what this was. I was born ten years after the end of WWII. I also have memories of living in a different house and I can remember telling my mother (when I was about 2 1/2) about when we lived in the other house and her saying, you’ve never lived anywhere else. I can still remember what this other house was like and I am now in my fifties. But the swastikas were terrifying.

Additionally shortly before my mother died, I had a “dream” where my grandmother came to see me. This was in a grey coloured landscape with no texture or anything to it, my grandmother was saying how lovely it was to see my again after so long and that I wasn’t to worry about my mother because she and my grandfather would be there to help her when she died. (She had just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer). My grandmother looked so well and younger than I ever knew her. It was just like a visit! About six months after Mother died I had a similar dream about her where she told me that she had been looking out for us and she was so proud of how well we were coping and that it did her heart good to see us all sitting at a family meal and being able to laugh and joke together. I’m sure that these two dreams were more than dreams.
– end of proof or reincarnation extract –

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